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Exceptional book, detailing how people deceive themselves in a variety of ways into thinking that allegedly " paranormal" phenomena exist, when in fact they're generally just falling prey to subtle mental tricks and ingrained behaviors resulting from evolution. Wiseman cites numerous psychological studies, and also provides techniques for showing how these self misleading practices generally work in real world. Highly recommended, though the " believer" established won't appreciate having their sacred cows skewered repeatedly.,... this book was scarcely the deep exploration to the world of the dukun that it can be cover promises. This turned out to be more of a series of experiments that you can preform at home to provide evidence that your mind can play the strange trick on you, I actually still pick up it up and page through it from time to time, but if you act like you really want to see the resistant that you can't trust your eyes and your memory to work together al the time, just go on youtube and watch Mr. Wiseman for. The vids are far more enticing than his book, even though premises for this guide should be heeded by everyone (Don't trust what you are convinced that you remembered what you saw, or think you felt! )., Wiseman has written a wonderful guide about the human mind and the tricks it can play. Even if you think you know it all, you'll find you don't: ) I especially loved the optical confusion and psychological tests scattered throughout the book. These people were fun and really brought home the points selection.

Wiseman's prose is warm and funny and easy to see and understand. You can tell how much he loves this subject and how great he has had executing research over the years.

I love this guide and I only wish I actually could get a printing copy for my non-Kindle-owning father. Please, somebody distribute it in the US in printing form!, Paranormality is a fantastic addition to the skeptical library. It covers a few of the same ground because the old skeptical classics like the Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan and Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns and Other Delusions by James Randi, but in a more light-hearted and interactive manner. Professor Wiseman is a psychiatrist and he shows all of us not only why things such as ghosts and psychics don't exist, but why we are fooled into thinking they do.

One of the things that makes the guide stand out is the top number of experiments and exercises you can do to illustrate Wiseman's points. They are simple but really help the reader understand how the brain works. The book also has QR tags which means you can watch videos of selection interviews and investigations.
A number of subjects are covered in addition to psychic powers and ghosts, such as a hypnotic approach, cults, prophesy, out-of-body activities and seances. I found the chapter on dreaming especially interesting. He deftly interweaves his own researched activities with stories of charlatans and the dupes through the years.

Although the book has been a major seller in the U. K., Professor Wiseman has been unable to find an American publisher. This is a shame since there is probably no country more needing a guide like this. Fortunately for those of us in the U. S., this individual has put the e book on Amazon so we can read it.

Paranormality is a smart, fun read. In an ideal world, it would be required reading for all those high school students. It would surely make us a nation of smarter, less gullible citizens., Highly recommended - written with integrity, up-to-date research, from a balanced and tolerant view, very enjoyable and informative

It is gloomy that in the US it is available only on Kindle fire -- publishers concluded that inside our religion-brainwashed population there will not be an interest in the topic. Many thanks a lot to Prof. Wiseman for his huge effort - presented in condensed and witty form and always with credit to his sources, Loved this book! I actually don't see dead people anymore. Just kidding. From the good read. Very informative and maybe a little disappointing. All of us like to believe there's a little magic here and there. But I definitely feel this all must be said. Fascinating study and enjoyable read., My first book I've read from Wiseman. He's quite a interesting guy and Trying to find following him through the years through his podcast and blog, and I thought I'd give his textbooks a try. His information is pretty good and extremely detailed.
if he mentions the history of a claim or idea, I feel he retains it concise to the level that it's not boring or detracting from the matter at hand, and his use of humor throughout the book keeps it quite interesting. My only problem with it is that he seems to sometimes restate points that do not need to be restated. For example, many times, after discussing a claim and how it fits into the natural world, there appears to be what almost feels like filler in the book where he basically recaps what he just spent the last 2 or 3 pages talking about. This happens often, but it's only for like a paragraph so it's not really an issue, I just glance over them., Excellent book. I am a Psychology student and have always had an interest in the paranormal as well (as should be evident by my name). I actually thought Wiseman did a fantastic job debunking a lot of the " paranormal" activity that is out there. He didn't manage to complete debunk ghosts, but he gave some sensible explanations for a lot of of the things people experience. In addition to, let's face it, an entire book could be dedicated just to the topic of ghosts.

Professor Wiseman has my business.

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