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Our 2nd year at USC, I had a falling dream whereby I hit the earth. To my surprise when I attemptedto get up, I saw me personally peacefully sleeping in my dorm bed. Holy $#! %, I will not go in the direction of the light, I still hadn't found love yet!

It never could have occurred to me that Out of Body experiences were common phenomena until I read the author's bank account of his own experience. In Perceptual Intelligence, the writer ventured where no MDs have gone before to get you seeing earlier illusions, misconceptions, and do it yourself deceptions. While not intended as medical advice and hardly the type of publication one would encounter at an ophthalmology conference, Away from Body experiences amidst other exciting mysteries of your brain are explored by ophthalmologist turned neuroscience author, Dr . John Boxer Wachler. At one point, I had to pause and ask, " Did he just steer away from to the idea that one can heal with the right mindset? " Um, yes. And by Montel's bank account, mind can prevail over matters.

Two thirds into the book, I will be acutely aware that to have an awaken PI is a good thing. At a minimum, it's your PI that gets you buckling up in the back seat to save your life and packaging TP while traveling to places where there isn't a toilet seat to save face. Bravo, BBW, for letting us peek into your brilliantly unique point of view of a mind., From: Joan Allemand < jallemandy@gmail. com>
Subject: Perceptual Intelligence
Date: October 17, 2017 at 10: 50: 08 AM PDT
To: Boxer Wachler Vision Institute < boxer_wachler_vision_institute. sr@remindmemd. com

WOW! Fantastic guide: " Perceptual Intelligence" with Sex, Religion, and Governmental policies including anecdotes as seen through our senses of

sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, plus our feelings and intuition. The particular chapters are wonderfully written and specifically address

unique topics. There is an assessment of 20 statements with 4 answers to be taken and have scored by the reader to determine his/her

level of perceptual intelligence. One's mindset and situations are decided in the positive or negative related to perceptions and

interpretations. This guide has something for everyone! It is interesting, challenging, informative, and stimulating! " Fake News" is not going to succeed against high degrees of perceptual intelligence.

THIS BOOK, by Brian Boxer Wachler, MARYLAND, IS A MUST READ! Joan Allemand, Ph. D. 10/17/17, I have read many science and put psychology books over time and I haven't seen one in a long time of this caliber. Is actually Dan Ariely, Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Goleman, and Robert Cialdini all rolled into one--with a smidgeon of Louis C. K. for biting comic relief. I now finally understand why witnesses to crimes can all see the same event but tell completely different versions of what happened. Or why apparently rationale people would spend a fortune on cat poop espresso. Or why only sincere believers see the Virgin mobile Mary's likeness burned in a grilled cheese sandwich. Or why the perceptions of some highly clever people can get so distorted they join cults. The book covers such a variety of topics--from art and aliens to sports and sex--that there is something entertaining for everyone. I particularly enjoyed how the Buddy Holly tragedy was blended into the chapter on intuition.
After having read this book, I will never look at a grilled cheese sandwich the same way ever again!, Any time my copy of this book arrived from Amazon online, I started reading and could barely put it down until I done. Not only did I appreciate Dr. Brian's sense of humor, which made me giggle aloud often, but I learned so much about how to use my brain in a more advanced and evolved way and understand and readjust my perceptions about situations and life. Throughout the guide, I greatly appreciate that he offers practical techniques and case studies that bring his concepts alive and are currently enriching the quality of my life and helping me to see my environment and the world in a more positive light. It's my go-to book to give as a gift idea for any occasion year-round., Dr . Boxer Wachler's book provides unique and updated ideas into the power of positive thinking. Dr. Boxer Wachler expertly explains to readers about our perceptions and their influence on intellectual behavior. We learn that we have the ability to use our perceptions to support unique and positive life experiences, or alternatively, life experiences that bring about less enriching final results. We discover that we can improve our " perceptual intelligence" with potentially life-altering benefits. I have had lots of interesting discussions with friends and family about the matters raised by Doctor. Boxer Wachler., Astounding. Authentic. Thought-provoking. Dr . Brian not only employed his medical skills to help me personally see better but has now shared his amazing insight to help me personally see, perceive and know myself, others and the world around me in a much clearer light. This wonderful book should be essential reading for everybody. And the little 'test' at the finish of the book is a lot of fun too. Fantastic accomplishment., This guide is a fascinating read! This impacted me on many levels. Dr. Boxer Wachler covers so much surface yet writes in a way that feels very personal and specific to the reader. He is a brilliant and funny writer. My background is in psychology, and while I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in this educational area, I walked away from this book with newly found valuable lessons that I am already signing up to my everyday life. I suggest this book!, Dr. Boxer-Wachler’s unique approach and angle of processing data allow my intellectual curiosity to maintain concentrate on this solid book. A real winner in my eyes. It combines humor with hip program of every day phrases resulting in positive decisions. The contents of the book force you to understand oneself and indicate on life from the point of view not earlier thought. It provides do it yourself gratification!!!

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