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It is a great book. You do not need to find out anything about bitcoin (which I did so not) to enjoy this because it's clearly described and interesting. It's a perfect storm when technology is ahead of what the law states and regulations. Bringing a outrageous west of cyberspace with greedy geeks, hackers, extortionists, corrupt agents and much more. Exciting, procedural and many surprising elements. Bravo!, Incredible guide! This was such an amazing read. From Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, to cybercrime, federal government involvement, and Japanese culture and bureaucracy, it was highly informative and more than interesting, and We learned a lot. To say this book was eye-opening would be an understatement. Gripping throughout, I read it from begin to end in one sitting. Extremely recommend it., (I also posted this review on the amazon. co. british page, where you'll see I'm a Verified Purchaser. )

A short guide on the collapse of Mt. Gox, based on the authors’ work over the past few years on the story for the Daily Beast. The particular book badly needs an editor, but does have bits worth the read. Also, it’s cheap.

Spend the Devil in Bitcoin was written with the cooperation of Mark Karpelè s, the proprietor of Mt. Gox at the time of its fall, and former Mt. Gox employees. The authors also claim documents from reporters and officials, including ones covered by NDA or legal restrictions. “I’m about as fond of Karpelè s as I am of his cats, but I do believe this individual has been dealt an unfair hand. ”

The particular worst thing about writing a book about Bitcoin for a general audience is that before you can get to the fun parts — incompetence, crooks and incompetent crooks — you have to start with detailing what on earth a bitcoin even is. They will get around this fairly neatly by quoting an IRS agent informing a judge, which I wish I’d thought of for mine ( Assault of the 50 Feet Blockchain: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts ). There’s some interesting new bits of trivia, e. g., that the kanji version of “Satoshi Nakamoto” is not from Nakamoto himself — it was made up by Momoko X, a Mt. Gox employee, for the Japanese translation of the original Bitcoin white paper.

Part two introduces Mark Karpelè s. Much of this is space-filler and becomes tawdry. The authors monitored down Karpelè s’ previous lovers: “They say this individual has the ability to ejaculate large amounts of sperm at some velocity. ” That’s more than We wanted to know about Mark as a person, really.

Chapter three covers the Silk Road, which they speak of as still existing (“That market was, and is, called Silk Road”), making out that a copycat called “Silk Road 3. 0” is in any reasonable sense a continuation of the original. They posit that there are any reasonable doubt that Ross Ulbricht was Fear Pirate Roberts, founder and operator of the Silk Road for its whole history, which there really isn’t. The coverage here of ransomware is a little glib, implying it was invented at least popularised with Bitcoin, rather than dating back to the overdue 1980s and only becoming endemic with 2015-era adware and spyware kits. There’s a disconnected story of someone seeking to blackmail Roger Ver.

Chapters 4 to 6 cover the history of Mt. Gox. Chapter four particularly is noticeably more focused and better-written than what’s come before, I suspect because it’s based directly on their work for the Daily Beast and so benefited from editing. These types of chapters are good, useful and substantial.

You’ll have first seen this material in Adelstein and Stucky’s May 2016 Daily Animal article “Behind the Greatest Bitcoin Heist of all time: Within the Implosion of Mt. Gox. ” (This item was a useful source for chapter 4 of my own book. ) They will were sent an unknown printed document dump, which they confirmed with previous Mt. Gox employees and unspecified other sources. Honestly, that is where we first learned of Jed McCaleb’s reply to Karpelè s finding the exchange McCaleb had just sold him had been insolvent: “Maybe you don’t really need to be concerned about it. ” Since Karpelè s describes in this book: “What I’d bought, though, was a lot like a cherish chest with a blast inside. ”

Chapter more effective starts with a job interview with Kim Nilsson of WizSec, the copy having been fact-checked with Nilsson. This really is short but of value. The rest of the chapter is about the problems of the Japan justice system — studies as “absurdist farces that all end with the same last word: accountable. ” It ends with a long writeup of the Oni Koroshi (“Demon Killer”) hacker case, which is decently written and makes good and important points, but left myself thinking “yes, but why are you telling myself all this in a really short book that’s supposed to be about Mt. Gox. ” It gives the impression of obtaining been recycled from elsewhere and tacked on.

The particular book was published in September 2017, and the epilogue covers Karpelè s’ July 2017 court appearance and the WizSec post-mortem on Mt. Gox. Bodily the book, however, appears to have been finished up in overdue 2016, with nobody heading through to update the story — e. g., “The purpose of Willy bot is still not completely known. Did it exist to protect up deficits or steal bitcoins? Plus who place it there? ” Of course, it was at the July 2017 court appearance that Karpelè s admitted that he’d run Willybot, to pump motor the price tag on bitcoins and make up Mt. Gox’s deficits.

Pay the Devil in Bitcoin tells a fascinating tale, though it demonstrates why publishers exist — it becomes sloppy and rambling, with multi-paragraph slabs that could do with cutting. Yet if you’re thinking about Mt. Gox, it’s got some good new stuff in it, though you’ll probably want to skip straight to chapter four., A great look at both the case of Mt Gox and the Japanese rights system. When you have wondered about the origins and background of cryptocurrencies even a little, this book gives you a taste of both.

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