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While I've been a lover and follower of Eileen Hyatt's blog for a long time, I did not receive a free copy of Platform. I actually confess, as much as I like his blog, I wasn't going to buy the book for two reasons:

1. Prior to the launch of Program, he mentioned much of the content was reworked material from old blogs (which I assumed I had developed read previously).
2. Since I educate others how to get started on their own blog, I am already up to my eyeballs in information of this sort.

Therefore, I believed I would hold off and delay until I could get a copy at the library.

Incidentally, I actually bought the book the afternoon it launched, swayed by all the 5-star reviews, enticed by the free gifts he offered during launch week and intrigued by his launch process, that we wanted to watch first hand (you just never know when that information will come in handy).

I use read the book in full.

Below are a few of my thoughts, in no particular order:

-- Overall, his tone is very stimulating and inspiring. I've read other how-to books in which the author seems arrogant and condescending, leaving me feeling discouraged and inept by the finish. That was not the case here. By the end, I actually was rearin' to go!

-- He makes a strong case for learning the ins and outs of social media as a way to grow your business, even though you don't have a lot of computer background, or if you feel theoretically challenged. I am also self taught so I actually wholeheartedly agree. As he or she says, the best way to learn, is to join in and go for it.

-- He or she talks about the value of having a blog (or website) which acts as your home base online. I wholeheartedly accept this point as well. Nevertheless , like so many others, he doesn't go into great detail about exactly *how* to get started on a blog other than to supply tips such as " I actually recommend a WordPress. org blog. " On the other hand, he will go into great detail about starting a Twitter accounts and he devotes several chapters to using Twitter effectively (see below).

-- When viewing his numbers, it can worthwhile to note, even though Hyatt started his blogging and social mass media journey like many of us (with little backdrop knowledge), he has had considerable advantages which I actually think have helped his online existence grow so well. He is graced with connections to recognized and very influential people (great for interviews, endorsements, etc). It also does not hurt as the Chairman (formerly the CEO) of one of the largest publishing companies in the Oughout. S. To be certain, this is well earned, and his experience is vast. Clearly, they have worked well very hard for many years to develop a huge network of excellent connections. He definitely makes no guarantees if you use his tips, you will reproduce his results, but I do think it is helpful to look at those results with his background in thoughts. I appreciated seeing his hard numbers (great transparency), but even though my numbers don't come near to his (and I've recently been at this for many years too), I need to look for upward trends, not specific numerical benchmarks, which would indicate growth.

-- It is true, much of the book content is reworked posts you can find for free on his blog. I found me personally thinking many times, " Oh yeah, I remember reading this... " In case you're not already acquainted with his blog and may feel as if poking around there to see what he or she has written in the past, it can probably worth having all the info packaged perfectly.

-- He offers a lot of tips for Twitter but doesn't speak about Facebook, Google+ or any other interpersonal media platform (except to mention he's not a huge fan of Facebook). Clearly this is because they have had the most success on Twitter, which is understandable. But to those reading, it's important to know who your audience is before assuming Twitter is the spot to be. Their target audience might be on Twitter, but if your target audience hangs out on Facebook or Pinterest more than Twitter, you ought to be on Facebook and Pinterest, not Twitter.

-- True to Michael Hyatt style, the book is packed with helpful, actionable tips that will help anyone who wishes to become active and effective in social media.

Beginners may get overwhelmed. There is certainly a lot of excellent information, but if you try to take it all in at the same time, likely to want to run for the hills! Tackle it in small chunks and implement his tips as you have the time. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. It really does take a long time to get established and start seeing results.

I can't remember if he said it explicitly in the book, but I would include, ideally you will dive into social mass media *before* you have something specific to say or sell, not *when* you have something to say or sell. Hyatt's right, it's all about human relationships these days, so the sooner you can get those relationships started, the better. Then, if you choose have something to say or sell, you can make use of what you've already founded.

Overall, it's a great reference that I'm certain I'll be returning to again and again., Through this book, Michael Hyatt on their own changed my views about social media.

Hyatt's depth of knowledge, his practical tips, and examples that resulted in his own success make his concept compelling. Yet, he never talks down to the reader. I had never heard about Michael Hyatt until I got his book. I actually was just buying a way to believe that social mass media was worth my while, and a method to get some " science" for how to use it. Hyatt's book provides all of that, and more.

For those critics who note that Hyatt lifted some of his weblogs to create the book, I'd say: Right! As experience creators, we ALL snitch stuff from our stash! But the original blog is amplified, updated, polished, and organized into context for the book. I would add that I've read some parts of the publication over and over again; not because the content is difficult to understand, but because it takes much practice to completely implement what he's suggesting.

Constantly remember how long ago I bought this book, but I keep going back to it. Honestly, I went from thinking that social media was only a bunch of dribble to believing that interpersonal media is vital to getting your message out there if you have anything--anything at all--to say or sell.

I handle all of my books very, very gently. But I have just plain over-used this book. And, I am beginning to want one copy at home, and one in the office!, If you have a product, idea or cause to promote, according to Michael Hyatt, the author of Program, first thing you need to do is get yourself noticed, which is not a fairly easy task in the modern complicated and busy world. Through his book Program, Hyatt provides his visitors with the trail map to guide them to success by elevating their online existence using his many years of personal experience in the social media and blogging arena.
Building from the basis of offering a product that contains value, and expanding your vision of how far your product or message can take you, Hyatt creates confidence in you through his breakdown of every step of the process. Platform scans like a how-to guide that could be followed by the least-likely-to-be-social-media-savvy of us all. No make a difference what your level of social mass media knowledge, there are some things to learn in every part of this book that can be read by individual chapter as it applies to your situation or from cover to cover to obtain the big picture. Every aspect of this book has a measure of timelessness because it is not only a book about social media marketing, it is a book about creating a place where anyone’s voice can be heard and where others can hook up to that voice and join the conversation. It truly is participating in the ultimate form of electronic communication made available through the venues of social media where anyone can influence a move in the belief system of any given product or cause.
Hyatt has given all of us the handbook to almost eradicate the necessity for traditional marketing strategies that once were the only known path to business success. Through gathering a “tribe” of followers with like ideas and goals, the author guides the reader to how to maintain that connection with them, creating conversations that will gather more to the group and increasing the effect that they have obtained through their social mass media presence. By building a company brand, you engages with his tribe and creates recognition across all kinds of social media. Making use of websites, blogs, Facebook, and twitter, the reader learns to strategically post content that will garner more followers and create more buzz about their brand.
Platform is an invaluable tool for everyone with a message to promote – from a new business to a fresh ministry, herein lies the formula to successful marketing utilizing social media. We would highly recommend this book to read and reread if you are in pursuit of being heard in the current noisy world.

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