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Interesting.... How people pick upward certain new cookbooks, and immediately fall into two distinct camps. Some rave about it; some immediately learn to complain. How can their opinions differ so significantly? "Plenty More" will be one of those books to cause immediate amazement or swift disapproval. Through working with the book for several months now, I actually know this book warrants a five-star rating, and the majority of readers will feel the same. Same as the ratings and reviews for Ottolenghi's guide "Plenty": Most will rave, and a few just will not want to--or will not have time to--tackle the chore of working with many of the ingredients on fairly long element lists. This book is very much like "Plenty", except Ottolenghi has broadened his experience, looked--and leaped--forward and taken on new flavors and ingredients.

All those who criticize will claim that it contains hard-to-find ingredients, some unfamiliar techniques, uncommon combinations of flavors, unfamiliar foods and flavors, long ingredient lists.... and that will be very true for most home cooks. Yet those who get enthusiastic about this book, those whose hearts will start racing when they browse through the pictures and pages on the "Look Inside" feature on this product page, will ask and declare:

Isn't that what a fabulous, ground-breaking, recipe book is supposed to do? Is that not what you should keep an eye out for in new cookbook? inch I say, "Yes! inch Bring on the new flavors and combinations, uncover me to the unfamiliar, help my family to embrace new taste sensations.

So I tell personally, and I'll suggest the same to you: Action outside of the box. Get outside your comfort zone. Start making some outstanding vegetarian dishes.

Plus this great chef, with his great idea-producing staff, will help you take that (sometimes/somewhat) uneasy step forward. This guide will provide guidance, coaxing, reassurance to help you retrieve your comfort zone, while expanding your palate and taking on new measurements as a home cook. Practice is beneficial: The first time you look at a recipe, you may see it as a long set of ingredients. The other time you make the menu, all the pieces fall into place and you realize it was not hard to accomplish. Suddenly, you will realize you have another fab veg dish under your belt.

(On one other hand, if your lifestyle does not allow you to tackle daily trips to the market and long ingredient lists, it might not exactly be the right time that you can indulge in this book. You will either think about the book a challenge, or you will say the book is not right for you right now, and pass it by for the time being. )

So, if you choose to take on the challenge, prepare yourself: In the event you pick upward this much-anticipated, worthy, excellent book, you will be:

--getting very cozy with cilantro: Forty-seven recipes in this book use cupfuls upon cupfuls of cilantro. (I know there are countless you out there that will have a difficult time with this... )

---Working on your produce manager to start out providing basil, dill, tarragon, chervil, all the herbs, all year round, just like he really does for parsley and cilantro. This chef uses huge, copious amounts of natural herbs and a sizable variety of spices. The spices are easy to find, it is the fresh herbs that you find at the store, two or three sprigs in measly little clear plastic material bags for big bucks--that will not do for the recipes in this book. (I'm going to have to beef upward the plants in my veggie gardens, but even that will not care for the dill and basil I will need winter.... )

--Going out to search for barberries. (And if you can't find them there are substitutes to use unless you encourage your produce manager to stock them. (Sometimes bad cherries, or dried cherries or dried cranberries and lime. )) You will also be looking for umeboshi plums at your Asian market.

--Finding a greengrocer that is willing to provide you with baby endive, baby plum tomatoes, purple sprouting broccoli (no regular broccoli in this book), black garlic, sorrel, seedlings, seeds and many more. (Maybe you stay in an area that has accessibility to this type of produce, but a majority of us do not possess that luxury. )

--Embracing nasty flavors (not excessively nasty, but complimentary bitter. I actually don't want to frighten you off.... It is usually in the form of brassicas, other greens and some root vegetables. )

I am not talking extremism here, because there is a gentleness, a coaxing, involved in these recipes; nothing in excess (well, other than the herbs); an invitation: What can somewhat of bitter green hurt you? What can cups of beautiful herb leaves hurt you? Exactly what do a new tart berry, or some kind of new ingredient hurt you if it is done as a complimentary flavor? What can bold, lively colors hurt you?

Did you like his first book "Plenty"? You will be so pleased with this new one! Ottolenghi got you to get comfortable with vegetables in his first guide; in this one this individual helps you own them. He--and his restaurant co-workers--have blossomed, and surged forward, and taken charge of the vegetable world; dried beans and beans and eggs, too. They experience it and cozy up to all the possible flavors--then help you to do the same.

Dimensions are usually in both US/Imperial and metric. Page layout is not hard for the eyes to follow. Type style and size are easy on the eye. Photos are many and superior (in all ways).

There are too many great recipes for me to start out calling them out. It is best to take a browse through the "Look Inside" feature on this product page. It shows you many salad quality recipes from the "Tossed" section of the book. Arriving so near to The fall of and American Thanksgiving and everybody's Holiday Season, I actually could not help but picture so many of these beautiful dishes within a Holiday table. Lots that can be made ahead of time, and they are stunning to behold.

In this article are really my notes, if you'll still can't choose whether or not to include this to your selection: (You know you can end reading any time, may you? )

Simple, beautiful, luscious:
--Celery salad with Feta and Soft-Boiled Egg, with lime segments, capers, chiles and cilantro.
--A touch of fish sauce on pomelo.
--Quinoa a part of salads: Sour apple and celery root with lemon, chile and cilantro; cannellini beans with parsley, mint, scallions and lemon.

Worth the price of the book:
--The technique of starting to caramelize sugar, then adding halved fresh figs, then continuing the process. He does it in a non-stick pan. Does it with oranges, too.

**I received a momentary get of this book from the publisher. Having it in hand for the past few months, I am going to have to let it go now. But I actually will be putting a guide order together soon, and this will definitely be on my list! EDIT: I actually purchased this book from Amazon, and you could see the "Verified Purchase" tag at the top of this review., Fantastic book! I actually have four of Ottolenghi's books, and I’d have a terrible time picking a favorite. This and Lots are vegetarian. Jerusalem and Ottolenghi are omnivorous. Just about all are wonderful. He’s absolutely the best with produce.

Pictured below:
1) Pink Grapefruit and Sumac Salad – p20. This is such a crisp and refreshing greens. This was supposed to be a level showier pink and purple dish, but my grocer doesn’t carry purple Belgian endive. Probably you’ll be luckier. Penzey’s carries sumac if your store doesn’t.
2) Eggplant with Black Garlic – p158. This is my favorite available so far. So deliciously earthy and rich. If you haven’t acquired black garlic before, the mind feels very soft, similar to when you roast it. You want smooth, although not defeated feeling.
3) Fava Veggie Spread with Roasted Garlic herb Ricotta – p222. Work spread! The fava beans take some mindless time to skin, but it may be not difficult in any way.
4) Tomato and Roasted Lemon Salad : p54. This is wonderfully fragrant! The lemons are blanched and then thrown in olive oil, a little sugar, salt, and chiffonaded sage, and roasting a bit. The integrating of that lemon with tomatoes, pomegranate, onions, and herbs is absolutely marvelous. I adore this salad.
5) Tomato and Watermelon Gazpacho – p90. This kind of refreshing combination! I actually never would have thought about pairing those, but it makes sense. I actually always put a touch of sugar in my marinara to balance the acidity.
6) Carrot and Mung Veggie Salad – p169. The particular beans are flavored with a cumin, caraway, fennel oil, with garlic and vinegar. The carrots are slightly sweetened and caramelized. The sharpness of the feta rounds it out so nicely. Great salad!, Right after his ground-breaking, veggie-centric " Plenty, " which to me was one craveworthy veggie, grain, and/or fruits dish after another, We would never have thought that Ottolenghi could do it again, but he did! His delight in the abundance of opportunities that veggies and other non-meat ingredients offer is obvious in his colorful and insightful headnotes. Unlike " Lots, " which was organized by veggie type, this one is organized by cooking method: we improvement from " Tossed" through " Sweetened" with nine techniques in between. I actually find the recipes highly accessible for we home cooks: some have lots of ingredients, but could possibly be just a teaspoon of this and that: he enjoys to cook veggies simply. The vast majority of ingredients are also accessible, with the possible exclusion of sorrel (unless it grows in your garden), umeboshi puree and " buna-shimeji (brown beech) mushrooms. " Substitution suggestions would be appreciated for people as well as marrow squash, Medjool dates, one pandan leaf, and orange blossom water. Also manuka darling, which I found on Amazon (expensive! ). Panch phoran, no problem, I actually found it on Amazon . com, and it's incredibly inexpensive! All recipes are given by volume AND weight. Kindle format review: almost all recipes with color photos. Clickable TOC, index, embedded recipes, so 5* for Kindle formatting as well as content: I am writing this on a Tuesday, and I cannot wait for my Farmers' Market on Saturday so that I can start to try the quality recipes., I have all the Jerusalem, Ottolenghi, Nopi, and Plenty books and I actually loved them a as they each had something new to offer. Plenty Even more felt like a 10th follow up of a what began out to be a good movie and your don't remember beyond daylight hours 3rd sequel. It really attended a reach on combining odd ingredients and some that even conflict in season. Bring back those surprises of the prior books., Great book!! I actually cook mostly vegan and you could definitely tweak the quality recipes to fit your diet and preferences. I also own Ottolenghi's other guide 'Jerusalem' and converted many of the (amazing!! ) recipes to vegetarianism. Motivating classic recipes, beautiful images, and flavors that remind me home.

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