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Devotion is the connection in this guide. Patron and Jose are selfless and loyal to their friendship and also to the women in their lives. Each character a new sense of loyalty however Reecey Poo & Rhondo used theirs in the wrong way. Ice is strong and her loyalty to all can be either seen as a flaw or as a strength. The particular ending set up part two and I'm anticipating how the first few handles their next move., David Weaver came back with a banger. I loved this guide Patron and Ice love them together its they have a different kind of love, This specific was a great read! Ice had me rooting for her from web page one. I couldn't decide whether Patron was crazy or stupid, but I really like the way this theatre went. I will CERTAINLY recommend this site turner to my friends, and appear forward to reading the sequel, Honestly I didn't really care for this tale... now let me toss out this disclaimer..... Its possible that I was missing a back tale to folks maybe I am having to read another story previous to this that tells a history of the characters and has all the character development that tale was missing.... with that out there the way, this was a hard read no backstory on the figures and why does it have it seeming like Patron and Ice was a couple that happened about 85% in the book and then you will find the mysterious mom that arises out of nowhere and then you have them falling in love with no type of connection history other than your pet buying what she was selling... I don't want to provide the story away but nothing made sense and.... like why was Reecy like she was towards Rhondo and whatever happened to Raina he just used her? Ice and Reecy... friends or not? There were really no relationships developed throughout the story there was no type of story that led up to things being the way they were.... Ms Lassiter?? I suggest you hiding former crackhead out with a Porsche.... Im sorry nothing about this story made sense and again maybe I am missing a book or a back story that would've helped me understand these characters more, but I felt no connection to any one and as an avid reader we want that connection. I really like your work David but didn't love this tale... I will keep reading though!, I've been a fan of some of this author's work, but this book isn't one I enjoyed too much. The plot seemed to involve a lot that happened prior to the story actually being taught so there was a lot of confusion about the relationships between figures and the vendetta's already forged. I didn't actually similar to of the figures much and the Customer and Ice relationship did not even come into play until the book was 80% over. Then, even that relationship didn't make sense because other than buying from Ice and them finding one another attractive, there didn't seem to be to be any real connection. Obviously this author is a good story teller, I just wish that one had more substance., I used to be looking forward to this book but I used to be regrettably disappointed. Very boring in the beginning I experienced to skip, which I hardly ever do, I speed read through. I won't quit, you're one of my favorite author!, Okay read... I wished it started with Reecy and Rhondo relationship and then led up to your pet getting shot, no history how Rhondo supposed to had been the man in the streets earlier to getting shot, do Reecy and Ice have a real friendship or was it only a business friendship?, Ice do sell clothes to Customer constantly but there was no storyline regarding how Ice really felt about Patron, yea Patron was in love with the woman so that made sense at the finish but for Ice to experienced said it 1st and said all the reasons why were a little far fetched to me, hated that Ms. Lattis died and still don't understand why Ice and Microsoft. Lattis wasn't staying together, Ice appreciated and cherished her so much but didn't want to live under the same roof structure together, why Reecy experienced to be so carried away it was more money on the truck if the lady wanted more instead of destroying a partnership, Jiip was wilding out and needed to be stopped, and where did Ice's mother originate from? THE BOOK GOT A NICE FLOW NEVERTHELESS IT WOULD HAVE JUST BEEN BETTER IF SOME MORE BCKGROUND WAS GIVING TO BETTER TELL WHY CERTAIN ITEMS HAPPENED IN THE STORY. STILL GOOD JOB MISTER. WEAVER AND MOVING ON TO PT second ..., Awful Read.... so the guide started off ok. I do just mean alright. The finish was rushed and was unrealistc. Girl,, Patron was so worthless and really was obviously a stalker.... like how did Ice know she loved your pet and then she saved herself for him for 4 years??? Really? Like how did she know she would ever see him again? This guide turned out to be all varieties of dumb! It ended liked it could be a part two. I will not waste my time. I will never purchase another book David Weaver.

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