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I have been using Pocket Medicine given that being a wee little OMS-3. I can tell you that this point has been the most amazing reference book in my existence. I've seen them all (Washington Manual, UCSF's hospitalist handbook, the ICU book, etc). I'll be honest, as an attending, I've been applying uptodate more now than this book but as the medical student/resident, this book is amazing. What makes this particular book such an awesome reference is that these people actually write down typically the article/journal that they usually are referencing to if you wish to expand your current knowledge base with typically the original research.

I've identified the details of this particular series for many yrs. See my older testimonials on Pocket Medicine to see what I think concerning the series. Again, for the newcomers, welcome to medicine and if if you're searching for a reference book, this particular shall be your holy bible. The style is of which same Pocket Medicine design with lots of abbreviations, and referrals. In case you are having trouble foreseeing out what that abstract is in the book, check the back of typically the book. If you can get the copy off your friend, I recommend taking the look first before jumping the gun and buying it with out taking a look at how this is usually written. I've seen men and women be put off by the look and so I recommend doing this very first if you're completely not familiar with the series. Prior to, I would be browsing things very fast about this book. But given the velocity of the uptodate app in the phone, I'll confess I haven't been applying this little buddy as much. The budget matches in any white layer.

Now I will existing changes/differences:
Fresh sections (not all inclusive): Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices, Toxicology, Lung Transplant, Dysmotility and Nutrition, Disorders of Colon, Intestinal Ischemia. Several of these were renamed sections. I haven't used book enough to tell you if these adjustments make any difference if you're pondering about upgrading from purple.

New references: qSOFA for sepsis, cardiac risk evaluation tables has been a bit simplified (although the essentials will be the same), JNC 7 is in the book. The debatable lipid guidelines from AHA are in the book now. Ophthalmic issues section has been changed a great deal (I liked the purple version better but maybe the because I'm just used to it).

Dislikes: typically the book I purchased runs on the more similar flimsy paper as in the purple version. I miss typically the paper they used in green. But what I was really MAD about is usually that the publisher didn't perform a good job from screening the hole punches plus it was hole smacked slightly off and after this typically the first couple pages have ripped out. I'm really unhappy about this but Some subtract a superstar as the rating is concerning the content.

Bottomline: it can the same old pants pocket medicine you love plus see your colleagues use. Is it worth upgrading? absolutely not. Will I stop buying future problems? I'm thinking this might be the last 1 I upgrade as I probably use uptodate a lot more often now as a possible attending but I can appreciate all of the information that is needed to update this little book. Once more, borrow one to see if you like the design before buying this.

Once more, like all of our previous reviews: I didn't get paid by Dr Sabatine or Wolters Kluwer just for this review.
The moment of stop for my purple variation. RIP my battered plus time tested purple variation, RIP., I purchased this particular edition, even though I had the green (4E) version. I use this particular book every single day since typically the first day of our third year rotations for Internal Medicine topics (now I am a resident). Pocket Medicine gives you all you need, regarding the latest information regarding Internal medicine. Now for those who've never observed of it, and/or considering buying this book, why is it so good? It is usually concise and it gives you the key points. In case you really wanted to obtain more information then you definitely possibly need to go to uptodate or the next step up, the o bible of IM alone, Harrison's. Pocket Medicine is usually designed to give you everything you need, in your pocket (as if our white-colored coats aren't heavy enough). And the best portion about this book compared to other pocket manuals is usually that it cites genuine articles. NEJM, JAMA, Lancet, real sources of evidence based medicine. Evidence based should be the objective of every medical pupil, resident, and physician's basis of how they practice. Now the book takes a few use to using the short-hand, acronyms, and how it can formatted out, but when you get used to this, you will be looking up things very quickly and before you understand it, you will be citing webpages in Pocket Medicine. Regarding medical students, anything of which your attending is pimping you on, its possibly in this book (and its probably more up-to-date than what your attending searching for for). For inhabitants, don't waste any a lot more time racking your brains on admit requests off uptodate, just obtain it done with this book.

Now for many who had saving money medicine book, you're thinking, is it really well worth the 60 dollars? Treatments doesn't change very very much and many treatment methods are still the similar (except for maybe radiation treatment regimens). However , after scanning through about 10 subjects, there's a minimum of a 1 line update (usually a lot more in the range of 3-5). Will it alter how you will practice? Unlikely, especially if you have been following the green book. Nevertheless yes, there's abundance of changes everywhere. For illustration, they updated cystitis even though it's a bread and butter IM issue - I'll leave this to you to buy typically the book to find out the update; ) although I warn you, its not drastically different. But there usually are some definite useful updates such as how extreme you want to be on diabetic administration based on the latest guidelines. Just how aggressive should you become on HgA1c or the BP? You could spend plenty of time looking it up, or perhaps flip to typically the page in 5 mere seconds. The new talk to areas aren't real deal breakers in my thoughts and opinions (Surgical, Ob/Gyn, Optho) because if you're probably going to talk to those specialists anyways, but the nice to get. At minimum you'll sound slightly wiser when you talk to them for your consultation? The new sections like anaphylaxis and nutritional issues aren't major additions to justify to buy this book over the green/4e book.

Would I still suggest buying this book? Sure. But if you're the poor resident who currently had saving money book plus don't want to spend money that should be proceeding to payback your loans, I would stick to the green book.

The only real negative concerning this edition is of which they used new "recycle"-like paper (the thin type) over the actual were applying for the green 4e book. It feels less expensive and much easier to rip. Otherwise, I recommend it as the gold standard of pocket manuals: D

Notice: This was not the paid recommendation of typically the book. I just enjoy Pocket Medicine a great deal., Loose Leaf = Arrives with Ringed binder. Great Resource for any medical professional!

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