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This book is a guide for patients open to considering multiple perspectives on Male fertility treatment and exactly how they can be used in live show. I will be inspired by the mutual respect of the authors and am thinking about continuing my research in this area of TCM partnered Western Fertility Therapy., Helpful book for individuals who are ready to be parents, I run several fertility journey support groups in-person and online and we have collectively read pretty much every virility book out there. Now i'm also a contributor to  Still a Mother: Journeys Through Perinatal Bereavement   -- a spiritual support book for the fertility journey -- so I understand from a writer's perspective what information is helpful (at the very least to me) to be conveyed. " Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy" obtains five stars because it has excellent science-based research, blends the Eastern and Western perspectives on virility, and is user-friendly. I find this book easy to dip into as a resource, as well as being read from cover to cover. I hope the authors will continue to update the book as new findings about virility are discovered. This is a must-have for individuals who are beginning to take into account conceiving and for individuals who are already well on their quest., I wish I could give more than 5 * ratings. This book is so that awesome. Simple, plain, easy language to understand. Very well explained Ovulation process. It has all the small, big information which u will need to know when you are seeking to conceive and it has info about after getting pregnant too. Me personally and my husband both luvv luvv this book and highly recommending to other people definitely. Stephanie is a very great acupuncturist too and has a vast knowledge about herbs also. A must buy and must must read this book., I wish I had read this book in years past when I tried to get through " The Infertility Cure" and " Making Children. " It would have saved me a lot of time and guilt (for wanting to get through those books, but having difficulties because I found them very dense! ). This is a very attentively written and compiled source addressing fertility issues from both the Eastern and Western standpoint. I treasured the introduction to oriental medicine, balanced with the perspective of western medicine-- and yet agreeable. Folks struggling to conceive are often ready to accept whatever strategy it will take to find success. This book filters through all the snuff out there and lays it out systematically and simply in a format and tone that are easy to digest. Also i think the part on pregnancy health is valuable for incorporating all the weather of the book in addressing future self-care. Very good book!, For women with PCOS trying to conceive is a difficult topic... That us why I am thrilled to have read Dr. Shahine's book... it offers new concepts of Eastern medicine married with practical approaches of European Medicine enabling a full mind and body strategy. It also breaks down the varying methods, rendering it easy to understand and making the process of conceiving truly empowering and approachable!

Knowledge is strength and this book is truly filled with everything you need to know to make you journey to and through pregnancy a success! For those who have polycystic ovary syndrome and are fatigued of things that dont work,
I recommend reading this book and opening the doors to better health, ideas and methods for receiving a successful pregnancy!!, Read this book if you are trying to conceive! Typically the authors are experts - one in the European medicine approach to virility treatments, and the other in Eastern medicine approaches to fertility. They give a very helpful overview of what you can expect from either approach, and also on the value of integrating the two approaches. As a Yoga for Fertility teacher, I believe it is crucial to have this understanding and appreciation for both approaches, in order to make the best selections for yourself, especially when you are experiencing challenges on your journey to parenthood. The authors provide this important information in a way that is straightforward for anyone to understand, and even provide some tools for self-assessment. The information in this book is a great adjunct to a yoga for fertility practice!, This short e-book (yay! ) is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to get pregnant. The authors describe how eastern and western medicine can be used separately or with each other to help you build your family in simple, clear language. I've had acupuncture treatment before, but I had never discovered any of the science behind it, which book does a great job of describing the hows and the whys. I also treasured the many references to peer-reviewed journal articles who have examined the ways asian medicine can enhance virility (great for all you cynics! ). We would definitely recommend this book to anyone trying to get expectant.

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