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I usually won't purchase a story that is less than 300 pages unless it is part of the anthology. I was so involved with Volume 4, Dragons Live Forever, that I purchased this despite it only becoming a novella.

I must say that I will be quite disappointed in Ashrac's character. He is even more of a male chauvinist this halloween than the four man dragons whose stories preceded his. Ashrac was brought up with four strong female adult dragon shifters and it sounds like his " cousin" Jewel isn't very one to be messed with either. It boggles the mind that he turned out the way they have. He should have already been smacked around until he or she learned to act in a civilized manner. We know he's not stupid so his attitude towards females really rubs myself the wrong way. He has grown up in the 20th or 21st century which also makes his actions unbelievably archaic.

His treasure of choice is electronics and he pursues ways to make them work in the monster realm to enhance the lives of human villagers. If he has this concern for them, why is he treating his potential mate in that disgusting manner? IDK but on the other hand that will be revealed by the time I complete reading this.

Story wrapped up with a bows and bow. I'm very curious about the three units of twins. I believe it is because Serranía is yet a wolf shifter and canines have litters. Does she lay two ovum at a time or do both babies come from the same egg? Hoping this will be addressed in the future. I'm assuming the whole egg installing ordeal will be a piece of cake for Flora since she's an eagle shifter.

I'm also curious as to who stocked Ashrac's larder since he doesn't have human slaves and evidences no interest in homemaking. Since his father is supporting him build his fort I assume his mom stepped in for the necessities., This was very different from what I was expecting, but it had been to be a really good read. I will be not Positive how I would feel being kidnapped to be a mate and our sweet little eagle shifter didn't take it very well either.

Reading the publication you could feel the rage coming off the pages as Flora fumed about what was done to her. If the dragon would have invested a little more time getting to know the woman as opposed to what he desired.

Reading along with these two you cannot help but laugh and wonder if they will actually get their things collectively and figure out that they are meant to be together because Gerri is never wrong.

Typically the only thing that bugged me a little is it almost seemed like the writer made the dragon sound dumb a lot, when he is actually very intelligent.

Till Next Time... Tabi

I loved the way that the two interactes, This specific is the hottest publication of the Fire Stories. Ashrac is the boy of the red monster. He has all of the selfishness of the dragons. He decides that he needs a mate, but doesn't want to take the time to find one. So, he makes a decision to follow in his father's footsteps and do it the old-fashioned way. Kidnap one from Planet. But how? He goes to the Paranormal Online dating Agency and he makes Gerri mad by his arrogance. So, she sets him with Flora. Botánica is the opposite of meek and mild. The girl knows her mind and is stubborn an does not want a husband. Thus, they lead each other a merry dance. My last hint is that Botánica turns Ashrac baby-shit yellow. You will have to read the book for the ending.
I recommend this publication to anyone that likes dragons and laughter. This is a simple read and you will find yourself chuckling., I really enjoyed reading this publication because I loved how Flora won't take craped from him. Ashrac is a red dragon from a realm which have just dragon shifters and human village. Flora is an eagle shifter which have some magic like change coloring. He could be super busy with his projects but he or she decided to contact Gerri Wilder to find him or her a mate. Ashrac just kidnapped Flora without proceeding on a date to find out if they were mates. Right now there a part in the publication where she turn his penis green and inform him he got an illness from Earth. She also tell him that his male organ could fell off and he can die. I highly recommend this book to someone who wish to read paranormal romance books., This specific story was funny and various... Gerri has a client who gives new which means to the world difficult and from another sphere.. Ashrac is completely barbaric and needs a mate but doesn't want the trouble... Botánica agrees to go top marks date with him as a favor to Gerri but begore she is aware it she is knocked out and wakes upward in another realm with a large sexy dragon with very bad attitude and manners.. This story was funny and quirky I truly enjoyed it..., The type has not been my first choice of reading up until now. This specific author excels at first person storytelling whether in fantasy as D'Elen McClain or in romantic suspense as Holly S Roberts.

Honestly, I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. I'll catch up with the rest of the monster clan very soon. This specific is a very entertaining book., There only thing that could have made this book better was to make it a full length book rather than a novella. It was nice seeing able to read more about the Dragon family- now continuing with the next generation.

Recommend that you read the books in order. A box set is available of the first books in the series!, Ashrac goes to PDA so Gerri can find him a mate to kidnap. He says he will take her on the date. Botánica agrees to a date to teach him a lesson but he kidnaps her anyway. Fun story with Flora playing methods on Ashrac. Of course they may be mates.

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