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Some realize until I finished this book that it was published in 1964. It had such a modern day feel. Very fascinating and moving and thought provoking stories from the author's career in the New York city police department in the 50's. The particular dialogue seemed traditional and draws you into the scene more deeply. Want she had written a longer book. Will have to check out her novels that have been precursors to Sue Grafton's and others' textbooks., We would second the emotions of the first reviewer who gave this work 5 stars. It was one of the beginning round of books and movies during the late 60's early 70's that stripped down the mythology of every element of Us society and replaced it with an traditional voice of those experiencing it as it IS. This publication has been out of print for a lot of years-but was re issued in 2013 not long after Ms Uhnak sadly took the woman own life. While I suppose being a police officer is a little like parenting- that to fully " get" what its as if you have to experience it- after reading it I feel sadder and wiser as to the toll on they've humanity, emotions and health that serving as a police officer would have on anyone- and that many of the commonly held and thought attitudes of the open public re police officers become more problematic when understanding the day to day realities faced with each police officer. Since this book was written in the 50'ss early 60's the sexism and racism of the period is quite blatant and " in your face" compared to todays more hidden and nuances-but believe it or not persistent existence of these twin evils. A web page turner-highly recommended to all. I will caution people who it does not sugar coat anything and investigates the most negative aspects of people society and life., This is greater than a good book.

If you read this book, you will see startling truth. Uhnak wrote this book when she was still serving as a cop. She was a

detective in an elite squad. She released the book, telling true stories about her world. Nobody had done this before.

Chiefs had written their memoirs when they were safely retired. Several were ghost-written. Wambaugh would not be

published until six years after Uhnak's book came out. The girl broke the new surface. And this book is no puff-piece about

fearless and heroic cops. There is strife among partners and bosses. Politics show. Therefore do communication tragedies. In a

deadly assignment, she produces that her back-up cop was an elederly detective who kept sneezing into his handkerchief and

complaining that the metal dust was bad for his nerves. This same detective would need to try conserving Uhnak's life, in

between sneezes. Uhnak did not sound confident about him. The girl does respect and enjoy her other

partners. The girl gains a very real love for them. Yet life intrudes. The boss of the Policewoman's Institution snaps at Uhnak and


snaps back. Sparks fly. Heroes fail. Jealous partners sneer at Uhnak. This

one is as real as the bite of a handcuff on your wrist.

The startling truth is that story is apparently what we came to call 'The New Journalism. ' Others like Norman

Mailer, Joseph Wambaugh and Truman Capote made 'The Fresh Journalism' famous by offering it a name. Yet

Uhnak's story turned out in 1964, before all the others. She used a novelist's eye for color and shades and

motives to a piece of hard-edged prose dealing with life and death.

Read her account of the serial rapist who put a gun to the woman forehead when she was alone on a decoy job. Sense

her fear with her. Feel the cold calculation that also ran into her brain at that second. This really is that New Journalism

again. Call it that. Or just call it up great writing. You will not want to put this publication down.

It may well be that a few other writers, like me, read this book in 1964 and saw the possibilities that this style exposed

up. Truman Capote had written to Uhnak and they traded letters back and forth. In my view, Uhank started something. That

became something big. The girl should get credit for it. Her bravery shows, on the written web page and in the dirty

subway stations.

Uhnak writes about officer success years before police divisions did. She passes on valuable tricks for any

readers who wants to understand the police. In 1964, few readers did. They wanted the cop fairy-tales to continue,

like those B-movie serials of the 1930's. That same 12 months, in New York City, a university for cops opened, inside the

Authorities Academy. Most people at that time wondered out loud why cops would ever before want to go to college. Or they

wondered why a university would want to learn from real-life cops. This was just before New You are able to and other cities

cracked in increased murders.

Uhnak's book teaches all of us about all these things. She also discusses mental survival for cops. Again, this was

decades before police agencies knew that emotional stress was depriving them of their best officers.

Please read this publication. It will astound you. It still surprises me.

------ Frank Hickey, article writer of the Max Royster crime novels of Pigtown Books, The writing is in the " hardboiled" style, but memoir takes place during the 50's and 60's., I have loved reading most of Dorothy Uhnak's textbooks. She writes very well and her stories are traditional since she dependent the majority of the plots on her experience as a police officer., Although the subject matter was of interest to me, I discovered the numerous spelling errors very distracting. What a shame that more attention was not paid to the demonstration of this book

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