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Even if you don't play poker, this can be a great read. If an individual do play poker, an individual will absolutely gain in your game. Easy to read, very excellent. This does not discuss the overall game itself, it's purely about reading, and protecting against oneself from being read. Do not pass this up., Together with books like these I actually often get the feeling that will there isn't that much details to pass along therefore the author has to protect them, repeat information, plus otherwise fatten up the book. An interesting body language book would be the investment than this., I will be a recreational player that will loves playing, reading plus learning about poker. I actually have always heard that you should "look for tells". The particular only problem with that will advice is no person ever before explained what precisely to watch out for and let alone exactly what it means. Therefore , I actually really didn't have ANY KIND OF idea what to be especially looking for.

Properly, those days will be right behind you if you find out the information in this book. I am nevertheless a "reading tell's newb", but I now really have a lot better idea of what to be watching for. I have played in a few house games since reading the book and it is amazing the number of tells the other players emit as soon as you put this book's advice to work at the tables.

The book isn't very magic and will consider some work to learn how to internalize the advice May well Navarro teaches, but that should more than pay for itself. I have only see the book once plus have taken two second place finishes and a single "chop" in my final three games... coincidence? Possibly, but putting this book's advice to work will add an interesting advantage to determining how to beat your opponents. Which, in the end, is what it is all about, right!

If you take pleasure in reading about poker technique, then you should love this book., Combine this guide with the Mike Caro book, memorize both and then learn to seamlessly apply concepts from both plus you will make advances and bounds in your game. Joe lays out the technical, yet an easy task to understand, details on the physiology and what to look for... Phil is able to integrate this into examples and just how to make the move.

Even if you don't read the whole thing, every section can standalone if it has to., This may be seen as competitors for Mike Caro's excellent _Mike Caro's Book of Tells_ nonetheless it is much better viewed as a free work, covering different elements of the same theme.

Before we discuss the dissimilarities between the two, we have to mention the look at that tells are not very important. That look at, promoted by folks because prominant as Daniel Negreanu, is simply wrong. Whilst tells might not exactly help an individual very often, a explain to can win an important palm for you or keep you from losing a extremely large number of chips. As lengthy as tells exist, because Mr. Negreanu will openly admit, they don't must be seventy per cent of the game (a bizarre claim made by the authors of this book)to be important.

This book, in comparison to the Caro guide, analyzes very basic neurological reactions, honest tells. In comparison to the "weak implies strong" theme of the major tells in the book of tells, this book teaches you to observe often subtle but practically always honest indicators of a player's confidence at a particular moment in period. The most important portion of this book is the section on not _giving_ information.

The flaws in this book include the previously mentioned claim that poker is seventy per cent driven by simply reading tells. Most others involve Mr. Hellmuth and his ego and the sum of extraneous bragging that will is done by each authors., Well, trying to learn about all elements of the game, I needed to find out more about poker tells.

Of course I possess seen Mike Caro's guide of poker tells, that is a good a single but somewhat aged, and am wanted something fresh. So when I came after the pdf-copy of this a single, I took a appearance. And it was therefore good that I failed to hesitate a moment, I actually came in and ordered it right away...

This book is great! Joe Navarro gives his long period experience of how to study folks and be familiar with method they react and exactly why. The fine thing, about it, is that May well Navaroo is a man who gained the knowledge of reading folks not in poker games, yet in real life tough situations! It shows all about in the book. He just had to adapt his knowledge to the game, learn about the game and then place his "reading" capabilities in work on the tables, to give us the results.

This is really better as compared to anything I have find out about poker tells (and I possess read a few stuff besides Mike Caro's famous Book of Tells), trigger it is right to the point, with lots of pictures showing precisely the faces and reactions of the people, that he describes in his book, right in the same page.

I mean, for a man like me, received from Portugal and with fine, however, not excellent, knowledge of British, this really is so important! I actually can actually view the faces he talks about. And if you consider that I actually have been only a few times from poker tables (still take into account myself a student of the game), only the fact that I can protect myself from being read (there is a whole chapter about that) is crusial!

In fact, I suggest to anyone to buy this book! It costs next to nothing plus the first time you will be able to protect yourself from being study from another player (by following Joe's advices), an individual will be reimbursed the money you spent about it! Period!

One even more GOOD thing is that will this book is not too big. I suggest, let's face it, the Super System had to be big and considerable, to live to its reputation, but this a single HAD to be smaller! Who will spend his time reading through a 500-page book upon tells? I might prefer to use this time to read a book about poker instead. So this 200-page book is IDEAL in size, just as big as it had to be!

Phil Hellmuth's contribution along with his little stories is an excellent one, giving a split every now and then with some stories from Poker tables, through his long experience.

I've got one last thing to say: Tells are usually vey important for real-life poker players, cause even the best of players, even proffesionals, can't escape through giving tells to anybody who looks for all of them...

I have been watching "High Stakes Poker" the lot and I may spot tells on Daniel Negreanu, Sam Farha, Mike Matusow (this guy is very filled with tells! ), Jamie Gold etc...

But I can forget watching a particular episode: On the table, among others, was Person Laliberte, a billionaire using some of the best pros. In one palm, he watches his gap cards and is rather uninterested, since they had been nothing important. Then the flop comes and it strikes big for him, the nut straight I believe, I actually don't remember it precisely but it was the absolut NUTS! Guy and then gave an "anti-gravity tell" that it was so obvious, an individual could not ignore that in anyway! His face was calm and indifferent, apathetic, his moves smooth, absolutely nothing else showed anything, yet for anyone aware of anti-gravity tells, this a single shouted to be able to the table: I'VE GOT THE ALMONDS!!!

Not everyone noticed that and a handful of participants paid it which includes serious cash!

If a High-stakes experienced player like Person Laliberte (or Mike or perhaps Daniel etc) gives tells we can spot, and then studying tells is the next most important thing following learning the overall game itself!

In addition to "Read 'em and Reap" is the best device around to do the job!

Hey, Joe, thanks a lot from a reader of yours in distant Portugal; -)

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