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Foster children aren’t people. To state governments they are a “revenue producing mechanism”. Says actively seek out disabled, removed and orphaned children to apply for and seize their federal benefits without their knowledge, minus giving them any of the money. Daniel Hatcher has learned a complete industry sector, combining private companies and government that nothing but generate profits away of the misery of unfortunate children, nursing home patients, and the poor caught in minor crimes. This specific nightmare of a publication is staggeringly well recorded with the states’ and the firms’ own proud documents. Everyone in strength knows it goes on. And it also gets worse by the day with their passionate encouragement.

States are pompous about keeping their low income activities private. They declare once a child is within custody, the sovereign right of the state supersedes any court proceedings seeking accountability. That includes because of process, denied to victims. They claim seizing a child’s assets helps support children. It truly is both illegitimate and unconstitutional, but whatever.

The company MAXIMUS seems to be the biggest private player, with 13, 000 employees dedicated to maximizing profits for Human Services agencies in america, Canada, Australia, …. Plus they commit fraud. Soon after admitting to fraudulently filing Medicaid claims, they won a contract to help prevent Medicaid fraud. (This is also typical in Washington, which charges military vendors with billions in fraud, then awards them additional billions in new contracts. And some of these military contractors are now players in the low income industry. ) Private companies have penetrated essentially every corner of the low income industry. Former governors and congressmen sit on company boards, that private companies even review the prices for bids to run various facets of government agencies.

-State agencies do not permit foster children to have any assets. Anything of value is seized by the State. This droplets them into instant low income, maximizing the state’s declare on federal funds.
-Federal law says the states have the clear obligation to pay for foster care. Kids do not. Yet, after taking children’s assets, New jersey charges children 0 a month for its services.
-State agencies will be the “least preferred” rétribution of Social Security, but the states just apply as the sole possible payee, taking the money without the knowledge of the victim.
-States use money laundering techniques just like check-kiting to steal Medicaid billions every year. So there is no money to treat the poor, while the states reap fortunes.
-The governor of New Hampshire scammed Medical planning payments to be forty percent of their state budget, and put the money in the general fund, taking it away from patients, robbing them twice.
-Indiana built a 37 acre, 0 million hospital by actively gathering nursing home patients and keeping federal money meant to care for them.
-Total takings by state agencies from foster children alone is a quarter of a billion dollars a year, with a huge cut proceeding to private firms increasing the take for their consumer states.
-Private firms batch process sociable security applications straight to Buenos aires without vetting by their express “overseers”. An expected percent will always be accepted.
-Putting children on psychotropic drugs without prescriptions allows more children per foster home, reduces costs, and gets the state higher rates for (now) higher needs victims. The same is true of nursing home patients.
-Auditing the private industry auditors, the federal government found that that they cost five times as much as the scams they uncover.

After the billions in foster proper care and Medicaid scams, section three of The Lower income Industry details how private companies tear apart families and keep children in low income by pursuing fathers for repayment of welfare. They will lose their jobs, their reputations and their children. Looking at the supplier contracts, courts have to agree the primary focus of the State was earnings, not child wellbeing or family unity, so the contractors win. Having read the horrors of express racketeering and fraud in previous sections, this was practically comic relief.

Typically the book ends with the resurgence of debtor prisons for the poor, motivated by the astonishing list of fees private contractors can legally add to penalties. Once in the vortex, the poor are never able to recover. They lose jobs, income, drivers’ permit, homes, even the right to vote. They are even fined for being fined. Interest is added like on bank cards. The series agency tacks on its own payment of 25-40% to each new penalty it piles on. A hundred dollar fine that can’t be paid instantly can grow to thousands almost overnight, even with the victim in jail.

You are unable to read Typically the Poverty Industry without disgust. It is revolting, disgusted and criminally insane. Webpage after page of untrammeled relentless evil greed becomes hard to stomach. Of which this is allowed to go on is itself a scandal. As you read, you think: this can’t continue for 230 pages. It starts away terrible; how far more can there be? But it does go on and it will get more sickening jointly page. The Poverty Business should be the basis of congressional hearings, documentary films and investigative reviews. It is a incriminating, overdue condemnation of the states and their private sector contractors. It is cruel and unusual consequence for the most needy, least equipped and minimum knowledgeable. And the low income industry just laughs all the way to the bank.

David Wineberg, This specific is a must read for each American citizen! Necessary reading!, This book, that lifts the lid on exploitation affecting some of America’s most vulnerable residents, is something you want to hope is made-up, misinterpreted or otherwise not true. As it is, there is no suggestion that mcdougal or the publisher are being economical with the fact, so the only other interpretation is that there are some things to get very furious about.

Make no blunder, this reviewer is politically more right-of-centre than anything else and does believe in free and open economies, yet there are some things that you just do not do and cynically manipulating the system to (apparently) legally take money otherwise intended for individuals who are needy or vulnerable is one of them.

Heck, one is seething even with the advantage of several thousands of kilometres distance between Finland and america!

The creator contends, in this nicely written, accessible and source-positive publication, that government aid is being “redirected” to places that morally, at minimum, it should not go to. State care agencies sit hand-in-hand with commercial companies to take various disability and survivor advantages from children to “benefit” their state and its accounts. Who else provides bleep about the children, the disabled and the poor, huh? When that is not bad enough, it is claimed that nursing facilities and child detention centres are sedating residents with psychotropic drugs to reduce costs and maximize profits.

It is just a multibillion-dollar industry, says mcdougal, yet you don’t appear to hear a lot of angry people demanding change. Are they ignorant to what has to be going on, or do they just not care since, well, these are poor, crippled or just the “rubbish”. It seems hard to see that the federal government government does not know what is being conducted, yet have they rushed to slap this excess down and change the rules? The answer sadly is quite clear, no…

The writer is worried and articulates this with aplomb. It is not a student-level rant about injustice but a forensic, focussed look at a situation, written by a professor of law at a respected university. Like a non-American, this reviewer has a lttle bit of a problem accepting and understanding the healthcare system. It can feel morally wrong that the global superpower has a system where you can be bankrupted for the criminal offense of being ill, even if you can afford some healthcare insurance policy. Private markets mean that, if you have the money, of course you might be able to progress, faster or more luxurious proper care. Yet basic healthcare in a civilised country can be a given. The claims made by the author about the shenanigans of certain express and companies takes things to a much lower stage.

If even ten per cent of this publication is valid, a lot of folks should be hanging their heads in shame. They will should be doing jail time, although no doubt their behaviour is legally sound. Things should be changed immediately and this documented reprehensible behaviour terminated. When not, dear members of Senate and Congress, please don’t dare to lecture the world about how precisely to do its business and behave until you even attempt to get your own house so as. This conduct is lower than the usual snake’s belly, akin to robbing from a coffin at a funeral service.

When you have high bloodstream pressure and even an ounce of caring in your body, think before you buy this book as you will be annoyed, angered, dismayed and possibly surprised. This should be required reading. In a perfect world this should be seen as a historical relic in a very short period of time, since change has been effected and this remains merely a low point in U. H. history. I won’t hold my breath though…, waking up., An eye-opening look at waste in our lasagna of governmental bureaucracy. Layer after layer., interesting take on the system

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