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Rather than writing a " how-to" or method-based book on parenting, Paul Tripp has given us a valuable resource that evidently lays out some biblical principles that has to affect our child-rearing. Then from that basis, some suggestions, methods, and ideas are given. Yet the emphasis is on making sure that the parent understands the biblical principles that has to inform our parenting. Tripp does a very good job of the.

What I appreciate is that you may or I may differ on the application of the principle to specific options in parenting; nevertheless, the principles are thoroughly biblical and since this is where the emphasis is, all Christian, Bible-believing parents should find this an extremely valuable resource.

Listed below are the chapters and the principles laid out:
one Calling - Practically nothing is more important in your life than being one of God's tools to form a human soul
2. Grace: God never calls you to a task without giving you what you need to do it. He never sends you without choosing you.
3. Law: Your children need God's law, but you cannot ask the legislation to do what only grace can accomplish.
4. Inability: Realizing what you are unable to do is essential to good parenting.
5. Identity: When you are not relaxing as a parent or guardian in your identity in Christ, you will look for personality in your children.
6. Process: You need to be committed as a parent or guardian to long-view parenting because change is a process and never an event.
7. Lost: Because a parent you are not working just with bad behavior, but a condition that causes bad behavior.
8. Authority: One of the foundational heart issues in the life span of every child is authority. Teaching and modeling the safety beauty of authority is one of the foundations of good parenting.
nine. Foolishness: The foolishness in your children is more dangerous for them than the enticement beyond them. Only The lord's grace has the power to rescue fools.
10. Character: Not all of the completely wrong your young ones do is a direct rebellion to expert; much of the completely wrong is the result of a lack of character.
11. Bogus Gods: You are child-rearing a worshiper, so is actually important to keep in mind that what rules your child's heart will control his behavior.
12. Control: The particular goal of parenting is not control of behavior, but rather heart and life change.
13. Rest: It is just rest in God's existence and grace that will assist you a joyful and patient father or mother.
14. Whim: No parent gives whim better than one who is convinced that he or she desperately needs it themself., I've read many child-rearing books and have enjoyed the parenting tips and how-to's from those books. What I actually appreciate about this publication by Paul David Tripp is it really gets to the center of child-rearing. We do not own our children. We are ambassadors--we are tools in the hand of Lord to bring change, but we can't change our children. This is something I've been dwelling on in my parenting journey over the years. It seems as if most parents are stressed, overworked, and lack joy in their children. Tripp reminds us that Lord gives us peace and security in parenting. We don't have to fix our kids. We can let God do that.

Tripp discusses what " ownership" parenting appears like. The particular results are parents who try to control their kids with fear, shame, and rewards. Instead of loving our children and being employed by God, we manipulate, coerce, and use tactics that don't bring change. Instead, all our efforts bring stressful home lives and children who disobey. Ownership parenting is not how God designed us to live as parents. Tripp takes us all on the journey of what parenting should look like as ambassadors for Christ. We can rest knowing that God will look after our children.

Tripp talks extensively about sophistication. Through the whole book, he or she talks about how we can't live up to the typical and how our children can't either. This is the background of the book: grace. So if you read the book and think " wow, he's telling me to do a lot of stuff" and you become overcome, it's because you need to remember the backdrop of grace that he's discussed from the beginning. The particular entire book points to the gospel of grace, not works. Yes, there are wise and helpful things we as parents " should" do. In all honesty, the chapter on " Character" made me feel unhappy. I know my kids lack character. I know I do as well. But then the next chapter on " Bogus Idols" actually pointed back again to the grace. When you only read one chapter from the publication, you might not see the backdrop so it is important to read the whole publication and take it as a whole. The sophistication we need as parents comes from Christ, not rules. Tripp makes this quite evident available.

This book is not filled with practical tips or child-rearing advice in the form of " when this occurs, do this". Instead, it's much more heart oriented, requesting to grasp the big picture of the gospel for your young ones. This publication has encouraged me as a mom to stop attempting to be everything, fix everything, and manufacture experiences that would somehow make my children better. Rather, I've really embraced the practical advice of living out my life for God in a manner that my kids will see it. That's the most important thing I got from this book--that is actually my job as their mom to help these groups see the wonderful, awesome nature of a mighty God. I actually get to rest in Him, knowing that This individual is wise and good and loving and am can have peace as a parent or guardian, even in conflict, knowing that He has the best in mind for people all. Instead of looking at parenting conflict and problems as annoyances, I can look at them as opportunities to make a huge deal of God. This is huge. Tripp explains all these things very well in the book.

Let me be re-reading this again because it's so important. Paul Tripp is one of my favorite authors and this book does not disappoint. With regard to more practical, hands-on child-rearing advice that goes very well with this book as a foundation, try Self-discipline that Connects With Your current Child's Heart by Rick & Lynn Jackson. This book will drastically change how you approach child-rearing conflict but in a grace-filled way., Four chapters in and it's a really good book. The only parenting book I want to read. Sort of generic, doesn't address specific issues, but addresses every issue with gospel-centered thinking., I've yet to read anything from Paul Tripp that was not enormously helpful in pointing people to Scripture to help them raise their children in a nurturing and God-honoring way. Worth the read!, I learned so much about parenting with Grace and mercy. It is a great prompt of how our heavenly father sees us as his children. And how we need to offer the same grace and mercy to our own children so that we can ultimately lead them to a relationship using their heavenly Dad., We are reminded of God's grace and thus as God's ambassadors, we need to indicate God's image and stay thoughtful to our children. Our company is also reminded to look out for daily opportunities to point them to God.

Highly recommend for parents of young children and teenagers., This book was what I've been praying for and has given me a great deal peace and hope in my parenting quest. I re-read it to soak up anything I actually might have missed the last time. (and I understand I'll read it over and over) For anyone feeling like their child-rearing experience isn't what they imagined it would be, this book is a real comfort and has been so helpful., Best publication ever! Not only useful to counsel parents but to counsel relationships in general. The concepts referred to here are, not only deep and spiritual, but appliable to couple relationships and christian life in general, as is parenthood in itself. I've been really fortunate to read about this in the order and manner God inspired Paul Tripp to write it in.

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