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The actual heck? This is such a let down. The particular story doesn't quite movement right and the love landscape is somewhat lacking. The particular ending was so sudden and confusing leaving so much unsaid. I have read sll of the previous 14 books and was very disappointed., The particular stubbornness of both the characters make the history real. There is a lot of arguing in their heads. I get it!, I loved the book but there should have been so much more that has been only the start of a great story left me so disappointed
B, I loved this story right up until the last page. This was an awesome balance between lighthearted and deeply emotional. Gerri had broken all her own guidelines and had Samantha 'pretend' date Ian in order for Mike to be around Jacob who is Ian's best friend and head private security. When a rival clan of bears consider kidnapping Sam to get at Ian, he hatched a plan to have Jacob kidnap her first... terrifying the woman in the process. Every person thinks both Sam and Jacob are dead because the decoys Ian got set up were murdered. The kidnapping also includes taking her Witch forces away in order to prevent Ian's enemy from using it to track her. Jacob literally handcuffs Sam to him in order to keep her from avoiding him.

While on the run, Jacob finally confesses that he and his panther have chosen the woman as their mate. They change their looks, get new fake identification and run to remote log cabin in the woods... where the make love. The End. Those words actually follow the paragraph where they just finished making love. It actually ends with them hiding in in the woods from the bad guys with the woman powers taken away, everyone thinking they are dead and no resolution about what the heck happened. Speak about a cliff hanger! I assume this means there will be a followup story somewhere down the line. Hopefully very soon cause Now i'm dying to really know what took place., Gerri had us wondering with what she was doing ready little match this time. This was a match for the records and it was played very well by the ones involved. The story got some action and a little drama.

With the history being about a shifter not wanting to have a mate and a ploy to get two people together. We would have liked to have seen a little more of a inner war with Jacob and his animal. I also would have liked to get a little more of Jacob's reaction when he found out about Sam's and Ian's connection and Gerri's trap to get Sam and Jacob together.

It had been a wonderful story and it works flawlessly with Gina Kincaid's story. But in my option due to situations that happen in both books I believe this one should be read first, even though they take place during the same time frame.

Until The very next time... Tabi, I would strongly suggest that you also read (near the same time) the companion story Someone Different by Gina Kincade as both stories are attached in both characters and impact. Dont really know that it truly matter which history you read first, though I did read this one, Something Different, second and the emotional impact of the first story carried over very well to this one. The cover blurb gives a very descriptive set up of the story so I actually won’t go there.

I liked Something Different very much. This certainly packs an psychological punch on several levels. I will admit which it took a few chapters for me to really warm up to Mike, she is one obstinate witch who refuses to fall in love because love can hurt beyond reason. What she doesn’t get yet is that having that love and the memories that love provides makes up for the loss of a cherished one… but she’ll learn. The attraction between Samantha and Jacob sizzles throughout their romance. Two very stubborn people. When catastrophe and danger strikes it’s then that this history heats up, tempers flair and Sam gets a true idea of what love is worth.

I really hope, at some point, we will get to learn how Mike and Jacob performing after the fallout settles. Without having giving away spoilers, I’d definitely like to know more… and that is what a good book delivers, the need to know more. I’d definitely recommend these two stories for any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Love reader. Intriguing plots, interesting characters, steamy times and danger… that’s precisely how I actually love my Romances.

I actually own an e-book of the title., This book supplies the back story to certain events that take place in the partner book, Someone Different. Even though I am sure these can be read in any order, I feel actually glad that I actually read this one second. I believe you get the full range of psychological engagement by reading in this order. My heart feels so much better for these characters now that I am aware of the complete picture! The particular collaboration between these two authors are spot on excellent! I won't make this a spoiler review but Let me say this is truly a must read!, This one is certainly different from a number of the others. That's not to say is actually any less better. I actually liked the way this storyline went it was really interesting to see how it played out. Mike doesn't need mate period but agrees to let Gerri set her upwards. What they don't realize is the only way to get those two collectively is to set them up. Jacob is not into dating at all wants nothing to do with it. Gerri has to get really creative. I would have enjoyed to have had a little more info in this book but over all it was a good read.

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