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I'll come out with a bold statement - I believe this is the closest I have come to attaining the management of my binge eating disorder.

I've done all kinds of counselling/therapy, read just about every book there is, meds with nasty side effects, and practically nothing.. nothing.. comes close to this. Anyone who has experienced a genuine binge eating problem will know the misery of this horrible problem. The hack does something... I don't know what... but it re-sets my hungry brain, maybe it signals that I'm in a fed state, or satiety hormones or maybe I feel full and satisfied without that puffed up yukky feeling that activates BED. Who knows, all I know can it be works for me. I start each week with a 3 day hack and then am able to spend the remaining week eating like a normal human should, no thoughts of binging and craving only healthy meat and veggies. It is different to every mono diet hack out there. Who else would have thought POTATOES would have this impact; it's crazy beyond belief.

Thank you so much Tim; I'm so grateful to you, you have no idea how much. Please anyone out there with any binge eating issues maybe consider this hack. It goes well past the weight loss; in fact for me the weight loss is icing on the cake (or butter on the potato) it's the regulation of brain/head/hedonistic hunger that is it's true worth. You should, if you suffer from BED or have a family member battling it, perhaps give this a try, practically nothing to lose., This was (for me) the minute cure to a life-long fight with binge eating problem. I used to be just trying it to see if I could lose some weight. I purchased this and three other Kindle books simultaneously and started here.

I purchased 3 bags of natural potatoes, five lbs. each. I figured I used to be going to need the " max" allowable. I cooked two of the bags and boiled the next. Each of the three days I had more potatoes " still left over" than the prior day. I ended upward going four days, as I had fallen that far behind within my spud eating. This is pretty much where I settled. About three bags goes four times.

The day after my first hack, I experienced gone four days on plain potatoes. I proceeded to go " old school" and took the most limited variation of the program. (Also where I satisfied. ) No salt, self defense, lemon juice... just 100% plain potato. So I was really looking forward to breakfast the next day with the family at their favorite greasy taco joint. I ordered 3 avocado tacos and a pancake. I was a little over full. Later that same day we had lunch at a Greek place and I ordered the falafel cover and a salad. I ate about half of it and called for a box. My wife said " That thing you are doing must be working! " She was right naturally , I never ask for a box, unless I am greedily taking someone else's leftovers, because I never have anything still left over. I used to eat the garnish, and even the cloth napkin was looking nervous.

Our wife's observation had me looking at how I ate for the next three days with a critical eye. I was eating to " satisfied" and finding satisfied well before " painfully gorged" which was something I had never experienced in my life. A switch had been flipped.

I don't know how it works, but I have a theory. People with this problem are junkies with food because we don't get the " reward" signal as fast as normal people. Our brains haven't told us all we have been done yet. Within fact, they are telling us all we MUST keep going. What ever scoreboard keeps track of " satisfaction points" isn't counting everything, or matters it slowly.

Plain potatoes are bland. They serve the reason, but the incentive isn't there at all. Without those points racking up in the brain, you just stop. And the next time you stop a little sooner. Then you definitely settle at the proper place. That scoreboard is getting recalibrated! For me that took the first four times of my first hack cycle. Now when I proceeded to go back to regular eating, the reward-feedback-satisfaction loop have been lowered. I stopped getting the " you ought to maintain going" impulse much sooner than I normally would. I used to be NOT at a normal level. I was still putting away more calories than a healthy person, but that first cycle dropped my impulse to consume significantly enough that other people were noticing. After four cycles of four days each, I used to be eating like a normal person as opposed to a rescue dog.

Now I know Tim has variations. I know Tim allows salt. But the focus of Tim's book is weight damage. It is my firm belief that doing the limited version with this program, reducing and simplifying the flavor as much as possible, is what you want to do if your goal is recouping from food addiction. I also got much better results when I minimal the richness of the foods I ate on my non-hack days. You will be surprised how great some steamed broccoli tastes after four days of plain boiled potatoes. And that great taste you are now registering from healthy food choices starts racking up the points in that scoreboard keeping track of how close to " satisfied" you are., Read this book if you need to lose weight, stay healthy while carrying it out, and not feel starving at all times. The potato hack is not for masochists. It's for those who want to be able to function and never be walking around like half starved zombies. You'll not only lose weight but simultaneously will have energy and mental acuity.

Tim Steele has thoroughly investigated the great things about the potato to human health. There is a lot of information in this book presented in a highly readable format. I've been reading Tim's blog since its creation so you'd think I wouldn't learn anything new but that isn't the case at all. The book synthesizes all that materials and many more.

Even if you don't want to do the potato hack, this book will convince you that adding potatoes to the diet (not french fries or potato chips) is a very intelligent move. Your grocery bill will go down significantly. Anything this nutritious that costs about 30 pennies per pound, reduces your intake of foods that cost between to per pound PLUS retains you well nourished, decreases your blood pressure (potatoes are a potassium bomb), decreases inflammation, and yes, lose weight, what's not to like?

P. T. Potatoes don't cause dental care caries. That's a megaplus too. You can have your 'carbs' and not worry about dental rot!

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