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This book is a parenting game-changer. Definitely not every parenting approach will continue to work with every youngster or temperament. I may say, though, which i had been a very strong willed child myself, and in case my parents had utilized these methods, home might have been much more peaceful, relationships improved, and I probably wouldn't have made some of the poor choices as a great older teen that I actually did. I have in person seen these principles combined with great success in kids of friends and loved ones members. I personally haven't had a chance to be able to use this with the son, as he is a baby, but I'm trying to be prepared!

I really feel like most of the negative testimonials didn't thoroughly read the parts they are worried about, or misconstrued the illustrations. The authors lay out general parenting principles, and then offer examples regarding how to implement these kinds of principles. These are GOOD EXAMPLES, people! You can undoubtedly implement them in different manners than the authors suggest, based on your current own child and what you feel is proper like a parent. The authors suggest that the parent should only offer two choices of which the parent is comfy with. If you aren't comfortable with a certain choice (such as offering away a pet), then don't make that certain regarding the choices you are offering, duh! The family pet example has many folks up-in-arms, yet within this example, the parent did NOT completely give away the family pet as people state, they temporarily gave the doggy to a family friend, telling the child they had 3 days to determine if the pet could come back home. Also, they did not starve the pet as everyone generally seems to think, they did permit the child know they were abusing your pet by not feeding it. It certainly doesn't the mother or father didn't or shouldn't give food to the pet (without showing the child). No 1 is that heartless, and it doesn't serve a purpose. Also, the authors frequently list out precautions with the advice, considering that some individuals may improper use these techniques (as may happen with any raising a child technique). They also have a section where they discuss how certain concepts have been misconstructed, misprepresented and taken out regarding context. Personally i think like all those who were concerned basically didn't read those added words of wisdom. A good example is that the authors discuss how the " uh oh" track is for when the child is misbehaving with regard to the sake of acting up -- NOT because regarding a NEED. They stress that a need (vs a want) must be achieved, and I think a few parents were too quick to make use of the " uh oh" song rather than meeting a need of the child. Also, I saw not necessarily even the slightest touch of any " connection theory" in this book -- I hadn't also been aware of this until I actually read some of the reviews. Now that I know what they were mentioning to, I can tell you there is none of this available.

Another amazing book which i highly recommend is " Loving Our Kids about Purpose" by Danny Man made fiber. It is quite suitable for the Love and Common sense principles, but emphasizes the importance of creating a relationship with our children., Fantastic Book for you and your children. Implementing the principles of this book has made me really feel like I use more do it yourself control over my immediate emotions when my kids act out. Read it with your spouse so you are on the same page., I absolutely love this book. It is amazing. We certainly have three kids, 5, 6 and 7. I have used the techniques in this book and it really works. I actually am so excited concerning it. I have already been sharing it with other mothers of which could benefit from this specific book. I think every mother or father should check out this book. I actually only wished I might have known about it whenever our children were also younger., This was advised by our daughters endocrinologist. She’s diabetic and heading through the rebellion phase of her healthcare. It affects so many aspects regarding her life, this book is very helpful for browsing through trying times., I love the advice in this specific book. I checked it out from the collection on two different events and read it, but since the parenting methods suggested here don't come naturally in my opinion, I sensed like I needed my very own copy so that I actually could read through it when I needed a refresher. The basic premise is: gain the control you require by giving up the rest. The first half regarding the book explains how to do this in general and the second half gives illustrations of how to offer with several different common raising a child situations. It works great with regard to both of my tiny boys- almost five and quite a few three. When I proceed about parenting the way this book suggests, they are much better behaved, and even if they don't respond well, Personally i think like I actually know what to do., This book was recommended by my child s pediatrician at infancy. I've found it extremely helpful and will soon be studying the 'teen' book., This specific author came to the friends church and offered a conference there. They have been utilizing the advice in raising their 3 year old son, and am am very impressed., Very good book on parenting as well as how to do it in the way that is useful to bringing up healthful children!

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