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This is truly an eye-opening good Cambodia! Had it been published prior to 65, our political and army approach to these people might have been totally different. That reveals the cultural backdrop of three nations (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) and how their cultural skills make for strange bedfellows! Beginning in 1960, the Communist Party of Cambodia that Pol Pot became the living image of how a pure communism society should be well guided. As such, the atrocities committed (in his name) within Cambodia, resulted in the deaths of 1. 5 million countrymen (men, women & children)! By 1975, the Party's " Committee" could no extended sustain control over the worker population to adequately provide enough food, normal water and shelter for even some of the population! Vietnam and Laos are not now and not have been unified together (Southeast Asia) as will be revealed in this startling narrative. The Lady may never understand how these peoples tick, but this book will enlighten your perspective and bring some understanding as to how they see the world from their point of view! A " must read" to believe! Tate, Hard to imagine how much work went into this book. Quite impressive and a great read for such a tale. Books like this on revolutionaries are hard to digest sometimes due to the amount of information packed into them, dates people regions, culture history regimes politicians friends foes traitors and endless shenanigans all over such a long period of time. It claims a lot about the writers ability to inform a tale and present the info in such a way that it keeps you engrossed from beginning to conclusion. You finish with a listing by your side of other important books to read and the understanding of Cambodian life culture and history and planning a trip to see first hand today's Cambodia. It's new autocratic express and everything it's amazing historical past. A large accomplishment I was in admiration of all the hard work that must have been put into this book. My gratitude to Mr Quick., This is a very well written and researched book about a terrible tragedy that befell Cambodia. It gives a good historical background of the conditions that existed which enabled it to happen. Having been to several of the Killing Career fields on two trips to Cambodia, it gave me personally the background about how this horrible event occurred. Extremely recommend it., Excellent resource (one of the best I read).

Perfect and magic description of the old Kampuchea, cultural and geographically speaking. Profound understanding of Saloth Sar, his childhood, youth a number of his final way to total strength.

It's great to find out of the other guys of Angkar too - Kieu Samphan, Ieng Sary, Boy Sen, Hou Yuon - that have been with him in France, still young idealist men, just dreaming of revolution and changing the world.

Very revealing not only about the deep relations with China and North Korea, but the surprising nexus with Romania, Albania, Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned World. Very recording about the strange but strong Buddhist nature of the peculiar Khmer the reds and - above all - the early (and fateful) influence of french revolutionaries like Robespierre and Saint-Just in the major thought of the young leading cadres of the future Democratic Kampuchea.

And very accurate about the dark and final influence of Stalin, when the paranoia and the purges began to rot his regime from within.

I actually wanted to know about him, not the atrocities that we all know. I needed to obtain the human being, and I found him... As well as felt sorry for his shameful demise; purged by his own men, old, ill and finally cremated in plenty of00 garbage.

Pol Pot was a man so complicated that no book, no friend, no comparative could describe him enough clearly. Which book shows that.

Oh, by the way... The author won't put Norodom Sihanouk in good light, portraying him as he actually is: an oportunist, two-faced crook that was the first and foremost killer of democracy in his country and clearly guilty of paving the way first for the far-right regime of Lon Nol and then, the far-left regime of Pol Pot.


What you're waiting? Buy it., This man was a true monster. His crimes are so horrific that I actually found it difficult to read and will have to put it down and read something else for a while., Splendidly written. Regardless of the many players that could have made it complicated, the book paints a clear picture of both the overall political scenery as well as the life stories of those living within it.
Focus is not purely on the atrocities of the regime, but much more the situational realities and the tragic impact pure conviction and self belief will surely have on millions of men and women and a nations self image.
Truly a wonderful read for anyone who will travel the region, is interested in politics, or the dangers of (delusional) leadership, One of the best reads for me personally ever. I highly recommend this book., I had formed absolutely no prior knowledge of Parts of asia or Asian history earlier to reading this book. After reading this book, I walked away having a great understanding not only about Pol Weed, but about Cambodia and what was your former People from france Indochina. Short does a great job portraying the political and cultural tides that shaped the region and it's really conflicts. His writing style is also very clean and readable. This book would make a great read for teachers or simply for fun... I actually actually read it on vacation: )

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