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This book is a must in case you want to get a grasp of Omaha. You may not stick to every suggestion he makes, but he gives an individual a very helpful framework from which usually to make good selections. In my opinion, this is worth its value for the chapter about starting hand selection alone. You could learn all this the hard way, nevertheless this book will accelerate your own learning curve and possess you playing winning Omaha sooner.,........ then this book is a must read. This book does an excellent work of detailing the introduction and middle level strategy of PLO. It does not overwhelm one together with too much detail up front. The book goes via the most important elements of PLO after which expands on those subjects because it progresses. Also, typically the book contains lots of example hands that help review concepts from typically the prior sections. This publication will not make an individual an astute PLO gamer as it is limited to typically the more basic strategy (which I believe is a very good thing! ). On the other hand; if you are a profitable NL player in addition to you play to Shaun Hwang's game theories, etc, you should be rewarding as well. It is a great first go through for someone with good texas hold'em knowledge wanting to learn PLO.

EP, Shaun Hwang has written typically the most helpful and informative book on Omaha holdem poker available. I also purchased Bob Ciaffone's 'Omaha Poker' and 'Pot Limit & No Limit Poker' by simply Reuben and Ciaffone. All three of these cash-game oriented books are valuable additions to a proper rounded holdem poker players library. However, Hwang is far more methodical in his presentation of key ideas, his writing is lucid, and his / her insights are gold. Individuals insights have provided 90% of improvement in the game that I possess gained by reading these types of books.

After a brief intro, Hwang jumps right into his core thesis: you only want to get involved with hands that possess big play potential. Big play hands have buildings where you can bet strongly when flopping the nuts together with redraws to even much better nuts by the time you reach the river. He after that goes on to chart out each of the types of big play potential palm structures in a clear and systematic way. As the big play notion, plus the importance of counting nut outs have been manufactured before, the systematic in addition to lucid presentation in 'Pot-Limit Omaha Poker' really make it shine.

In case you are hold em player who is branching out into Omaha you should buy this book. When you don't, please ask me to your sport., This review is certain to the ebook version. I actually how to start if the book is the same.

It is very difficult to follow the sample hands and to work by means of the exercises given typically the number of typos in the text, especially together with regards to the fits.

For example, the switch card is recognized as Qh, and then we are asked to pick a great action. Then, the lake is... Qh! Or, in another hand the lemon contains two identical cards. This makes it extremely difficult to follow. In one hand, the dollar value of the pot is provided, with suits between typically the numbers. On the following line, the flop has, but no suits.

It's not just suits. "The 1st player bets and typically the flop bettor bets . " I think that will was supposed to point out "the first player checks... "

Very frustrating. And incredibly frequent.

A very bad editing or conversion work with this book., By far the best Omaha publication ever written. No other publications come close to this in detail, understanding in addition to integrity than Mr. Hwang's Pot Limit Omaha Online poker. Please read this publication twice, then purchase his / her next three books in addition to I promise you'll will never be a dropping Omaha player as long as you understand these types of wonderful books. I understand it on my own experience!!!, This one publication really changed my PLO game and took me from Hold Em into the much more interesting world of PLO. For me, it fits typically the TAG style I favor to play. For a few, this book may seem to be too passive preflop, and too nitty write-up flop, but taking into consideration the field, I find it's a quite solid foundation., Book is a haunting reminder of exactly how much my poker sport is lacking. Really good material can confirm why an individual lose money in Omaha. It didn't occur to me that Omaha is a drawing game, in addition to you cannot imagine a good hand on typically the flop will be a good hand around the lake. The book enables you to think about what's about to happen to you, and help you avoid traps.

Now i'm certain I've made again the price of typically the book in just about or two losing hands that I laid down., I am very happy with the book. The lot of Omaha online games are played 6 handed (at least on typically the internet) these days so typically the lessons in this 10 year old book have to be adjusted a small to apply to a short handed game. I actually also remember that the publication covers Omaha high lower too.

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