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I got this in the previous two weeks of my pediatrics clerkship, and the bottom line is that I'd wish I'd had it the whole time. I used important portions of Pretest, Case Files, and First Aid for Action 2 for this rotator as well, and BRS combined the best of all of them, i believe.

Here's what I love about it:
- Leaves nothing out there. It's meant to be a whole package and it succeeds. Case Files really does it's best to cover everything by working outlying issues into semi-related instances, but some information still falls through the breaks. In BRS, it's all there as you go through it
- Incredibly organized. I believe this is the key durability of BRS. You can experience whichever subjects you want, as in level as you want so that it is exquisite for both learning and review. Resources like Pretest and Case Files have little, if any business, and are somewhat difficult to use for something other than learning exactly the way it's presented.
- Top quality questions. The questions are superb, along with nearly four hundred questions that are linked into the information presented, Pretests 500 questions (and questions only) seem to be pretty superfluous.

Remember, pediatrics is a massive subject, and BRS is a large, dense book by need. But it's a fairly easy read and the impeccable business lets you go shallower on subjects that you feel confident on.

Do yourself a favor and get this at the beginning of you pediatrics rotator. You won't regret using it., PROS:
/+/ Covers the vast majority of the information that is on the rack for the Peds clerkship.
/+/ Fairly streamlined presentation of information - while it's still a fairly lengthy read, it's definitely doable during the Peds clerkship if you read a little bit every day.
/+/ Well-organized. I appreciate the way the chapters were divided, ?nternet site thought that it made sense and made it simpler to pick certain subjects to concentrate on (for example, I was capable to read the Emergency Medicine chapter before my Peds ED section of the clerkship).

/-/ Typically the book is old, with the first edition (which I used to be I bought, and until I went to review I had no idea that an updated release was on the way) being released in 2004. Several of the information is actually outdated as a result. Does that matter for the shelf (which is composed of questions that are several years old and have been phased out of the Step 2 CK bank)? Probably not overall - there may be some discrepancies every now and then, but nothing major as far as I really could inform. Just don't proceed with the expectation that it will be ideal for actual clinical decision making on the wards, though you should probably say the same about any test-prep review book.

For what it's worth, I read BRS, did UWorld, did regions of PreTest, and watched the OnlineMedEd videos to prepare for the shelf. I didn't do the ending of section questions in BRS ?nternet site found them to be less helpful than UWorld or PreTest, but if you're looking for additional questions it's an added bonus. Overall, I'd recommend BRS for everyone in the Peds clerkship. It'll work better for individuals who prefer reading about material first and then doing questions (rather than listening to advice from doing questions alone), but I could still see it being useful even for the latter type of college student if they love to have something where they can look up more shelf-relevant information about a particular disease (similar to how most people use First Aid when Action studying)., Mid way through my pediatrics rotation right now and I write it's a unbeatable source to possess. It goes above and beyond what's needed and it's probably the only source you will need for the rotator. It lacks images but it makes up for it with numerous chart and tables. I was hesitant to buy it at first but having gone through half the book I don't feel dissapointed about this at all, I am now an innere in Pediatrics and use this book for quick review and general knowledge from time to time; however when I was studying for the shelf exam, I discovered this book late and was only able to selectively read through about half of the content. It absolutely was lifeless on with high deliver topics! I made note cards off the high yield information to help digest the information, because let's face it, reading outlines info is not entertaining and efficient than reading paragraphs full of filler. This helped me to report extremely high on the shelf; all thanks to this guide. If you are a 3rd year medical student, I HIGHLY recommend this guide without reservation, even when it is the only guide you will use. I lent it to a friends when they did their Peds rotation; and whilst they disliked Peds, they still did very well on the shelf! In comparison to Pretest, High Yield, etc ... no other book compares., Used this for my pediatrics clerkship last month and nearly aced the shelf. I went through it two times (first time just reading, second time writing things down I knew I would forget) and the 3rd time I proceeded to go through the areas I thought I used to be weakest in a couple days before the shelf. It's a lot to handle in 6 weeks though so start it early. In case you just want to pass the shelf you probably don't need this book (a shorter resource would probably work just as well ie case files) in case you're looking to go into peds and want to really impress people I would recommend this one., Has everything in it you'll need for the boards and good practice questions at the ending of every chapter. Got a high score and didn't even finish going through the book. Nevertheless, it is very dense and tough to get all the way through in only 6 weeks time., Way too dense, too much to read for a 6 few days rotation. Scrapped it halfway through and used First Aid Peds., I attribute my success in this clerkship to this book

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