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(You've Been Warned)

First read it.
2nd, this book, along with MANY books that We have read come down to two things.

1. Our subconscious does 90-95% of our daily thinking. It learns through deductive, hypnotic, trance-like states. (Like when one is running, driving, or viewing television and were completely soaked up in the process. Through REPETION in a DEDUCTIVE state, you have the ENERGY to change your thoughts.

2 . not Our skill set, action, or behavior is +80% of success. (Anthony Robbins and MANY others).

SOLUTION: Become completely soaked up in something you wish to become and develop the necessary skill set to execute your desires.
(Also Law of Vibration, Law of Interest... yes it's all real. )

BUY this guide, study it, apply it, and reap your greatness!

: -), I came across this title while looking through older self-help titles. I have books like The Power of Positive Thinking, The Magic of Believing, The Key, etc., and am was interested about this title by Joseph Murphy. All self-help books appear to be based on the same general principles of making a decision, see yourself attaining your goal or getting the thing you want, and then work often to get it. Stay focused on the goal and don't pressure anything. The Universe will deliver.

This title has all that and some additional insights into idea, self-esteem, but it also explains why you might be failing at something because of wrong thinking, and how to right it. I liked it very much. It was well-organized, and easy to read. I suggest it., After reading about Cynthia Stafford's amazing lottery succeed and how she awarded much of her success to Joseph Murphy's work, I decided to give this kindle book a try. The Power of the Subconscious Mind exceeded my expectations in many ways.

I've read a great deal of LOA books, especially in the past couple of years... good quality, some so-so, some just " get rich quick" techniques for the authors, or so it often seems. And when it comes to the older books on this topic, they often appear dated and not relevant for individuals moving into today's world.

The potency of the Depths of the mind Mind is a success, in all respects.

It is very relevant, for anyone, at any stage in life.

It is NOT preachy, although it's evident that the writer did have strong religious beliefs, he doesn't " preach" or push a particular creed or faith whenever you want in this publication.

His message is for everyone seeking an happy, healthier and more productive life. And who is not??; -)

The practical advice in this book is easy to follow along with and powerful. Pleasant, simple not a task!! A nice vary from some other books on the topic I've read and threw in the towel on.

I make it a point to re-read at least a couple of chapters, every day or two, as a good tip and pick me upwards. I've had some excellent results already, following many of the suggestions in this book.

No, We haven't won 112 MILLION as Cynthia Stafford performed, but I've had a lot of smaller is victorious to date, and not just when it comes to financial gains. As Murphy so wisely states in this book, money and prosperity ARE very important, but they aren't the whole history when it comes to living a successful and happy life.

If you are debating by what ALABANZA to buy, you will not be sorry you choose that one!

Geraldine Helen Hartman, creator and top reviewer, This guide has helped me to return to a peaceful state of mind after my existence was changed by an unfortunate turn of events monthly ago. The situation has already improved and I was confident that in because of time a perfect solution will emerge., Although originally produced over 40 years ago, this version was updated in the 12 months 2000. The book is broken down into chapters on Wealth, Health, and Relationships among others. Right now there are good examples of affirmations in each chapter, but I feel that it is best to customize your own affirmations, using the examples in the publication as guidelines. Although controlling your own thoughts by using affirmations is a key principle in this publication, addititionally there is some good information here with regards to the impact of negative thoughts as well. The book makes good use of real-life illustrations which serve to demonstrate the key principles. I have read many works on positive thinking and the use of affirmations, but this is one of the better since it explains the flip-side of negativity and unforgiveness that can sabotage your efforts to improve yourself. This aspect sets the book apart from the others. Additionally it is a very smooth and readable reference that goes by quickly, unlike others that can be challenging to finish., Possibly the best self-transformational book I have ever before read, and I read many, so that's definitely saying something. Murphy has the ability to take all the concerns you have in life and put them all to help relieve, proving to you, circumstance after case, that everything will be okay as long as you ensure it is okay. Amazing book, will definitely recommend to others that are looking to change their lives. 10/10., We love this book, they have many great belief altering suggestions and explains the way the subconscious mind works. I am not sure if it is possible to change a belief without changing the environment though. It is not as simple and just saying something, will not make it real. For example easily say over and over that I reduce myself then I need to do far more to believe that. There is a lot of footwork involved and also an order on how things can change, sometimes another thing has to change before a certain belief can change. A single should be ready for that belief to change., If you have never read any books such as The particular Science of having Rich, Your own Faith Is You Fortune, or Think and Grow Abundant (to name a few), then this book is closer to a 5. Mr Murphy gives good quality " mind power" information and strategies. I think there was a few too many stories/examples, but overall I enjoyed it.

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