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Click is Pistol's dad, and received more pages in Mr. Kreigel's biography of Pistol then Pistol's professional career and the players, coaches, staff and execs he played with. Indicate Kriegel is the author of one of my personal favorite sports biographies, Namath.

"Lost amid the celebration of Pete's game was the proven fact that LSU, suffering from overconfidence and sunburn, somehow managed to lose to Yale in the competitions championship round. Nonetheless, by now, championships seemed almost pedestrian in relation to this real-life myth. All anyone would remember was the Pistol, a boy who transformed mere headlines into encomiums. Consider the January 6, 1970, edition of America's newspaper of record, the New York Times: 'Maravich Is Hailed as Basketball Artist. '" Coming from Pistol, lifespan of Pete Maravich by Mark Kreigel.

This would have already been a great learn to this book, but it was page 162. The starting was a chore. If you want to read a hilarious and interesting guide about 1970's professional basketball, check out Terry Pluto's Loose Balls. Pistol Pete Maravich was cut from the ABA cloth of crazy personalities, even though he payed in the NBA, although an development team, the Jazz of recent Orleans. Pistol believed in UFO's, he drank a lot despite having an organic diet filled with vitamins. Pete drove fast, really fast, he was into karate, and above all else, the inventor of Showtime. I would have liked volumes on this Pistol, and the people around him.

Gun Pete Maravich lived a brief, influential, exciting and thrilled life.

I like that Mr. Kreigel included Pete's sons, Jaeson and Josh. I found the REAL tragedy in the lack of respect Josh received from Coach David Brady as a 4 year LSU walk-on. Trainer John Brady sat Josh for most reason then his name being Maravich. This egomaniac Brady illustrated his character on Senior Day when LSU hosted Vandy at the P-Mac (the stadium given its name Josh's father). In the game LSU easily defeats Vanderbilt 81-69. The only mature that would not play was Josh Maravich. I are unable to imagine how a mentor, coach, leader of young men could handle a child and team like this, but it will help explain why he is no longer coaching SEC basketball. I might NEVER let my son play for a, using the word loosely "man" with the character of David Brady. And if there was a reason the young Maravich should not have been allowed to play, he then should not have been shamed by dressing and riding the bench for four years.

Mr. Kriegel is a marvellous writer and reporter. Pistol is very well researched with a few dozen pages of information and references in the back.

I loved the grit and emotion in Mr. Kriegel's novel Bless Me, Father. It also captures NYC basketball as well as the assault of boxing and the complex relationship between a father and son. We highly recommend it., Pete's life has always fascinated me, as has his untimely death. I want to thank the writer, Indicate Kriegel for writing this outstanding biography. As good written that I could " feel" Pete's angst! The particular section at the conclusion covering his children's basketball experience and how much they missed their Daddy, brought tears to my eyes.

Being a WVU Mountaineer fan, I never understood until looking over this text, Gun Pete's need to attend WVU! Though the author do mention Hot Rod Hundley in the text, he or she did not mention what I look at the obvious comparison between the two players: The fact the Hod Rod was Pete and much more ahead of his time. (By the way, on page 49, Hot Pole is from Charleston not Clarksburg)

At age 56, I still can not believe he averaged 44+ points each time he performed a game for LSU, without a 3-point line!
May be that past LSU Coach, Dale Dark brown, did some research, and that with a 3-point line, Pete would have averaged 53 points per game!!!

Dr. Stanley E. Toompas, Optometrist
& Author of " I am the One the Other Isn't", This is Complete and generally well-written story, which adds unnecessary profanity. The change and freedom that came for both Press and Pete when they turned to Christ brings joy from such tragic circumstances. The closing is a surprising final distort., In the world of basketball, Pete Maravich was the bridge between Frank Cousy and Magic Johnson and in many ways Maravich was years in front of his time. He legitimized fancy passes, slight of hand dribbling and phenomenal shooting in the college or university game during his years at LSU. His collegiate rating records will probably as durable as colleges play basketball. Especially with the current one and done rule for exceptional freshmen.

But there was also a dark side to Pistol Pete Maravich and in this excellent, almost dual biography of Pete and his father, Press, Indicate Kriegel is not scared to research the grim reality that was Pete Maravich. From times Maravich appears like a basketball version of the biblical Job--a man tormented by a domineering father, saddled with an intoxicating mother who committed committing suicide and other assorted maladies. According to the author, Maravich almost staggered through his storied career. He was disliked by his black teammates on the Atlanta Hawks, he experienced from mono, Bell's Palsy, a variety of sporting activities injuries and nightmarish ingesting bouts that left your pet almost dead over a pair of occasions. And yet, if he was on his game, Pistol Pete was something to behold.

Kriegel also raises an interesting question that has started debate since Maravich's enjoying days. Is basketball about winning or is the game about entertaining the group. When Pistol Pete went into Showtime wining or losing paled by comparison. It was about the show. And now the game desires more and more players who are able to perform as well as play. If that's good for the game of basketball is a question still available to debate.

The book is spoiled only by an excessively long last section on Pete's sons and their attempts to play college or university basketball but all in all this is a highly readable portrait of just one of the most fascinating figures who ever walked on to a basketball court.

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