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The particular travails of the Parthian, as a young Prince, a slave, and a leader of horsemen is a great story. His association with Spartacus offers an historical connection. Well-written, with a plot, good descriptions, and believable dialogue., It's a fascinating look into a part of the world that normally gets little direct exposure. His battle scene descriptions are good but there are a lot of characters to keep trail of but all in all the action keeps your interest, It took me a while to truly get into the publication. It truly is written in first person narrative point of view. The prince to a Parthian Kingdom fades into battle and ends up being captured by the Romans. Now he is a slave and brought into the Roman Empire. He wonderful former servant/slave/childhood friend finish up in the same lowly stage. He ends up though in the Slave Revolt which was started by Spartacus. Here the story has perfectly historical facts written into the story collection. The Prince fights fight after battle with his now friend, Spartacus and Castus, Cannicus etc. On the finish the Prince and several of his Parthian friends and other characters out of Spartacus army will have a chance to save themselves. The battles and strategies of those challenges are very well explained also the brutality of it especially of Crixus. Given that we all know how a revolt ends, the finish of the books is predictable but never the less interesting to read since that time the fiction of the book takes over again. I ended upwards really liking the publication and I am certain eventually I will read the sequels., It was an entertaining book, but I was not engrossed in the story like with Douglas Jackson's wonderful " Hero of Rome". I do not think I am going to buy more of the series. Spartacus helps you to save the prince and their story is intertwined. I have always loved Spartacus and his quest for freedom and equality to all. How differently his tale is told in every single book and movie. Anyhow, company is enthusiastic about an easy and interesting book about the dominion of Parthia with Rome as the enemy, it is the book to read., Set in early Rome at the height of Roman empire's spread through out the world at that time. A Parthian Prince is captured and delivered to Rome as a Servant. He is saved by Spartacus and his steered clear of slave army, where he or she becomes one of Spartacus' most trusted and in a position leaders. There is lots of action and the storyplot is straightforward to follow. The particular author gives you an idea of what life was like for slaves at that time in Rome and the equipment, weapons, food, and clothing used at the time as well.

I love historical fiction with action brutality and a hero. My standards are not as high as others which have reviewed this publication but for me, this book was right upwards my alley and I am pumped up about reading the next book in this series.

I have this book in the Amazon kindle edition plus its rife with grammatical errors and misspellings. I imagine anyone even looked at this guide before rendering it available to the masses. I can only hope the hard duplicate of this book has been properly edited., Getting 'taken a punt' and invested . 99 for the Kindle version, I enjoyed the story (although I found having a Parthian mixed up in Spartacus mutiny somewhat needed to swallow), but found the poor proof-reading even harder to swallow. I would have deducted 0.5 a point for that, if I could.

Kindle authors can amend their textbooks any time, and I suggest that Mr Darman usually spends a couple of days and nights re-reading the Kindle version to reduce those many annoying errors.

Having read all of the books in this series, the characters are good and are developed over the series. The textbooks follow on in series within an interesting manner. I would have to say that having finished one book, I then promptly downloaded the next.

Not in the same class as Paul Doherty or Bernard Cornwell, but good.

Readers may like to look at  Murder in the Palace   for a good Ancient Egyptian Murder/Mystery series and  Wolves in Armour: Grettle Conquest Novels- Book one (Volume 1) - the latter is a similar book to that of Mr Darman, set in the Norman conquest of England., Great learn to a fantastic series. Exciting characters that fit the times and environmental., A new historical novel about the Spartacus revolt is probably long overdue considering the fact that the previous one which I am aware is the Howard Fast book later changed to the well known movie. The Parthian certainly lives up to the conventional of the previous novel, being a fantastic read but I did find the poor textual content editing annoying. Spelling and grammar were atrocious at times and several sentences failed to even seem sensible. This is a regular problem with Kindle books and it certainly is spoiling my Kindle experience.

The Parthian is a fictional story about Pacorus, a Parthian prince, who gets captured by the Romans and sold into slavery. He is rescued by Spartacus and trains a cavalry side that uses Parthian techniques in the slave armed service. The dialogue is convincing and the story easily blends in with the known history of Spartacus. The battle scenes are meticulously described and the cavalry led by Pacorus often gives victory to the slaves. Spartacus is depicted as a intricate character, benevolent and fair but with a definite hint of barbarism. Inside fact just about all of the slave army commit philistine acts at time, unlike in the movie which provides the impression that Spartacus was a pillar of virtue. I won't spoil the ending but it doesn't become clear until quite late in the book whether it is going to possess a happy or unhappy ending.

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed this book but I'm only giving it four celebrities due to poor editing.

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