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Allison Sutter has just shipped a great book detailing clearly how to become successful and happy in life. Not only is the book very easy to follow along with but it is also packed with several of great stories rendering it a pleasure to read.

The author takes you through the journey of self-discovery starting from understanding what your purpose in life is and finishing with creating a blockbuster life movie where you are the key star capable of reaching incredible goals.

Here is a quick review of just a few chapters:

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 1: Knowing Your current Life’s Purpose Is the New Black
Great beginning explaining why it's so important to figure out what your passions are and what your purpose in life is. By completing this important task you become very efficient: knowing your objective can make it possible to drill in the right direction.

KEY CONCEPT 2: What Do You Genuinely Want?
Merely a couple of concepts explained in this part will change your life eternally: decision making and aligning yourself with your soul. Learn these 2 aspects only and your life will change forever.

KEY PRINCIPLE 3: Growth Goals by Choice, Not Default
By reading this part you will discover out why setting goals that terrify and excite you at the same time is the only way to live your life fully before the last day on this earth.

KEY CONCEPT 4: The strength of A Clear Vision
Allison clearly describes what visualization is and why it plays such an natural part in our lives. Incredibly, one of the examples (kids doing crazy things at home) was so insightful that I had to stop reading the book and consider it for a moment. As a parent I actually used to raise my voice years ago. Actually though I don't do that anymore, it was fascinating to learn why I used to respond the way Used to do. Creation is the key to becoming extremely happy and successful. Read this guide to understand why.

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 5: There’s The Cure for That Paradigm
What is a paradigm? In case you never heard about it, this part of Allison's guide will be life altering for you. Learn to re-program yourself to be extremely successful. Very few people realize we can re-program yourself for anything we like: bad or good. Retain thinking negative and your os inside of your mind will deliver bad results. Switch to positive thinking backed up by action and your working system will be rock and roll solid and will bring amazing results that adhere.

KEY CONCEPT 6: Discharge Your Grip on The How
Understand to have faith in your vision. Do not over think it trying to figure out how you will achieve outstanding goals. Read this part to understand why you are not designed to know how you will get there. Realise why it's so important to have belief in yourself as opposed to overcomplicating things and worrying too much about unrealistic goals.

KEY CONCEPT 7: Are you currently Breaking This Law?
Read this part to know why it's so important to know the laws of the universe. What are they? Why it's so important to grasp and tap into the power of your mental faculties to become a super individual capable of incredible things?

You can find 5 more life changing key concepts in the guide (key concepts 8-12) which are incredibly insightful, I actually will leave them to you to uncover and enjoy without unveiling what exactly they are.

In order to summarize, The Power of Focused Attention is a wonderful book with a lot of insights in regards to reaching incredible results that stick. Read this guide, have fun with this like many other readers did and learn how to change your life dramatically while making this world a much better place to live., From the very beginning Allison Sutter connected me. As I read about her " Mojo Accelerator Formula" I felt like she was individually talking to me with the questions she was asking. At least that is where I was about 18 months ago. I actually too had seemed I actually lost my " Mojo". I wasn't clear on where I wanted to select my business.

It was not until I developed a definite focus of my enthusiasm and desire that I actually started to gain traction in my business again. Reading this part in Allison's book helped me realize what had changed just a little over a year ago.

" Strong obsessive passion and wish are the only feelings that will carry you through the fear and change. If you are just interested in something, you won't bother doing what is required to crack through when obstacles show up. If you wish to do, be, or have something, desire will create superhuman persistence and willpower to go the extra mile… FEAR sama dengan BONDAGE. " It was fear of success which was holding me back…truly. I understand that sounds funny, but it was success holding me back. After a life-changing surgery, and reading " Think and Develop Rich" in the hospital bed, another time, I actually was able to look FEAR right in the eyes and say " NO MORE! "

Since I read Allison's concluding chapter, I came across myself considering back to the first few times I read the textbooks, " Think and Develop Rich" by Napoleon Mountain and " How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. Those two books have already been corner-stones to my success in sales and business in the past. Now I am going to place " The strength of Focused Attention" right close to them. I actually have gone back to Hill and Carnegies' textbooks whenever I had felt like I had been losing my way, and after this I will do the same with Mrs. Sutter's book. Say thanks to you for writing this book Allison. YES, WE ARE READY!, One of my key takeaways from this book actually is about money and its relationship to the following 5 things:
1) The advantages of what you do
2) Your capability to do it
3) The difficulty in replacing you
4) Your capability feeling joy and worthiness in getting it
5) Letting it leave... and believing it will come back

A lot of of us get caught in " seeing" yourself in a life with plenty of material goods and think that this is our purpose, to make an effort for that aspire to come true. Allison Sutter's guide is teaches with clearness and authority that there are key variations between purpose, vision and goals. In the author's words: " No one's here on this planet to make money" and I actually wholeheartedly agree.

From my own life I can relate to a key concept in the guide, called Terror Barrier and the author is very lucid in her explanations and offers powerful techniques and tools throughout the book to help step outside our comfort zone and start living a purpose driven and strengthened life. One of these is the time-space repetition model and i also have followed it to facilitate some big paradigm changes in my own life right now.

I can only highly recommend this book and the many practical tools to help you reside your life on purpose also to the fullest of your abilities!, I've decided that this year, 2015, would be the year i boldly create a life I will love. I really can't inform you how I actually " stumbled upon" this powerful book. But I actually can tell you this, it was not a accident. Our aha! Moment came when Allison wrote " When you find yourself considering 'It's nice that (s)he can (x), but I actually could never do that, ' you're not the star of your own movie. " POW! We have stopped doing that, and now have decided to be the movie star that I actually was born to be. This one sentence showed me where I now stand--center stage of my life--where I belong!

I had created recommend this book to anyone who is ready to step center stage into a lifetime of abundance, joy, right relationships and health.

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