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This was a captivating, very uncommon book. I read it a couple months in the past, and am still considering about it. I discovered a lot about Afghanistan and Rory Stewart. The particular weaving of history with the inclusion of bits of the historical journal of Afghanistan's first Mughal emperor whose steps Stewart followed, added another degree of fascination and depth. Stewart is not only an articulate, gifted article writer, but also an unusually spirited person with an almost uncanny sense of your survival. However, his need to push on occasionally, dangerously exhausted, in the face of life threatening danger introduced a psychological dilemma that I grappled with on several occasions, trying to puzzle out this most unusual man. I actually was also moved by his relationship with your canine he adopted early in his journey., I remember reading this book a decade ago and it transformed my view of the Middle East. I lost the book in a move, but I just reordered a copy for my husband to read. That's how deeply it has touched me. Also today, I can still close my eyes and see the imagery of Rory's travels. It offers made me believe in the kindness of people, despite a raging duality -- even cruelty -- delivered on by a harsh reality. It is a wonderful read for anyone who wishes to discover the area... through someone else's eyes, as I performed given the fact that current affairs have made it impossible to ever before experience it firsthand. This specific is not a " soft" read and it is at times belly wrenching, but it is well worth it., Experiencing every step of the journey. Rory Stewart's perceptive acceptance of a foreign world, leaves me banging my head in appreciation. I'm reading the publication slowly, a chapter every few days. The author's desire to understand and experience things around him or her, overtakes his sense of self preservation. The publication gives us an information into the journey of an incredibly kind, courageous and intelligent human being. His book has given me a window into the way things are in Afghanistan, and showed me a little of the organized hierarchy within village life., If you like journey books and want to learn something about the various villages and Afghanistan people from a micro degree, I do believe you will enjoy this book with regards to a young Scott who desires to walk the width of Afghanistan. It is a more a micro version because although there are broad references to the Ruskies occupation, Talaban, the Upper Alliance and the Karzai; the book is more about Stewart's personal interactions with individuals along the way. You will find more references to the preceding travels of the Muslim conqueror Babur who traveled Stewart's designed path than the overall state of Afghanistan; however you get a genuine picture of the home life of many of the Afghan's whose Islamic religion encourages them to welcome strangers and promote what they have. There are descriptions of many communities destroyed/damaged by the Talaban, including mass executions, and the effects of Ruskies attacks. There are interesting uncertainties concerning the devotion of some village/area frontrunners who were once Talaban and could still be in some cases. many switched sides based on what benefited them realistically, Stewart is periodically questioned but carries on through letters of introduction. I actually do wish he previously provided more detail on the lifestyles of the Afghans of different villages and their customs and family interaction but it was a fast paced travelogue more focused on his physical challenges to the environment and his own tolerance to limited food many times made available from very poor families. I performed find his interaction with a huge mastiff engaging although the animal was not conditioned for the quest, he apparently filled a void for companionship that Stewart avoided during his walkathon. it is a fast paced read and a more narrow view than some readers would expect but I was impressed that Stewart was fluent enough in the language to converse easily across the country and that he had the physical endurance to complete the travels. What was a depressing picture of this war torn country was a encounter with land mines is when Stewart asks a town if the land puits they were avoiding were left by the Talaban and the villager claims "no they are our bait but we forgot their locations".
Ppppp, This is a tale of a journalist / historian walking on ft . across Afghanistan, and an homage to a previous trek done by an historic ruler. An amazing account, that you wont think. The things Stewart got to undergo are mind boggling, from 6 feet of snow, to fatigue, to near starvation. This specific account could keep you estimating what will happen next. It also gives one insight into the cultural perpsective of then Modern Day Afghanistan (2003), how this individual dealt with stubborn elders and xenophobic villagers will really give you a socio cultural perspective of the world he was traveling in. A great read., This account of the author's walk across part of Afghanistan in 2002, right after the US ALL had moved the Taliban out of power in much of the country, is most interesting. Great materials it is far from, but the company accounts of his interactions with the various tribal and sector chiefs is vision opening. These insights are helpful as we try to understand what goes on in this turbulent time in Afghanistan., Very memorable, affecting account of a young man trekking through Afghanistan, who he met, what took place. It was fascinating, and I was sorry in order to was over. This publication is a keeper.

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