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Typically the detailed and reference backed discussion of 7 powerfulk hails from the 20th millennium that change the planet but not always for the better and training we are able to learn when distancing science from fiction. Amazing read for anyone interested in whether to believe what the media says delete word!, I found this publication to be highly readable and fascinating--especially how this relates relatively recent technological discoveries to history. Absolutely essential read., Now, more than ever, we require a scientifically literate society. If every single reader will take away simply one idea out of this publication, it will move our society forward., Interesting in addition to enjoyable read. It exposed my eyes even more to the issues regarding bad science., Excellent publication reviewing govermertal meddling within health issues without enough population size to base their recommendations!, The 7 stories are about:

1 . Opium and opioids (“God’s Own Medicine”)
2. Oleomargarine and trans fats (“The Great Margarine Mistake”)
3. Nitrogen fertilizers and ammonium nitrate. (“Blood from Air”)
4. Diathesis (“America’s Master Race”)
5. Lobotomies (“Turning the Mind Inside Out”)
6. Rachel Carson and DDT (“The Mosquito Liberation Front”)
7. Linus Pauling and vitamin C; Philip Duesberg and AIDs; Luc Montagnier and the antibiotic “cure” for autism (“Nobel Prize Disease”)

Additionally right now there is an eighth section entitled “Learning from typically the Past” which is concerning the MMR vaccine in addition to autism, e-cigarettes, Bisphenol A new, cancer screening, and GMOs.

One of the styles in the book is the hubris of very famous scientists who won Nobel awards and then continued to be able to do and/or promote very bad science mainly due to the fact they can not admit they were wrong. But typically the real villain during these pages is not the science itself; it is as an alternative the failure of folks in the political market, in the media in addition to even in the healthcare and scientific journals to be able to weigh the evidence correctly thereby lending support to be able to the bad science. Doctor. Offit indicts the Ecological Protection Agency (p. 188); Time Magazine, Newsweek, typically the New York Times (p. 145); the Journal of the American Medical Association, typically the American Journal of Public welfare, the New England Journal of drugs (p. 124) in addition to others (see page 226). Naturally these mistakes through prestigious organizations are reflecting of earlier more ignorant times. Today most are usually much more thorough before passing judgement. However Offit warns near the conclusion of the book that brand new mistakes by currently exclusive institutions will be manufactured.

Offit, that is a doctor of medicine and a new professor of pediatrics from the University of Pennsylvania as well as typically the author of more than 160 papers in healthcare and scientific journals, creates in a clear in addition to readable style that is packed with concrete detail and facts, especially historic facts, some of which often are appalling and horrific.

Below are a few tidbits reflective regarding Offit’s engaging style:

“Francis Galton, Charles Davenport, Harry Laughlin, Madison Grant, in addition to Adolf Hitler all contributed several features: All have been, by their definition, Nordic; all believed that Nordics ought to procreate freely while non-Nordics must be prevented from procreating; and were childless. ” (p. 122)

Today’s see of lobotomies includes typically the comical: the “Frontal Lobotomy” is really a drink made with amaretto, Chambord and blueberry juice; a faiytale, “I’d instead have a bottle within front of me than a frontal lobotomy” (from Tom Waits); and a new T-shirt with a image of George W. Bush and the words, “Ask me about my lobotomy. ”

In regard to be able to Rachel Carson and her imagined Eden-like world before pesticides, Offit quotes Bill Cronin: “It is not hard to be able to reach the conclusion that the only way human beings can hope to live naturally on earth would be to follow the hunter-gatherers again into a wilderness Eden and abandon virtually everything that civilization has offered us. ” (p. 186)

Writing about Linus Pauling and other august scientists who couldn’t bring by themselves to admit they have been wrong, Offit offers: “When anybody contradicted Einstein, he thought it out, and when he found he was wrong, he was delighted, as they felt he had escaped from your error. ” (p. 197-198)

The essence regarding Offit’s argument in this specific book is this quotation from page 212: “…all scientists—no matter how achieved or well known—should possess unassailable data to support their claims, not simply a compelling personality, a good impressive shelf of prizes, or a poetic creating style. ”

--Dennis Littrell, author of “Hard Science and the Unknowable”, Amazing insights and well written. Could not place it down. Written in simple language to explain what we always thought had been unarguable, Well crafted, thoughtfully researched and can be understood by simply those of us that are not scientists!

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