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This can be the best book I've read in years. Mr. Parry's writing brings this very frightening story right into the reader's consciousness, with his detailed recounting of the terrible events surrounding the disappearance of a Nice English Girl in an unfamiliar system.
This one ranks up with Thomas Thompson's Serpentine, as another excellent international crime saga., This specific review states everything I actually wanted to say: People that Eat Darkness is a factual account, but it is as compelling as any thriller. The narrative gallops along, with spectacular twists, turns and half-resolutions. Joji Obara, Lucie's abductor and apparent murderer, is every bit as excellent and terrifying because the fictional Hannibal Lecter... The author's discussion of the results of Lucie's murder on Tim and the rest of the Blackman family is intimate, sensitive and chilling... intelligent, compassionate. (Melanie Kirkpatrick, The Wall Road Journal), Interesting story. I actually would recommend, however it does veer off on a few tangents, which, while relevant are distracting and lengthy in some instances. Continue to glad I read it., Richard Lloyd Parry's true crime book, "People Who else Eat Darkness: The Fate of Lucie Blackman" has many elements that peaked my interest.

First, I love true crime stories. I actually had never been aware of the Blackman case, which made it an even more interesting read. It's actually surprising, since the situation seemed to have already been big international news and it's quite a horrific tale.

Second, I love stories set in foreign countries, especially ones that deal with cultural differences. This tale, centers around English Given birth to Lucie Blackman, who in her early twenties shifted to Japan to work as a hostess in the nightclubs of Roppongi. She disappeared and many months later, her dismembered body was found in a cave on a beach. A man known as Joji Obara was arrested and it led to a rather unusual test by Japanese standards.

Third, I purchased a Kindle fire edition of this guide to take with me personally on my first trip to England. It was somewhat of themed travel reading. One of our unplanned/last minute excursions on the trip was to the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight happens to have already been where Lucie Blackman's dad lived during the test and was featured fairly prominently in the guide. I love that I actually surely could visit the Isle and have it in my frame of reference.

The events of Lucie Blackman's death are terrible, creepy and bizarre. I actually found it to be completely fascinating and the book a compelling read. Although, I might not recommend this book for the easily squeamish or those that cannot handle image details, both about the homicide and the sex industry. The book goes strong into the dark side of Japan in checking out the various sex clubs and the world of hostessing. It comprises approximately a 3 rd of the book.

Equally fascinating is the last portion of the book, which explores the Japanese justice system, both through law enforcement investigation and the subsequent test. It's very different than the Western judicial system and is heavily influenced by the Japanese culture's ideas of honor and shame.

The accused, Joji Obara is a very bizarre and mysterious man. Parry spent a lot of time researching Obara as he attempted to part together Obara's life and motives. Beyond being odd, Obara was very clever and wily when perpetrating his crimes. However , this individual also stood in a culture that values the ability to blend in. His strange behavior and defiant attitude made him or her appear cocky and intense towards journalist, families of the victims and even his own defense team. The book could have just been a figure study on Ibara, as it contained a wealth of interesting information.

The only complaint about Parry's book, was it needed tighter editing. In elements, the data felt repetitive. That dragged and occasionally appeared unfocused.

I sensed this especially to be true towards finish of the book, when Parry wrote about his own bizarre communication with Obara, including threats towards author. This would have best been explained in an afterward or maybe retained to a paragraph. I actually felt like it was not so pertinent to the story.

I actually also felt like Lucie's family dynamic was talked about to death. It had been important to state the impact of her death on her relatives, but it could have been done more succinctly or retained to a particular chapter. The information felt receptive, rather than fresh.

Despite the repetition, Parry's guide is a compelling read and Lucie's story is one that must be informed.

Please visit my blog for more book reviews and a trip reviews from my England getaway!, I lived in Japan between 1994-1995 and seriously considered taking a hostess job because I heard it was easy money for easy work.

Although sometimes I regret I did not hostess while moving into Tokyo (I taught English instead), after reading this guide, perhaps it was a good thing I never did go through with the hostess plans.

Mister. Parry does a great job of depicting the way the typical Japan businessman is seen through the eyes of a young gaijin girl.... polite, bashful, unassuming, almost " doof-ish"...... it is for that reason behavior you feel safe in their world. It is exactly the reason why Lucie did (and I actually almost did), take a hostess job...... but we forget, that sometimes wolves appear in sheeps clothing.
Mr. Perry also did a great job on his portrayal of the Tokyo police and Japanese justice system and the whole way the case was handled.... once more, just like Japanese culture: thoughtful, slow and polite but eventually misguided and disorganized with
everything depending on honor, conscience and virture.

Typically the problem is that many creatures don't have honor, notion or virtue.

I would have really liked the book more if the author had spent less time on your back tale of Lucie's parents connection (we get it; they LOATHE eachother) as well as less time on describing what a twank Lucie's father was.

General this was a very good guide and will engage most readers, however, I know I enjoyed it more immensely because of my ties to Japan, familiarity with the culture and from moving into the Tokyo area., I couldn't put this book down. I actually enjoy books and shows about mysteries. I enjoy studying the process used to find someone who has disappeared. This guide is well written and an absolute page turner. Highly recommended.

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