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Everybody would benefit from reading this book. Most of us have no idea what the AC eq in everything electric that we use on a daily basis are experiencing on our bodies and heads. This guide explains the risks in detailed and clear layman's language and how to minimize or counteract them with some products that are commonly known about.

Bryant probably knows more about this subject than just about anyone as he has spent several years researching it and has personally tested practically all, or even all, of the products on the market that provide beneficial frequencies that the human body needs.

It is known in scientific circles that the earth's electromagnetic eq are absolutely essential for the health of humans and animals on the planet. This was pointed away when Yuri Gagarin spent time in space and came back with many health conditions, some of which were not able to be corrected. For that reason, NASA and the Russians have equipped their space shuttles, suits, and so forth to provide the same frequencies as the ones the earth emits.

This particular may well be one of the main books you will ever read. This particular knowledge is crucial to maintaining good health especially as we age., With his degrees in physics and years of research and personal use of dozens of "energy medicine" devices, the author is uniquely qualified to evaluate not only the physical devices, but also the theory and research behind their operation. All too often these devices are not even understood by their developers, as evidenced by the outright nonsense of some product brochures. But not here!

Rather, the creator actually takes you a chance to establish his terms, a refreshing departure from most energy medicine books! For example , the term "frequency" is bandied about so often and so ignorantly these days and nights, it's almost embarrassing to hear it used in modern age circles. But not in this book. We begin with first principles, using the traditional 5 elements, (earth, air fire, normal water and space) as an interesting philosophical springboard into the paradigm changing implications of mess mechanics and the ramifications this has for our usual classical mechanical understanding of area of health.

As an aside, Buckminster Fuller pointed out 40 years ago that it has traditionally taken about a generation for just about any field of knowledge to adopt as mainstream the refinements and breakthroughs of that field's top rated research. For example, Fuller pointed to the adoption of the clearly superior technology of adding reinforcing steel bars (rebar) into concrete pours as nonetheless going for a generation (which he understood to be about thirty-three years) for the structure industry to adopt. Be aware that the accelerating rate of change, especially the rate of information discovery and diffusion as described in Intestinal Toffler's Future Shock, may usually reduce Fuller's earlier estimate of adoption times.

So it is not a stretch out to understand the author's point that the industry, mired in a classically based physics understanding of how biology works, could stand improvement in the accuracy of its health paradigm. Pretty much every area of biological knowledge is afflicted by the paradigm shift. Without this foundational understanding, I've seen many health books rapidly enter in the realm of unsubstantiated assertions.

So, after reading this book, you will realise why and how, despite the detrimental associated with random and uncontrolled electromagnetic fields, controlled PEMFs can positively influence human physiology. Benefits include stronger bones, improved endorphin levels for pain alleviation, better sleep and HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE levels, more energy through a stronger ATP period, better oxygenation and blood circulation, improved immunity, deeper rest and stress reduction of stress, and regeneration of nerves and other tissue. The author supports these asserted benefits with comprehensive discussion of the historical and current research.

Finally, at the end, we discover an outstanding index and bibliography. Furthermore, chapter-level source notes are included. To me, this attention to detailing source information pulls the entire publication out from the realm of unsubstantiated assertion -- a huge plus.

Meyers' refreshing approach and style, coupled with his precise knowledge of area incorporate into a very accessible, sensible and useful compendium of knowledge about this little recognized but extremely important field. I highly recommend this publication!, The author's explanation of how PEMF therapy functions as a whole body battery recharger at the cellular level was very interesting. I didn't realize there was such a powerful connection between cellular energy/voltage and health. I also carried off a lot of practical information like how to lessen electrosmog in my house. Good efforts!, A new very comprehensive book on pulsed electromagnetic therapy. Completely reviews the the physics, history and benefits associated with electrocurrents. I have owned the earthpulse for three weeks and feel remarkably better. I now realize how much electropollution i had been being exposed to. Recently received rid of the wireless phones in the house and get turning off the wifi at night. I wish i would have read this book years ago. Thus pertinent today due to all the electronics we constantly expose ourselves to. Love the book. Will certainly buy copies for family people., Great book! I've been using PEMF with my clients and for my own personal issues for almost a year now and even though I thought I realized a lot about PEMF, this book offered me new perspectives and made me personally even more optimistic about the future of this form of alternative health therapy., Hope it becomes more accepted as therapy.
Many are coming on-board for many reasons.
It makes sense- whether it works well on everyone for certain problems is still up for debate., Very useful and written in language that a non professional could understand. The information is accurate and presented very well. I would recommend it to anyone who is open minded enough to expand their horizons regarding the true meaning of into the disease., This is a complete reference for this subject. Pretty technological at times. But if that's what you would like, you have it here.

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