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Aizen and Kimberly are true soulmate however they have some excessive baggage and bad communication between them. The particular story feels rush with some missing piece., Cherished this book, Even though I haven't finished reading this book I wish to give this review and mostly it's directed at all the negative readers I am aware Miss Theresa shouldn't as a professional respond to these negative reviews all I want to say to the people out there who have nothing nice to say my mamma always taught me if you don't have anything nice to state don't say it whatsoever quit hating you don't have to be so downright rude and disrespectful yes everybody is entitled to their own opinion but if all you can do is be mean and not give her pointers and there's no point in leaving the review at all Teresa is one amazing author she's got a talent that I haven't seen in a long time yes granted not everybody's going to as with any solitary book that's written by an author but it won't mean you have to be mean so to all of the out there who have nothing nice to say I want to be rude and bluff and leave one Superstars keep off her textbooks quit reading them if you have nothing nice to state I'm sick and tired of folks attack in nice people like Theresa and thinking they're not going to get the same treatment back granted Theresa probably isn't very going to react but me as a lover and her friend I'm never going to let you men do that to her

P. S.

Teresa you're one amazing author girl and an awesome friend maintain your head up and keep doing it good work I'll leave another review As soon as I'm completed with the guide love you, Elissa wanted what she wanted no matter of what she had to do to get Aizen. The girl was a golddigger personified. All she saw was $$$$$. On the other hand Aizen allowed himself to be dooped by a pretty package with no substance inside. He also used poor judgement in being open and truthful with Kimberly, the so called love of his life.

Kimberly was a woman who would not get disrespected, even though the lady was weak minded in regards to Aizen. Her poor decision that one night brought to the creation of her beautiful daughter and she was prepared to live her life alone.

This particular story was a fairly sweet predictable love story involving a man who desperately wants to unite his children with the woman he loves but he or she just must figure out there how to do it. This story was also about a woman determined to live her life without or with the love of her life. She just was not will be rolled over by him or his other baby momma., I actually was completely mind offered after reading this guide. Aizen hunted Kimberly just like a wolf and he wasn't going to give upward until he got her. Kimberly has standards and that's one thing the female readers can learn from this even though she felt hurt. I actually can't get over how much they fell for the other and still wanted each other. I hope there is a part 3 coming soon. This one was just as good as the first one, but better yet. lol I imagine you know I'm a true fan. Personally i think like re-reading it over again just because I want to be in lifespan of the characters. Who does ever thought that from their past (just from one night) would business lead to more. YES!!, I actually love Kimberly and think she deserves better. Aizen is one of those men who thinks because he has money and power he can have his cake and eat it too but Kim is not down for your and proves she can provide him everything another woman can't. Honestly, I wasn't convinced Aizen deserves Kim's devotion but it was compelling to see true love win out by the end., Man, I tell you men are so clueless sometimes... Aizen could save himself a great deal of trouble if he or she came clean and be honest with Kimberly from the very beginning. In addition to, to add insult to injury he brought the Elissa from Greece to the States... and in the property that you allegedly acquired for your "beloved"! Come on, what self respected woman would tolerate that!..
Kim was strong, but Aizen was her weakness... he loves her with everything in his being, but he or she just how to start how to balance the mess, he or she created out of his life.
Very good job!!, I chose this rating because of how I love the story range and the characters. Really like reading these kind of stories. I actually do recommend this and other books by this creator.

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