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Michelson, an attorney, has written a unique and lively guide about accessing the best care in the US health care system. The foundation of the book is acknowledged as a sequence of stories of folks they have helped access care and accurate diagnosis. It is one success story after another and that certainly builds the reader's self-confidence in Michelson as a health system ombudsman. He or she goes on to advise, with the examples they have provided, on ways to get the best competent care for yourself and those you love.

I liked the book a lot and feel that it is a good primer for anyone approaching the system with a serious sickness. Many of Michelson's good examples are people with unusual conditions or hard to diagnose illnesses. Trying to find an RN for 30 years and his stories were probably more transparent to me personally than to the lay readers. Mistakes happen all the time and some conditions (especially auto-immune) are often frustrating to get properly diagnosed and treated. I was appalled by the example of the individual with psoriatic arthritis who had been not diagnosed by her dermatologist. It was evident in my opinion at the beginning of her situation study.

Michelson has a glib " follow me personally, boys! " aura to his writing that is a tiny bit conduttore. A lot of people do not have a health policy attorney to compile their health binder and bring it to the Mayo to them. I actually think his connections to the superstars in treatments remove him somewhat every day medicine experiences for the rest of us. I actually also think he yearns for one huge aspect of the health care system; the large number of folks who think they may have en unique disease and don't want to hear they have common hypertension of diabetes. Not everyone has a uncommon disease. You will find a reason for the old saying that when " you listen to hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras".

A lot of people can get a lot of good solid advice from this guide. I'd caution individuals to understand the waters of the true medical system do not part as easily for regular folks as they are doing for Michelson. I'd also ask that in an effort to be health care assertive, people not yell, scream and toss things at their healthcare workers (yes, that happens). The reality is that people do die, every one of us and no matter how assertive/aggressive you are, some outcomes are inevitable. With this caveat, I actually liked the book and think it might be valuable for those lost in the confusion of illness and treatment., Very practical recommendations about how to navigate the current medical care system which is in danger of becoming so fragmented that " the right hand doesn't understand what the still left hand is doing" so to speak. Demonstrates how to be pro-active to protect yourself from inadvertent medical errors as you navigate through the new on-line computerized record-keeping system which, unfortunately, also lends itself to difficulty in correcting problems in health history and medications. One example is that I use had to proper my list of medications more than 3 times in my PCPs system. My medical binder, suggested at this time guide, has helped me to have a paper record to compare at times when I am not at my very best. Numerous other excellent recommendations as well which help to put together a " team" of providers who will be able coordinate the best care for you., The author recommends doing far more than most people undergoing medical treatment, their loved ones and their friends can actually manage. His book would be strengthened if it included an acknowledgement of that reality, and a prioritization of his recommendations. But very much worth the read in spite of that flaw., I have read lots of books on patient-doctor interaction and ways to find new physicians as well as how to do your own medical research. This is the best book I actually have ever read on these aspects. Expertly set out, with step by step processes for getting the best medical treatment, this is the A SINGLE book everyone should have as a medical reference, This book is a treasure. Michelson specializes in assisting people get good medical care in serious or challenging illness, but his advice and strategies make sense for routine medical care as well. Many patients are so used to doing what the doctor states that they don't take charge of their own care -and thus get overtreated, ignored, or otherwise get lower than the best outcome and treatment.

Michelson blends persoanal and individual stories with an outstanding set of steps and strategies for getting the best care. Speaking up for yourself, selecting a good doctor, coordinating your care, doing research that your doctor might not have time for you to do, being a collaborator with the doctor and an suggest for yourself, and so on. And having someone else as your quarterback, the one who coordinates things and advocates for you. Plus, perhaps most important, ways to be appear like a person rather than situation when you're in the hospital.

Much of what Michelson recommends is essentially assertiveness, and he includes what amount to scripts for handling potentially awkward interactions with medical people. Thus - practical information, inspiration, and personal stories that illustrate and inspire.

If you are facing a health crisis or serious chronic condition in yourself or in someone near to you, read this book and put the steps and actions into practice. It really could save your life., Recommended by an MD, this guide is highly advised for anyone contemplating heading to the hospital. Among other things, it helps give the person who may be a patient back again their " rights" as a human to help make selections about processes, etc., Being a doctor, I actually enjoyed this guide. It offers many ideas for caring for your health and keeping away from medical mistakes. After reading this book you will not take medicine for granted. Health-related is so specialized and complicated that it's impossible to be familiar with every aspect. We need to be alert and questioning if we enter the medical system. I used to be just lately misdiagnosed by one doctor. Fortunately I sought another thoughts and opinions a few days and nights later., This book came into our hands from a friend and is actually information is extremely helpful! Not a boring read but is packed packed with information all of all of us need to find out.... It helped all of us locate the correct specialist for our daughter... Give thanks to you Leslie Michelson for writing this book!

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