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First a disclaimer... I'm way, way past the demographics Dave is trying to reach with " Gathering Of One". But, I actually liked it... really loved it. It's smart and funny and self-deprecating and raw and clings gaily to its subtitle: a memoir in 21 songs.
I've always been grateful to Dork for helping me found a teen crisis prevention service in St. Paillette (KUTO.... Kids Under Twenty-One). Reading of his own struggle to find themselves in his teen years (and beyond), all the while having been giving his time and energy to help others, expands my gratitude and respect by leaps and bounds. No small thing.
I'd give it 6 stars if I'd ever heard of any of the songs or bands!, I read a lot of memoirs. Some are structured chronologically, with a lot of and-then, and-then. Others are simply stories, little short stories of absurd or tragic occasions.

In Party of A single, Holmes cleverly arranges durations of his life around the songs that could be playing on the soundtrack. That sounds like a conceit, but it works, generally because music has already been an organizing force of his somewhat disorganized life. The resulting book is funny, and sad, and incredibly relatable. Holmes and i also are roughly the same age, but he has a lot sharper memory of all the little surface details from the eighties and 90s, and a true sympathy for the closeted St. Louis kid who was terrified of being released., OK, I guess I" m borderline obsessed with this book and Mr. Holmes himself... I love the stories, the challenges, the successes and the SONGS. I spent every allowance buying 45s at RECORDTOWN at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City NY. I love ability to hear (i'm listening to this on Audible, so will that still count as " reading" this publication?? I'm going with sure. ) his voice explain to the stories...

I've completely convinced myself that we would be great friends. Or that, if we, say, attended the same college, he would say " um yeah, I remember that guy. I do believe. maybe? " in a kind, but plainly polite manner. I actually graduated high school around the same time as Dork (go Wildcats, class of '88! ), and discussed many of the same life activities (generally supportive white center class family, eventual lackluster career in media and advertising, some time at MTV (ok, it was really only the straight up and a few events, but let's go with it. )

Anyway, the book is fantastic -- it's so great to hear him write (talk) about his journey. I actually didn't know who he was from his MTV days, but rather I found out him via his new pocdast " HOMOPHILIA" (which is awesome, if you haven't listened.... ) so the MTV portion of the story was new to me... but I adored it nonetheless. The writing is hilarious, self depricating, sweet and at one point, horrifying (see: Shower Rangers). My reco should be to listen to this in his voice via clear, but I" m positive it's just like entertaining as a traditional read as well!, I loved Gathering of One by Dork Holmes. So much of what he experienced growing up a gay kid in the 80's resonated with me. Dave's reports are filled with cultural references from the 80's and 90's but are also touching and innovative. He's given voice to that younger, lonelier version of yourself that most of us have put away but have never really forgotten. I started the book expecting a light, fun read but what I found was an often profound and enlightened examination of what it means to grow up knowing that you're different... AND it was laugh out there loud funny! Just my kinda book!, It was really great to discover a lot more about a friendly face I remembered so well from my teen years of watching MTV. I actually am so glad to hear he landed on his feet and is also doing well. It was almost like catching up with an old friend. I'm glad you're living perfectly, Dave!, I pre-ordered this book so it would appear at my house the day it was released. Getting read Dave Holmes' articles online over the previous few years, I used to be excited to spend an afternoon or evening reading his memoir. I was not disappointed. His recollection of youth and adulthood reminded me of similar activities in my own life and his pop culture references, particularly song and artist mentions, gave myself reasons to stop reading periodically to look up an old favorite. Their perspective on life and how to live it came across warm and sincere while regularly making me laugh and giggle and pause to read selections aloud to my husband. I am hoping he writes a second half to this book in another 4 decades., This book was absolutely fantastic!! It was beautifully written, incredibly thought-provoking, and wonderfully hilarious. Dork Holmes' life is not standard, but it is also relatable in a very genuine way. He writes of what it is want to feel like an outsider looking in, and it's a feeling that many people can relate to in one way or another, so it is a tale that shows life will get better and is inspiring. Plus, the music references are wonderfully done and very funny. It is just a good look at pop-culture while also teaching the readers that it's ok not to be identical to every other person around you. I am unable to recommend the book more!, I was always a fan of his on MTV and I follow his posts on Instagram. I've already been looking forward to this book for a time. I learned a lot about his life I never knew and discovered with quite a few parts of it as well. I would recommend this book to all my friends for so many and varied reasons... his coming out there story, the nostalgia for the classic MTV days and the happenings of the time and I actually love the music referrals and the interludes between the chapters.. they broke me up! It's a really sweet book and I walked away a bigger fan of his than before. Well done Dave!

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