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Prior to we travel to a foreign country, I try out to learn whenever possible about that country. This is usually the book I select to do that in addition to I am writing this specific review in that light.

The book is extremely comprehensive in addition to offers an understandable chronoligical history of New Zealand. He makes it because interesting as possible regarding a history book. Exactly what I really appreciate is that the book is factual with no judgements or bias. This individual does not editorialize about, for instance , the treatment regarding the Maori people or perhaps about the actions from the English. He has no agenda.

The book was much too long for our purposes as a tourist vem som st?r. After page 250 I did some skimming. Nevertheless, I suspect that a critical reader would find the length to be best.

My only serious criticiam is the not enough photos, drawing or paintings. Additional than a few maps at the back of the book, presently there are no visuals. With regard to example, there is not necessarily a single photo or drawing of any Maori in the book. I also would have liked some maps showing the movement of the people along with the adjustments in land ownership.

General, the book suited our purpose very well., The author assures the reader that this book is not necessarily an encyclopedia, but it will seem encyclopedic in characteristics as it covers NZ from long before man premoere appearance in that land to the present (2006). Reading this book about my first visit, I was in a be quick to get through the many chapters on pre-European background yet in the final chapters I came to realize how important all that is usually to modern NZ. The Maori culture was right here before the Europeans had been here, almost disappeared and contains now become ubiquitous within everyday life. That's the reason why the author's seemingly laborious treatment of the Maori in early chapters is very important.

But the book also provides more contemporary history on current challengs: demographic issues especially regarding Asian and Pacific Tropical isle immigration --and growing cities; environmental issues, which had been seriously neglected previously; in addition to the modern economy which requires a nimble economical strategy not required more than the many decades regarding dealing primarily with the UNITED KINGDOM. Also of importance to understanding 21st century NZ are chapters on the government; for instance , fascinating exactly how the Labour Party switched almost overnight from just what this U. S. viewer would call liberal to conservative.

Not a comprehensive guide for the casual traveller-- but a must read for anyone who would like to better understand this beautiful country., This is not necessarily an academic text together with the depth of, state, Belich's two volume history but it is not necessarily a light weight take flight by either. It is a extremely easy, though not quick and fairly comprehensive informing of the story regarding New Zealand. Because regarding its general nature you can find places where I would certainly have rather it proceeded to go into greater detail, especially in some aspects regarding political history, and it does contain some " teasing" moments, I regarding one would have enjoyed to have read a lot more about the shenanigans regarding the New Zealand First Party in the 1990s. However , it is by far the best storytelling that I have read by Michael King., Genuinely great book to read because it thoroughly information the history of NZed -- which you may still see while you walk around New Zealand. It makes the countries' internal disputes coherent to a foreigner and also offers you the background for several current policies., Well composed and good very basic background history of Fresh Zealand. As a visitor it gives you a comprehension regarding the challenges ahead for your diverse population., Great read as I was journeying around New Zealand regarding the first time.

I thought the author took a very fair and critical eye towards different periods of colonial and post-colonial eras of recent Zealand.

I also enjoyed the preliminary history towards the beginning of the book about the Maori peoples prior to the arrival of Europeans. (though I'd like to locate more information on this period)

The book definitely generalizes in some parts, yet that's to be expected once you cover a state's entire history in this specific size book., Extremely in depth account of recent Zealand. Very recommended for anyone having a passion for NZ., I am a sixth generation Kiwi, my family having 1st settled in New Zealand just 10 years following the Treaty of Waitangi. I consider myself educated and enlightened, having analyzed the Treaty at University and I thought I had a thorough knowledge regarding my history, but I only knew a little fraction of it. I have always known about Dr King's work in addition to reading his books was always in the 'one day must read' list, yet it was actually research online for my own origins that lead me to this book. As I got older I use thought more and more about my brave ancestors, who in 1850 travelled three or more months by boat to a land where there was nothing, but there wasn't nothing. I wanted to know the real story so went to the source, which is Dr King. I bought this first within hard copy, expected to have it as a research source and maybe I might pick it up in addition to read or flick via from time to period. That was the plan, yet I was hooked from the start and was absolutely surprised that a history book is actually a page turner. Inside the end I had to buy another copy regarding my Kindle so that I possibly could take it together with me when I was out and about in addition to had a spare second to read a few more pages. I use lived in New Zealand my life, as have 6th generations before me, yet I feel that I am only now knowing the real story. This should be mandetory reading through for all Kiwis. I feel so proud to become a Kiwi and understand us all as a whole now, knowing the Maori journey here and it's money history. There is a huge amount of migrants continuing and when I pick my granddaughter up from school and notice the ethentic diversity, especially from Asia I sense that this is a story that is still unfolding. The Maori came right here by waka, my ancestors and forefathers by sailing ship in addition to now immigrants are approaching by plane, but they are continue to coming and the country is still growing in addition to evolving.

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