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Years back, I stood in Lake View Cemetery for my uncle’s burial. After the committal, I wandered around the cemetery and noticed some famous names, like Rockefeller, Garfield and Chapman. I didn’t know much about the Ray Chapman story then, but now I do thanks to this brilliant bit of football history. “The Pitch That will Killed” produces in life the story of the one frequency, of over 25 mil big-league pitches thrown to batters, which killed a man. The book is thoroughly researched, vivid and well-written. It is a horrifying, heartbreaking story, but from the tragedy emerged the Indian’s triumph in the World Series and also this outstanding book., Most football fans know that Ray Chapman is the only major leaguer player killed with a pitch. Many can name Carl Mays as the pitcher. The popular story of both players is the story of just one pitch. This book floods in the background: their teams and teammates, fans and competitors. The past becomes less one dimensional.

There are a few Kindle formatting problems, but not so many regarding be a thoughts., This is a very enjoyable, easy-to-read book, with several stories wrapped upward in one. At it can heart is the loss of life of Ray Chapman, the Cleveland Indians star shortstop, hit on the mind by a pitch from New York Yankees celebrity pitcher Carl Mays during the heat of a pennant race involving both teams. Vivid portraits are painted of both men: Chapman, the beloved All-American boy and team head, wed only recently to the daughter of a wealthy Cleveland industrialist. Mays, the unorthodox underhand pitcher disliked by both teammates and adversaries. A 3rd key player (pardon the pun) in this drama enters late. Joe Sewell, a Cleveland minor leaguer fresh out of the University of Alabama, called upward to change Chapman. He overrode an initial crisis of self-confidence to help lead the team to a pennant, beginning a job that would land him in the Baseball Hall of Popularity. Author Mike Sowell also offers us a glimpse inside baseball, then a comparatively young sport about to take off with Babe Ruth and the Roaring 20s. Physical fights between players and umpires. Gambling--and not simply at the 1919 World Series. The particular not-so-glamorous lives of ball players a century ago. Anyone considering baseball history would love this particular book, the more so if you happen also to be a fan of the Cleveland Indians., This is actually the best book of baseball history I have ever read. And I've read lots of baseball history. It's a great story way above and beyond " the only major leaguer killed by a pitched ball in history". It provides you an appreciation of many characters. Not just Mays and Chapman, the primary protagonists. But also Ruth and Tris Speaker and many others. Really informative and really moving. Only a great book., An engrossing and fascinating story of the tragically sad conclusion to the life of one of baseball's most popular players Ray Chappie Chapman. The book chronicles the 1920 pennant race in the American League and brings to life the personalities of greats like Tris Speaker and his Cleveland team that beat the Girl and his Yankee team despite the death of their shortstop in August.
That is a little known story that grabs your heart because you know that no matter how much you expect a change in the historical record, Carl Mays the person that every person found easy to despise was still going to throw a pitch that killed the beloved Chappie.
It is exciting to read about the personal loss to his teammates and the emotional havoc that it created for them in human terms. Yet we have to feel that Chappie was still partying when the pennant is clnched in the form of rookie replacement May well Sewell who takes it on himself to convey the spirit of the fallen leader.
This can be a book that captures baseball in the early 20th century and makes the game and personalities of the players inriguing., This really is a fantastic and serious work of history as well as a fun baseball book. The particular pennant race of 1920 was one of the best down-to-the-wire competitions in baseball history and Sowell captures the excitement beautifully. The hard work and thorough research by the author is clear throughout. The core misfortune around which the book is based is dealt with fairly and scrupulously. The human reactions and impacts of the untimely death of Ray Chapman are cogently described and very moving. The great players of the time, especially Tris Speaker and Babe Ruth, as well as the core characters Chapman and Mays, come very much alive. Highly recommend for baseball lovers or history buffs. gcm, Sadly there was the loss of life of Chapman as the subject, although, the creator did an excellent job describing the events leading up to that fateful dark day in baseball history. He then gone beyond the event and wrote about the Cleveland team’s first World Collection championship. A great read, Require a compelling story - the evil Carl Mays felling the likable Ray Chapman with a frequency - blend it with a brilliant writer, and the result is this book, one of the best-ever football reads.

Sowell manages to transport the reader back to the time in which the story takes place (1910s and 1920s), while still allowing the adventure to play out without clutter or unnecessary writing. Unlike the many one-dimensional portrayals of Mays contained in other works, Sowell chemicals him as a complicated character, a great pitcher who obviously battled some emotional issues. The loss of life of Chapman doesn't need to be dressed up to be heartbreaking, and Sowell presents the situation in a straightforward manner.

From the first page to the conclusion of the book, it's difficult to find fault with something. Just a compelling story told by a great writer, this is a book that any fan of baseball should read.

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