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This guide is a pleasure to see and uncovers concepts that form the way our world works today. The particular authors do an excellent job of simplifying even the most complex topics into an explanation that anyone can understand through informative figures and discussions. This guide will give you a new appreciation for the networks that bind our society together.

I would highly recommend this guide to anyone!, Profs Brinton and Chiang have an uncommon ability to get across highly technical ideas in a manner accessible to the layperson. The particular topics contained, mere ĂȘtre only a decade back, have become increasingly necessary to understand the magic sneaking into all aspects of our lives., This book supplies a excellent explanation of how modern networks work and a tour to how networks interact with each individuals day-to-day life behind the scene. It is impressive how the authors bring clear insight into highly technological, math-dense material in thorough manners. It's one of the tech books that you learn the difficult concepts with 'A-HA' occasions., The book is a really good read. The particular authors explain a lot of the ideas in a very clear way, with interesting examples.
Very well written and i also would highly recommend this book., Are you a networking specialist? In case you are, then this book is for you. Authors Captain christopher G. Brinton and Mung Chiang, have written an outstanding book that demonstrates the power of networks in a language that is available to anyone.

Authors Brinton and Chiang, get started with an overview of the cellular evolution and how it is a perfect example of how networks have struggled all through the years to meet capacity demands of shoppers. Then, they discuss how with WiFi, comes another flavour of sharing than mobile: Rather than having strict power control algorithms, Wireless relies on random accessibility to manage interference among users in the same location. Also, the creators show you how so-called usage-based pricing schemes can send better feedback indicators than flat-rate, " buffet" schemes leading to better sharing. They continue by answering two questions: How does Google rank webpages and earn money from its advertising business. Then, the creators explore how Google rates high its standard webpage results to make searching as efficient and high quality as possible. Then, they explore the idea at the rear of how products are ranked on Amazon. In addition, the authors turn to Netflix movie recommendations, where (rather than extracting one rating) they predict several ratings for each and every person. Subsequent, they turn to situations where people learn from one another, with each bringing their own wisdom to the crowd. Then, the authors look at how YouTube viewing is a good example of dependences created by information spread.
Also, they continue with the theme of influence: This time take notice to the underlying graph of social networks. The creators then call for an efficient way of posting the network resources, and a division of management responsibility (both geographically and functionality), so that the subparts can be handled more easily. Then, they describe how different subnets of the Internet manage the important task of routing messages from one point to another in a scalable manner. Likewise, the authors show you how Internet devices use comments provided from receivers to infer and manage congestion in the network. Ultimately, they continue by transforming back to social networks, and look at how people can still be attached even at seemingly opposing ends of the system.

This excellent book explains the key ideas at the rear of networking through storytelling, pictures, examples, and historical anecdotes. Most of the materials contained in this great book, have already been used to teach more than 100, 000 students in a Massive Open Online Course., Disclaimer: I was brought to this book when I took a category from Dr. Brinton (Author). The guide was not necessary for the class, I took it on myself to obtain a copy as I was enthusiastic about the topic.

Since someone with an information technology networking background this book is just what I wish I had when I first entered the field. Designed for the non-technical reader, it accurately and simply explains the impact that networks of many different types have on our world. It was nice to be able to read something about what is usually an extremely technical topic and not have to invest in doing considerable amounts of math concepts in my head. With regard to anyone with any interest in any sort of network, from physical and technical networks to personal networks, this book is a must-read., I've always wanted to discover network for my job, but I didn't want to deal with that complicated math equations. This guide does an amazing job of explaining networking concepts in simple terms

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