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We have read lots of Mia Ford books and We really enjoyed them..... We imagine this was one of her earlier works? The story is a bit flat, but what's even worse than the story is the editing..... its hard to even read some parts.... and don't get me personally started on the extra books that came with this download..... it was practically illegible!, Much less good as it could have already been. It was kind of long and drawn out but story good. The particular HEA is there, and then it begins to get angsty - a great deal. Didn't like that. That gets even longer and more drawn out. Needed some editing as well for grammar an word usage. Sweet idea. Try again., *** I am voluntarily reviewing a professional Reader Backup of this book***
I'm not really a fan of weak, doormat women who allow men to walk all over them. I'm even less fan of wishy washy men who think they can come and go as they please. Dex and Casey are certainly not the most interesting people, he will take advantage of her " love" of him, and utilizes her. I thought the story plot was pretty one dimensional and way to foreseeable. Even throwing in the little dramatic twist close to the finish did nothing to enhance this guide. Save your time and money.. this is a big NO., A great book of a workaholic and a one night thing along with his sister's best friend and THAT moment when the realisation comes ramming down 5 years later. It told and each day story of a man wanting what he needed then having to aircraft off again and not being around for 5 years and not realising the consequences of that night. Dex has worked well hard since his parents were killed and he didn't like Christmas much. He goes to see his sister and gets invited to her best friends for Christmas food. After consuming a jar of liqueur, her mother going out and his cousin off to another person's, Dex and Casey have it on with Casey losing the woman V card then he ups and leaves.

Casey is Natalie's best friend the sister of Dex and liked Dex since he stepped into the house. Once he sleeps with her he goes but she has a key........ she is carrying his child. Zoom ahead 5 years and Dex is again and shocked she has a child after days out, meals together and chats he figures out that her son might be his but he leaves again and the girl doesn't listen to him for a month.

Without going into to much as that would be spoilers can Dex overcome that she didn't tell him about Seth, his son? Will they get it sorted and have a HEA altogether or are their problems nearly starting? A great book i loved from the first chapter. It was sweet, intriguing, some uncertainty and thoroughly enjoyable. We loved Dex after he got out of his head and done the right thing. I had a few tears in my eyes with some of the energy Casey was experiencing and what she out up with. His sister and the woman new husband were nice as well and responded how I would want anyone near to me would respond. I voluntarily reviewed this book as an sophisticated reader copy, I voluntarily read an arc of this book for a fair and honest review. Xmas Eve five years in the past Casey gave her virginity to Dex. She never realized if he left the woman that night it will be several years before she found him again. Having been the woman best friend's brother. Throughout those five years Dex was busy growing the family business that got been left to your pet when his parents perished. Now he was coming again to New York for his sister's wedding. He had never forgotten Casey. Dex was hoping for an encore of Xmas past with Casey but while happy to see him, she was fairly subdued.
Casey and her friend never discussed the paternity of Casey's son Seth but Natalia knew he was her brother's child. Nevertheless it was not the woman place to tell her sibling and when her brother assured Natalia that he didn't want to promise Casey more than a few weeks Natalia kept Casey's secret. Any time Dex showed up at Casey's mom's home suddenly Casey was torn about inviting him in. Seth took after Casey appears wise but his smile was all Dex. Following an awkward short while, Dex had invited Casey out for dinner the next night then basically went out of her home. He regretted the dinner invitation immediately so he promised he would distance themselves from Casey. Just a fashion police moment here.. black dress, black tights NUDE heels? Close your eyes and visualize it... it's bad. I'm preventing my review here. This book is too good to miss. I may want to spoil it for you. It's a terrific read and definitely a keeper., Again We would have liked to possess loved this book. We really do love key baby stories. But not when you have a soft woman and a man that takes advantage of that women. I really couldn't finish this book. I hate giving anything less than 3 superstars but I had to. I couldn't even complete this book. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my sincere review., I have already been a long time fan of Mia Ford and I think this is one of Mia's best books yet. She produces great romance but with 'The Perfect Gift' the girl took the story to new heights with the most unexpected action.

Xmas Eve five years in the past Casey gave her virginity to Dex. And while Dex and Casey have a passionate night, he then leaves. She never realised when he left her that night it would be five years before she saw your pet again. He was the woman best friend's brother.

Dex is a billionaire who is building his family's company. He doesn't have time for a relationship. He is married to his job. He has been traveling for the past five years and it is now time to come home for his sister's wedding. He is a little excited since it has been five years since his night with the sexy Casey and he has not been able to think of no one since. Naturally, if he results 5 years later he wants to pick up where they left off... however there is a surprise waiting for your pet...

This story has so much more than only a playboy billionaire and an innocent incólume girl... its also more the usual second chance romance... sure it has love, heart-break and deceit but there are some tense, dramatic moments also. Good job Mia!
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