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This is very well researched and well-written book about a situation that sadly happens far too often. We are referring to when a offense is committed and law enforcement immediately zeroes in on someone they think makes a good suspect. They put blinders on and decide what is important to follow upward on and exactly what is not, key evidence is not test and/or lost, or evidence is manipulated and other suspects are ignored. After looking over this book, there is no doubt in my mind that Edward O'Brien is innocent. I hope that the Purity Project can help your pet., Very sad to feel that an injustice can happen in this fashion. All in the name of governmental policies. How he never received another trial is absurd. This was a very good book even though you understood the outcome from the start. Shocking to see our justice system can resort to these actions just to further a people career., After looking over this book, I was not surprised by the blatant corruption that took place within the courts. I was not surprised of the injustice that took place. Those are things take place every day. What surprised me was Mr. O'Brien's lawyer who clearly did not defend him properly. How really does an lawyer pertaining to being charged with First-degree murder miss so much or not challenge testimony from people the Prosecution put on the stand? Can Mr. George be aside of helping Reilly get re-elected? After researching this case; I found that Bob George was recharged in drug money laundering scheme and is no longer practicing law. I might feel that would cause for most of his cases to be regarded closely. Maybe, it is just me, but in my opinion Mr. George did not represent Eddie O'Brien the best of his ability., I really desire Eddie is granted another trial. He is blameless. Its so sad this individual has spent all this time in prison for against the law he did not make. I think 2017 is heading to be his year. #eddiesinnocent, This book informs a tragic story in a unique way. You follow the plight of an ordinary 15 year old boy as if behind the scenes but also in the front row. As opposed to stylistically over-coloring the narrative, the author lays out legal back story in a way that causes this a different type of true-crime book. Like Making a Murderer this story is haunting and contains similar it-could--happen-to-anyone circumstances. How do it be? Read it and find out. God forbid it occurs you or someone you know., It is really an extremely interesting view point about how precisely the system can let down someone who may be completely innocent of the crime they are falsely accused of. From this author's view, with the benefit of hindsight, this young child was falsely accused and contains been helping a life term in prison for a offense he did not make. Political ambition stood between honesty and searching for a real murderer and closing in a solution to this case in a well-timed manner that could send a certain message to the Massachusetts voters., I've never read anything like this, honestly impossible to set down. I shut down my Kindle for the night time, then realized I didn't want to return to sleep for wanting to really know what was happening next. Through the first web page Margo Nash draws the reader into a tale so outrageous you'll find yourself screaming at the injustice happening to a young boy. My grandparents lived in Somerville MA and though I haven't recently been there since the 60's each of the locations are still familiar in my opinion. A must read!, Could not pay this book. So unfortunate that the justice system failed this young boy. I believe that he is innocent. What worries myself is that the real murder is among all of us very scary.

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