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I absolutely enjoyed this book. It is the story of Penelope and Odysseus informed from Penelope's viewpoint after her death.
She tells her part of the story of Helen of Troy, what Odysseus was up to, her maid's actions, and the suitors who
tried to woo her during Odysseus' shortage. Overall an entertaining twist on the myth., Penelope haing been left by yourself with a kingdom to run, has to package with the suitors who sit in her corridor and eat her food. In this darkly amusing undertake Penelope's story, Atwood addresses Penelope's challenges while Oddyseus works his way home from the biceps and triceps of gorgeous goddesses and goes out the revenges of Poseidon. She is irked by the uproar her dramatic relative Helen has put in place. When her hubby returns, he and the child hang twelve of the woman hand maids the dangling of the maids hs always been a puzzling part of the legend. They really had no choice in their approval of sexual approaches. These people and Penelope present their case from Hades. It's a worthwhile re reading of the story., The myth(s) of Odysseus are brilliant and complex. A new Margaret Atwood re informs the tale(s) well, and invites us readers to open our psyches to the forgotten, the philistine, the possible, and the creatives energy that is the REAL point in our own mythic lives, always lived in the endless Now.., I was reluctant to read this, because I hated The Handmaid's Tale, but this was different. It was amusing, disgusting, and maddening, but in that way it was just like the Odyssey. What's funny is that Penelope is merely as much of a divagar as Odysseus., From the beginning of her profession, Margaret Atwood has displayed a surprise for wry (and sometimes grim) irony. In her poems, in her fiction, during the woman criticism, she hits a note of irony that is a little short of humor while eliciting turned smiles from attentive visitors. In this retelling of the events of the Odyssey focussing on the stay-at-home wife Penelope, she finds humor by contrasting the way those who have told the storyplot in its familiar, hero-based form with the way the woman heroine sees the situation and events of Homer's tale. By referring to the "facts" as you may know them from the Homeric tale of Odysseus's circuitous return trip from Troy to Ithaca, but filling in details of the actions and attitudes of the Greeks who heard and treasured his tale, Atwood makes a familiar story unusual and new and interesting.

Atwood's surprise for looking at the world "slant" has frequently taken are dystopias, beginning with "The Handmaid's Tale". Yet, in her very early works of fiction "The Edible Woman" and "Lady Oracle" she also revealed a mordant sense of humor. That wit is again main with her story-telling in "The Penelopiad. " Her skill at refocussing on familiar occasions from a feminist viewpoint, as in "Life Before Man" and "The Robber Bride, " continues to define her writing in this novel. Readers familiar with her work will enjoy this fresh take on a vintage legend. Those just getting acquainted with her writing will be moved to seek out really the woman biting wit. Recommended., For the contempoary lover of classical literature, mythology and history, the book is fun candy. This small volume shows a strong background on the par of the author and a great sense of humor., I first check out this years ago when it first arrived and liked it, but I just finished reading it a second time with my literature group, read together with Simon Armitage's dramatic retelling of "The Odyssey", and "Cold Mountain, " a somewhat updated American version of one man's Journey home after fighting in the Civil War. I mention these other publications because--although Used to do like the book the first time around--I found the "The Penelopiad" to be far more meaningful and enjoyable if it is read in context.

This novel by Atwood is the story of The Odyssey informed from Penelope's (Odysseus's wife) point of view. Atwood also gives voices to Penelope's 12 maids who are killed seemingly without reason by Odysseus and Telemachus in Book twenty two of the original story. Penelope doesn't get much face time in the original Odyssey, so it's very enriching to see all about the woman life and experiences. Becoming an Atwood book, I expected this to be a feminist take on a well-known masculine fantasy, but Penelope wasn't as strong a character as I expected (or wished. ) The chapters featuring the maids (as the chorus) nevertheless , were every bit as thought-provoking and disturbing as I've come to expect and love from Atwood.

This is apparently part of a larger "Modern Myths" series by Canongate featuring other authors retelling well-known myths from unexpected points of view. I look forward to reading more in this series., The book tells the other half of the Odysseiad story - from Penelope's perspective. The Chorus line (a feature of ancient Ancient greek dramas) puts within level - telling yet a different interpretation and perspective. Very much worth a read.

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