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I could tell by looking at the reviews (the typical rightward pointing U-shape of the review bars, either mostly 5 stars or 1 star) that this was a very polarizing book. Unfortunately, it is difficult to use many of the reviews in such a case to determine the merit of a book, since many probably did not read much of the book if at all. I could see why this is the case, because the book chemicals a negative view of Donald Trump. I try to keep my reviews unfettered by a predetermined bias.

That said, Nance discusses the DNC crack that started around Mar or April of 2016. Metadata left behind, led to WikiLeaks and a Russian intelligence organization which is a conglomeration of cyber spying groups codenamed Cyber Holds. It seems this organization includes the FSB (former KGB), the GRU ( European Military intelligence), and criminal cyberwarfare subcontractors. The writer then proceeds to give us a history of Russia and its intelligence organizations. He notes that “This deep history of espionage, intrigue, and killing shaped Vladimir Putin’s worldview in the direction of the West. ” To Putin, the ideal situation would be an economically crippled America, taken from military adventure overseas and NATO, and a leadership installed that is friendly to Russia. In chapter five, the writer covers Russia’s new type of choosing all aspects of intelligence, propaganda, and cyber functions, which he calls “hybrid warfare. ” We find out about advanced persistent threats or APTs, which are “a description of malware kits used by hackers. ” These types of hacker groups have recently been active in other countries as well, such as Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, and others. Nance formulates a connection from these cyber groups to WikiLeaks, calling WikiLeaks Russia’s intelligence laundromat. In the present election, nor Assange nor Putin curry any favor of Clinton making them perfect partners united against this prospect.

The timing of these events is obviously designed to bolster Trump in the polls. For instance , we have the leaks before the Democratic National Convention which ended up pitting Bernie supporters against Hillary proponents; after Trump’s speech on immigration after the Mexico visit, DCCC documents from Pelosi’s computer on immigration and other items were released; within days of the NY Times proclaiming that anything Trump said needed fact-checking, the Cyber Bears hacked this news business; a similar thing took place with Newsweek, and we could carry on.

Nance proves by saying that, “Russian use of cyber weapons to perform criminal acts and damage our election period was intended to remove faith in America itself. ” He sees politics itself under attack due to hacking and demagoguery. All of us have to wonder if an attack with a “weapon of Mass Disruption” has yet to occur. It’s all quite sobering to think about., Mr. Nance has facts, experience and intelligence behind his vision opening account. He afraid the heck out of me, and it really brings home how decreasing in numbers we are as a nation, and the capabilities that be are overlooking them., As you read the book you must check and recheck the DATE. Mr. Nance provides an accurate and timely explanation for the before and post 11. 7. 16 election., Definitely read this... important. Well written by Nance.. an intellectual but an authority on the subject., great book but wish it came in hardcover, Amazingly insightful. Fantastic to read someone who knows what goes on within our intelligence agencies. Mr. Nance has the creds., Very interesting read. It is now apparent that Putin and his team of cyber warriors effected the outcome of the political election., This book broadened my perspective on cyber security. I've recommended it to many friends and relatives.

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