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" Partners", best-selling author David Grisham's first E-Short, is fast-paced, entertaining and clever throughout. Grisham's writing is, as always, absorbing and makes for a delightfully easy read. The 60 page tale, which concerns the rugged hero from Grisham's exceptional prior novel, " Rogue Lawyer", Sebastian Rudd, and a trial involving a deceased officer, is regularly intriguing.

It is usually built up in the classic Grisham tradition. This is with most of the drama, action and suspense wrung from the courtroom as well as the inner-workings of the law. It is also full of Grisham's unique forged of credibly etched characterizations and equally authentic dialogue. Similarly, the piece scans such as a condensed version of one of his lengthier works. The overall chain of events in the story hits all the expected Grisham beats. Still, it always feels fresh and exciting. Although finale is no real surprise, this remains verified proof of why Grisham remains one of the modern literary masters., IN A NUTSHELL

Lovers is a prequel to Rogue Lawyer. Whether or not you have read that bestseller, Partners is an enjoyable read. At just 60 pages, this is a very fast introduction to the primary characters that is to be seen in Rogue Legal professional.

Though it has its mystery to unravel, I didn’t believe it is to be suspenseful or be a typical thriller. Having stated that, I still was delighted with this story and grateful that it failed to ending with a cliffhanger. I bought both the Kindle version and the Audible, so I could listen while driving to work and then read while not driving. At less than five dollars, I would recommend the same --- it’s well worth the money.

There is no cliffhanger ending and this story is enjoyable even if you've read Dodgy Lawyer.

Length: Print, 60 pages; Audible, 1 hr 36 minutes.

Target Audience/Genre: This is promoted as a Thriller-Suspense, but I consider it should be a Mystery-Drama.

Q - The thing that was the Amazon Rank on the date this review was published?
A – 161.

Queen - How was this book obtained?
A new – Purchased at Amazon . com and Audible.

Q - Is this a guide that I can see without having to read others first?
A new – Yes.

Q - Are available a lot of typos/misspellings, grammatical errors or other editing failures?
A – Simply no.

Q - Is this a fast, easy read or is it more of a leisure read?
A – Partners is a fast read, perfect for commuting and lunch breaks or cracks.

Q - What sort of language performs this writer use to amplify the points made?
A – Plain English with very little nasty language and zero f-bombs.

Q - My biggest pleasure or disappointment?
A – Also little action. Basically you know how it will end, but you seldom know how the mystery will be resolved, for Grisham was clever in addressing the challenges.

I actually did appreciate the vocabulary being free of the f-bomb, although this might make it a bit less true-to-life than some will prefer.

To give a feel for the editing, and the style and flow of this work, I will be posting a brief excerpt below.


As he was departing the jail and crossing the street back to his office, a young man in a rumpled suit caught up to him and said, “You’re Sebastian Rudd, right? ”

“I am. ”

“I’m Walter Branch, a new lawyer in town. Merely down the street. ”

Sebastian stopped, smiled, offered a hand, and said, “Yes, I think I’ve seen you around. ”

“A pleasure. Look, we need to talk, and soon. Like right now. Preferably in a room with complete privacy. ”

“My office is right here. ”

“How about the coffee shop around the corner. ”

“And this is urgent? ”

“Trust me. ”

Branch paid for two espressos and they also huddled in a nook, as far away from the other three customers as possible. As Part spooned in some sugars, he glanced around, and in the voice started, “I have this client, kid’s a real mess. 20 or so years old, part-time school student, full-time crackhead. He is been through every treatment clinic this side of Betty Ford. Nothing sticks. They lock him up for two months, he stays clean for a few days, then back on the crack. Very sad. Horrible really. Family has a ton of money, so they keep shucking out big bucks, hoping some clinic somewhere can find the magic cure. Not likely to happen. Anyway, the kid knows what happened when the cop got shot. ”

Sebastian looked out your front window and watched the pedestrians be quick by. “And how will he know this? ”

“He was there. In a parked car with a buddy, both stoned to hell and back. In fact his…

Grisham, John (2016-03-29). Partners: A new Rogue Lawyer Short History (Kindle Single) (Kindle Areas 347-361). Knopf Doubleday Posting Group. Kindle Edition.

Base Line:

If you’re a committed John Grisham reader, you’ll enjoy this tale, as I did. This is written pretty true to the life that is lived in neighborhoods portrayed by it, but is perhaps slightly kinder to those residents than many law enforcement would prefer.

Four stars out of five.

Comments regarding your thoughts and opinions of this guide or of my review, whether favorable or unfavorable, are always welcome. When you buy the guide based on my review and become disappointed, especially, I actually do want to know that and I want to understand how I can improve as a book reviewer. Just please be courteous.

Thank you., I feel not a large fiction reader. Heard a lot of John Grisham. Wanted to read this first to get an idea of his writing. After completing it, and it's really a short read with 60 pages, I can't see any match between the celebrity of Grisham and this short story. It felt like a factual reading from a official lien. An outline of a story. Or possibly a writers first draft of what could have been developed into a real novel. The vocabulary is so plain that it feels bland.

The most unexpected thing in the whole plot is that it almost does not have anything that is unexpected. The tiny little bit where there is some suspense, a key experience disappears, hardly adds or subtracts anything from the story. Until the last page, I thought having been building up something. Maybe there is a gem hidden in the last page. Simply no nothing.

Although I have not read any Grisham before, In my opinion he can't be this bad in his real books. He shouldn't have published this, short story or whatever., This specific prequel reveals how Sebastian and Tee Ray meet and eventually how First tee Easy comes to benefit Sebastian. Struggling to take cared of himself and his son, Jameel, First tee Ray works when he can get. With summer season coming to an finish, Tee Ray is decided to move from your back porch where they have lived all summer. First tee Ray in willingly offers drugs for Tox at night. Although he is careful, Tee Ray I actually stopped by policeman Dollar Lester. The event h that follows, finds First tee Ray in jail and in need of a lawyer., This was very disappointing. It certainly was a " short" story. Some chapters were only one page. It ends abruptly and you realize that it was only an outline for a longer work. The story line is weak and typical. There is no depth. It is not at all like Grisham's I've read before. Forget that one.

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