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In this deeply personal, and uplifting self help book, Microsoft Casteix's message that you do not have to remain a victim, but by taking responsibility for your own decisions, then you will take control of your own future, is such a strength message.

Courageous, inspiring and uplifting. I cannot compliment this book enough. The authors message that accepting that you have the right to be happy, accept that you must swim because no-one will save you from drowning in self pity, and believe in the strength of forgiveness were some of the highlights of this awesome book. An incredible read., Joelle Casteix got her very popular TedX talk and expanded it into a very powerful self help book. Within this focused, inspiring guide she tells her very own very personal story, sharing how she shed the role of victim to become responsible for her own decisions. It is so true that we are unable to control the actions of others or change our personal history, but we can own responsibility for each choice we make each day. This can be life changing and powerful. This is the sort of guide you will want to read again and buy for friends and family users that you truly care about. How much better can your life be without playing the blame game every day? This particular book will give you a clear path and method to swap out your life forever., We all know you should be responsible. This particular power-packed book unfolds the reasons why it is important and what taking duty can do for us. We can't change what has happened to us, but we can face it and take duty for our healing and our future. I really like how the author turns being in a victim role to empowering yourself to create your future and write a happy ending! Using responsibility leads to our real happiness. For a brief book, it comes with life-changing information if only the reader will take duty. I am a consultant and I have already recommended it to many of my clients. A person won't regret buying this book!, The Power of Duty: Six Decisions That Will Help You Take Back again Happiness produce Unlimited Accomplishment Kindle Edition
by Joelle Casteix is most definitely a powerful guide. I really did enjoy it. I am going to read it again. From personal experience that most people won't even discuss, she takes us through the reasons we need to take responsibility for our lives and our actions, as well as what we do with this future. She tells us we now have authorization and necessity for taking duty and turn our lives around 180 degrees. Using responsibility can lead us to the happiness we all seek and may lead us to success in everything we do. She claims to stop blaming others for our lives. Our company is responsible. We have to make the changes and that will make all the difference. " Flip the switch and you will have a life that exceeds your dreams. " Yes. You have have the power to be prosperous, famous, successful, and, yes, happy. So , take duty and check out this book. That will make the difference between where you are now and farther than where you think you can be. From what states, I see no finish to how far we can go. Make sure you go and watch her TEDx talk. It's a very powerful talk and this is a very powerful book. I cannot recommend it highly enough in this short review. Read it. Live it., The Power of duty. It sounds so clear and so simple. Don't be deceived. Assuming the power of duty is possibly the most powerful thing you can do to begin living a happy and fullfilling life. Nicely... why don't we? This particular is where Joelle comes in and helps us move in the direction of assuming full responsibility by unraveling our hidden motives. It is for good reason that her TED talk went viral. If you're 100% happy with your life, don't bother looking over this book. But if there is room for improvement in your life, this is one of the better purchases you'll ever make., Joelle Casteix tells it like it is, in a accessible and relatable manner. She shares the knowledge she's learned along her journey that has allowed her to work through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and thrive in her adult life. Even though there are many great resources accessible to help us, if we are not able to acknowledge personal responsibility for the lives and our choices, we will only go to date. This book helps us get to the root issues, so we can cure and make better choices.

While there are many greats points I could highlight, my personal most favorite are:
-Giving ourselves permission to be responsible and own our emotions/experiences, so that we could work through them, (to grieve, be frustrated, not have all the solutions, be imperfect, be nicer to ourselves), instead of making excuses and playing the victim.
-Eliminating the toxic relationships in our lives that are like poison, and creating strong, healthy boundaries., " I wanted to live. No, I wanted to prosper. " These lines from the author captivated myself. She very boldly takes the reader through her journey for sex misuse, victim mentality, depression and liberation. Kudos for not just surviving but also sharing the gift idea with the world.

The six judgements that this wounderful woman has written in Chapter 6&7 are a must read and may provide the springboard towards that thriving life that we all deserve., With support and empathy, Joelle Casteix calls us to acknowledge responsibility for the own lives, decisions, actions and responses. She shows us how responsibility is our way to freedom and pauses down the path into six judgements we can make to turn our lives around.

This kind of useful read - and the sort of book that can stay by your bedside to come back to again and again. A new great follow-up to Joelle's TEDx talk on the same subject matter. Powerful stuff!

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