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This book tells the story of wireless communications in the United States -- the dynamic interactions and schisme which determined how range has been assigned in the U. S., for what communications systems, starting with the advent of transmitted radio in the 1920s. With rich research, how spectrum was awarded and who won and who lost, how visionaries and mercenaries fought political challenges over the awarding, the author brings to life the myriad twists and turns that constructed, sometimes haphazardy, our present day spectrum use. In the award and use of communications spectrum, regulation or lack thereof, has recently been a major factor in the efficient, best, and highest uses of range.

The regulatory philosophies of the Federal Communications Commission were basically of two kinds: heavy government rules, lengthy award processes, and the inevitable intrusion of special interest lobbying in influencing and determining the regulatory outcome; and the reliance on marketplace makes beginning in 1981 with the Reagan FCC. -- both to allocate range. The two spectrum share models are discussed in detail, and just how each awarded that spectrum: the central command regulation of politically designated FCC commissioners, and what the author refers to as the " toaster" model, meaning allocation through marketplace forces,

The book is highly educational, but at the same time, entertaining -- even enjoyable. Marconi tested the first wireless system, utilizing a transmission device on one side of any river, with a device on the other. The author amuses by observing that broadcasting at the time was quite limited, as only Marconi had a device.

The author had a bird-eye view of range sausage making in the 1990s, as a main economist at the FCC; As an economist set on seeing marketplace components to make spectrum awards, the author must have been appalled at the heavily political process that preceeded much more fair and rational ways of awarding range -- namely spectrum actions. The right now validated method awarded spectrum who bid highest, because they had in mind the best and best use of that spectrum. Congress, of course, loved any system that deposited auction proceeds in the Treasury, to be spent.

. " Political Spectrum" is a wise primer about how to best set aside communications spectrum. It is, based upon the trial and error of the U. S finding the best way to set aside in a manner best serving the public. This should be read globally by communications regulators, teachers of communications, and plan makers outside of federal government, It's a fun read of an up to now hidden part of yankee regulatory and political communications background., Hazlett's work is a triple threat document. First, it is a well written and entertaining historical account of the life of a key but little understood federal agency, the FCC. Second, it is a treatise on the whims, wiles and willfulness of the reliability process. Third, it proposes a pragmatic equivalent to a 21st century Ok land rush for taking the challenges of our current digital frontier. This is a must read for anyone enthusiastic about one story of how the Beltway swamp came to be and just how it can be constructively redeveloped., An interesting and researched work in connection with history and shortcomings of the regulatory process since the radio and television eras. The author demonstrates how the outdated regulatory process threatens the natural development in todays most crucial wireless media. The benefits to the public with the limited regulation of the cellular industry (reduced prices, greater access) are a tangible demonstration of the power of market makes as opposed to regulatory overreach.

The author has created a carefully crafted narrative that will not require you to be an economist or tech savant to understand the implications of overregulation by beginning with wireless mass media that we all can relate to, radio and television. The timing with this work is critical as we are continually discussing “net neutrality”. Only market forces can level the monopolistic playing field gained by broadband.

The creator has done something quite important in this day of complaints. In addition to telling us the problem he has offered carefully considered solutions that will keep the U. S competitive in a rapidly altering world market. When a person of Dr. Hazlett’s experience, knowledge and knowledge offers a solution to such an important issue We can only hope that the powers that be (FCC, Congress) will carefully consider these plainly discussed remedies that can be implemented in a short time frame. This book bodes well for the resurgence of the non-fiction genre., This is an amazing book providing real regarding the real political and financial motivations behind the FCC's policies throughout its history. The creator plainly outlines how a FCC's shortcomings have constantly hobbled innovation in communications industry and stifled free talk. The book is not just useful, but also highly interesting. Everyone will enjoy reading this book -- whether you are an economist, a telecommunications expert or maybe an ordinary slob like myself who loves to listen to Howard Strict., The best book around on the history of the utilization and regulation of wireless spectrum. Hazlett will as good a career with the storytelling as he will with drawing out your impact of centralized planning and entrenched corporate interests on innovation and technological progress., This is two publications for the price of one. The foremost is a readable history of one of America’s most important natural resources - radio range - since its finding and commercial development for entertainment, mass-marketing, telephony and the Internet. This is a story full of heroic leaders, and the heroic (often mistaken) assumptions that forced them. The second book, contained within the first, is the meditation of a first-rate scholar on the intractable difficulty of effective government regulations in general, and the hidden social costs that can result from systems of public management that are not able to take account of of the inevitable characteristics of political and bureaucratic institutions. Serious learning, lightly worn.

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