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I have the same critique numerous others do. This was 85% of any good book. Swiftly then 15% infuriating "now you gotta wait a year and get my next book" garbage. The Short Drop was a great guide, which I have advised to MANY friends. Completely some... Some questions at the ending but it was plausible that those would be answered in Poison Feather. Well, they weren't and then you obtain the cliffhanger that comes off blatant and totally unsatisfying. This had prospective and what I don't understand is that three more chapters could have succeeded in doing so much to avoid this abrupt ending. It wrecked the book for me. I hate walking away from a book I actually thoroughly enjoyed 85% of being pissed off., Following your terrific shocking ending to The First Drop, I performed fear all the criticism to come for this guide if it didn't have a good " catch" at the end. Understanding a 3 rd book was coming I too detest the need to wait for the 3 rd book to see what happens, but it will be worth the wait. And I find it unnerving so many could rate this guide so low on the lack of a complete ending when it's really a good book. You should be prepared for an open ending knowing the 3 rd is on how.,... by a few slow moving parts, but mostly it was poisoned by the ending.
The character development and plot moved at a rapid pace. Dialogue was well developed, providing additional characterization and plot description. The complexity of the storyline lent greater suspense to the book.

The ending was a misfit. Because a matter of truth, just downright discombobulated. Right now there was no closure to this story. Actually I actually felt like the author tried (unsuccessfully) to create new character(s), plot, and plot without ending this book. Compared to the SHORT DROP, this book failed to satisy the reader and is a disappointment.
On the positive note, obviously mcdougal is becoming a talented writer. But, the editor is much less talented, else the ending would have closed the suspense trap in this book., Following " The Short Drop" I was expecting another solid Gibson Vaughn history. It was alright, but not nearly as exciting as Fitzsimmons' first novel. Freelance writers, however, can't always deliver with the same power. It doesn't mean I actually won't read Fitzsimmons again, but I'll be more cautious in my options., Loved The Short Fall, the first book in this series. I excitedly continued with this one, which contained even more great action and character types. It had been moving along swimmingly -- until it had not been. It was the ending of the book. Many of the characters left suspended in mid-situation. Almost all of their motivations left unresolved. So, hey, buy the next book and find out how the story ends. What? I really detest being played like that. Enough that I avoid care ever again how it almost always ends. I would have recently been pleased to buy another guide in this series, but I won't now. I actually think Mr. FitzSimmons is getting some really really bad publishing advice., If the first book hadn’t recently been as good as it was, I actually might have abandoned this one before the midpoint. I stuck with it, only to be rewarded in the later chapters with sloppy editing (typos?!? ) and a cliff hanger ending — that was rendered meaningless by the preview description of guide #3 that appeared immediately after the last web page (on the Kindle version). In some ways, that last disappointment was apropos. This book was just disappointing.

In general, I felt that the plot was not crafted all that well; the attempts to connect to the previous book were clumsy at best; the general flow was inconsistent; and, paradoxically, the typos were a flawlessly simple testament to a manuscript that needed a bit more polish before you go to press. Here’s wishing #3 gets a bit more attention., Gibson just aren't get a break! Today we have to wait to see how this individual gets out from the latest chaos he has gotten himself into.

Update 10/27/17 - Now we finally get the next book and i also have to go back again and refresh my memory by reading the last few chapters of Poisonfeather. I will be now agreeing with other reviews and removing a superstar for not only leaving us hanging, but for failing within the next book to help jog our memories. It will also impact my review of Chilly Harbor.

This is a shame because the writing is very good. Whilst I highly recommend the first book, these two are annoying me. Before I actually buy ever again of his books, I will have to await for the reviews to verify if he pulls another stupid stunt like this again., I thoroughly enjoyed the first Gibson Vaughn story, and was looking forward to the second. Matthew FitzSimmons did not disappoint. It was both equally easy to dislike Charles Merrick as it was to pull for Gibson Vaughn. Plenty of changes and turns, and fantastic characters. I waited to see this until I realized the 3 rd book was out as many of the previous reviews had expressed annoyance at being left hanging on for the sequel when concluding Poisonfeather- I would have felt the same, looking forward to the next sequel now.

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