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Rome 1919 is a large ranging and yet concisely written good one of the seminal events of the 20th century. Within the immediate aftermath of the First World Battle The leaders of the Allied nations, particularly the USA, Great Britain and France met to ostensibly put the pieces back together after the collapse of the Austria- Hungarian empire, the Ottoman Empire and Germany. The publication has a impressive level of detailed anecdotal stories that illuminate the characters and interactions of the major personalities involved. Wilson, LLoyd George, Clemenceau and many others combination the stage during these web pages as maps are redrawn, ethnic and tribal rivalries that had been dormant under the rule of now defeated empires are reawakened and a defeated Germany is chastised by the victors.
Incredibly well investigated and written this is an entertaining and fascinating publication that brings to light the immense political challenges and difficulties faced by the Allies who were negotiating the fate of the world. Much more it clear that while the intentions were good as evidenced by Wilson's 16 points ( included as an appendix), real world concerns and political jousting created the requirement of compromises and selections that in the end got tragic consequences. The author concludes that history has simplified these complex factors into essentially a formulation that blames the stringent conditions of the Treaty Of Versailles about what was to follow in Germany and lead to the rise of Hitler, besides making a sound case that the reality and circumstances were a lot more complicated. From the Middle East to Eastern Europe to Africa and Asia the horse trading and selections made in these fateful days, so well described in these pages, have echoed down the decades and many of those selections condition the world we still reside in almost 100 years later.
Wilson's dream of a league of nations fairly constituted of nations of personal -determined peoples seems unsuspecting in retrospect; a case of good intentions colliding with reality that got innumerable and still not fully realized long-term effects., An attempt to establish and clarify how the victors in WWI tried to develop the miscuglio of a new Europe and the near far east. In retrospect, some careless and unwise decisions. European arrogance on display. Versailles treaty and it's factor to tragic later occasions. Again demonstrates human fallibility, greed and errors of that time. We continue in the same problematic vein, impelled by our human being nature. Certainly worth a read., The ending of World War I introduced together the Allied (Entente) victors to draw up conditions for the resulting new world order. Typically the Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations, and many more things resulted. United States President Woodrow Wilson, Uk Prime Minister Lloyd George, and French Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Georges Clemenceau were the prime movers and decision makers for the world-altering occasions. They shaped new and altered nations, dictated serenity conditions and war reparations, and altered the lives of people throughout the globe. The entire world has been living with and experiencing the results (both positive and mainly negative) actually since.
Author Margaret MacMillan has written a very thorough good that period here in " Paris 1919". MacMillan is a renowned vem som st?r, and it also shows in this epic work. The publication is incredibly detailed, thoughtful, well documented, and well written. She paints a comprehensive picture of the primary characters, as well as dozens of bit players in this amazing drama. We also found the writing and MacMillan's judgement to be even-handed and good to all parties in the book. The publication generally is packed with information. Therein lies my issue. For me, the publication was too dense, and a lttle bit of a struggle to read and get through. I had to skim parts so as to finish it. I thought there was things and areas that may have been relegated to a second volume or different book to make it more appealing to viewers. But to be good, maybe MacMillan never meant this book for the more casual reader. In any rate, if you wish to know more about the results of World Battle I and the outcomes it had on the world to date, I recommend " Paris 1919", with the caveats above., Like it, the way in which WWI came for an ending effects nearly every facet of the global political cultural, and monetary scene even today. This book gives a sneak peek into the goings on of the Paris Peace Conference and all the drama and tragedy involved. It's almost like reality TV before fact TV. It's captivating, very detailed, rather than dry as some history can be (though also not excessively moralizing as other history can be). In case you are not interested in WWI or the Europe that emerged after this publication might be too much minutiae for you. In case you are, I cannot recommend it highly enough. (It also fed my grand theory that every cultural battle under western culture is some form of the archetype of France vs. Germany)., This is an outstanding book that deserves the high praise given it by reviewers far and large. Well researched and well document with copious footnotes, this is a model of the genre. The lay readers with the merest understanding with the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 or its consequences will discover treasures of information in this book. I'd venture that even MacMillian's fellow historians will probably experience interesting nuggets of detail and perspective during these pages. One need not necessarily agree with all of her obiter dicta in order to enjoy her highly readable style with its droll wit. Had been that every historical accounts were so well organized and well written. When the precursors of World War II and, indeed, of the tour's present predicaments interest you, then you owe it to yourself to read this book., Great read. If you want to understand the events that are unfolding today, Rome 1919 will give you the insight of how the victors of WWI England, France and the United States (Italy ruled out ) shaped the world we reside in today. Older feuds and bitter rivalries continue today from Europe's old empires. Very informative and simple to read this book will not disappoint.

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