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That gave me the information I needed without a whole lot of superfluous material., Fantastic read. Very enlightened about the whole patent process after reading this, Outstanding book written for the common person. It is well written and great attention to detail to help make people successful., For me I was a beginner and knowing nothing about patents this book taught me a lot and I'm not done reading it, So it took me eight days to write my PPA, night and day. About 3 nights some sleep at all. Stood up 24 hrs just seeking to be a perfectionist.

Based on my experience, and my knowledge of how important it is to do a patent application right whether its just a provisional or not, I dont 100% agree with the book saying in just 24 hrs of your time you can write a patent (and I'm certain they mean that 24 hrs can be spilt across a few days). Take your time. The book gives you almost everything you need to publish and submit your provisional.

Nevertheless, I would suggest that they go into more fine detail about how arranging online simply because I had heck with a PDF font error that kept arriving up after I uploaded my Specification file. The illustration/drawings went through fine but the full text document was a pain. The book simoly claims if you get any problems return and fix them. That's not adequate. In between my husband and me personally, we had to search the internet to physique out how to handle the situation.

To save you the trouble, i am going to explain to you how to fix the Font embedded problem that the USPTO website gives you. The website will tell you your font isnt embedded if you save your PDF FORMAT file the default way. In the event you just save the document with the options MS Word already put there you may run into to trouble.

What you have to do is click save as, save the file type as PDF, click minimum size, click options, select under PDF options " INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)". Strike ok. Then save.

Once your specifaction is saved this way, the USPTO website need the add and you will be capable to continue.

They also didnt associated with part about the Application data linen clear enough. They dont refer to actual document name which i experienced to find out for me personally. I used the PTO/SB/16 form which is the cover sheet required for the interino application. If i didnt determine to improve my statements and send another interino i would not have pointed out that I needed to submit that form just going based off of the book. Yes I did not use Nolo's system to apply because you dont have to. Additionally they let you know you can choose if to make use of their system or not. I assume thats why they didnt give you solid details on all the info needed for the uspto website, maybe hoping you'd use theirs. Thats an enormous assumption on my ending though.

Anyway, I also did a whole lot of online research before buying this book and probably half the things available i already knew but it still was a lifesaver in many other areas.

I like how they have illustrations of patents in the book. It is so helpful. Overall, the book helps you out and it is written to help you skip chapters as needed so you can bad the info you want as soon as possible. They will didnt just assume you will want to read the whole book. I also like that they are sample of contracts in there too.

The book is good but could be better. That should provide assistance with the challenges that occur with the online application process. I'd give 3. 5 stars if i could. But thats it.

Also, this book will not help jots down a interino patent application you can later convert into a non provisional patent application. It claims so itself, so if thats what youre looking for something that will help you write a patent based on the standard requirements this guide is not for you.

Remember the interino doesn't have to be like the standard and official non provisional. So it you want to write a provisional that can be used as a non provisional try a book for the non provisional., not completely worthless, but body fat way that the title is accurate. the authors try to be super adorable by giving these ridiculous examples that don't help. there is far too much non essential information that bogs the viewer down. I generally like nolo's books, but this one is well below average imho.

I'm going to get a few more books from the library this time because this book is not the one source book that it statements to be., Helped a lot and made my life a little easier!, Aided me in writing my own Application. Used to do post it through a service and they said I did an admirable job with making on one change. That will was the line numbering.

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