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I went to road trip when I actually read Delirium and I actually finished the book. I actually was *so* excited to read the next book I actually purchased the EBook even though I had a physical copy at home. The book was obviously a quick read for me, I actually finished it in probably 4 hours or so (it was obviously a long vacation! ) I'm soo happy that I went forward and got the book because it was everything I hoped for! I actually will admit it was obviously a tiny bit predictable, but the way the characters are developed and how they change throughout the story is great! I actually cannot WAIT to read the next one., Right from the start I had the same problem with this one that I actually had with the first book which was the first half of the book dragged for me. It was not until the second fifty percent that things acquired and became interesting.

You can tell that Lena has grown and is becoming a much stronger person then the Lena we fulfilled in Delirium. Also we have to meet a whole lot of new characters a few I found interesting. What I didn't proper care for was the launch of the new love interest... I mean why? With the way these books go you already knew the cliffhanger that we are left with in the ending was coming. I found almost all of it to be pretty predictable, but my curiosity is going to have me finish this series., Remember when I raved about Delirium? I CHERISHED that book! Great history. Great characters. Great writing. Just SO GOOD all around. Well when I noticed that Pandemonium was on sale for [ARTICLE_BODY]. 99, I HAD to bounce on it. Granted, this is the Enhanced Ebook version NOT the Kindle version (which is . 99--tell me if that makes sense). I am going to say really quickly about the increased ebook version... this version has video content incorporated which is super cool. However, only certain devices will handle this content. My first generation Fire does not. As a matter of fact, no device that I have handles the excess content. So that was a little discouraging. However, is actually still much cheaper than the regular kindle version.

Now about the storyline itself....

Pandemonium picks up pretty much right where Delirium remaining off. Alex and Lena have been separated because Lena made it to the Wilds and Alex is stuck on the other side. Lena discovers that through the adrenaline of her escape she actually is missed the fact that she was grazed by a bullet. Given that things have calmed down a bit, the wound really begins to take is actually toll on her. A new group of Invalids fall upon her and take her in to help her get back on her feet. What the lady finds is a brand new family.

Pandemonium isn't told chronologically. It bounces to and fro between "then" and "now". Although I really do think this is the best method for telling this portion of the storyline, I aren't say I loved this part. I can't say for sure, I'm not normally an enormous enthusiast of books that bounce around in time like this. It just depends.

Lena is a strong character. She's come so far from where she was in Delirium--a scared, rules-following woman. Now she's angry and bitter and sad. She's lost so much. The woman mom, Hana, Grace... Alex. And Lena uses these losses to fuel their self. She becomes part of the resistance, because really, how could she not? And she finds their self tailing the face of the opposition (or at least, the youth's version of the opposition) in order to discover as much information about their plans to get started dolling your cure for the deliria to children under eighteen, who have previously recently been designated as dangerous candidates for cure. There's a reason the scientists not necessarily performing the process on children under eighteen.

Now I actually need to take a minute and discuss how I accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler that completely changed the way I actually experienced this book--or changed how I would have experienced it. A Best Ten Tuesday topic a while back was Top Beginnings/Endings and I stumbled upon a quote that happens to be the previous sentence--a one word sentence--of this book. Totally my own, personal fault as the post had "potential spoilers" outlined plainly for me to see. But I pushed on, not looking to find a book I have not read or one I desired to read. For those of you who have check out this one, you really know what a game changer that was. For those of you who haven't read it... well I don't want to express too much. ONLINE GAME CHANGER. I won't say that spoiler "ruined" Follon for me, but I actually read the whole book with the knowledge of that one word being the very last sentence colouring every page each landscape. That resulted in an absence of attachment in places where I probably would have otherwise been attached and attachment in places where I probably otherwise more than likely have paid much attention. And obviously as termes conseillés typically go, I found myself extremely frustrated watching this inevitable collision course that I couldn't prevent or change.

I really do want to say, as vaguely as possible, that Lena makes a huge assumption all through the entire of this book that drove me batty. Everyone knows the deal with assumptions, right? Wellbeing the reader of many publications that I am, I know from experience that what the character believes is fact isn't always reality. And that if you don't witness "things" for yourself then you can't go assuming. This might have been more of an issue for me due to the spoilage mentioned above, but I'm 100% sure this would have been something I selected up on regardless of realizing that last sentence forward of time. What really frustrated me about this assumption is that Lena's already lived this experience once. Slightly different circumstances, but still, I would have expected her to have learned this lesson already.

Pandemonium had a few way too many occasions where something major was about to happen only to be saved at the very last moment, but I will overlook that because Lauren Oliver's writing style still completely catches me. She's poetic, and lyrical, thus i located myself highlighting ginormous chunks of passages. I think perhaps Delirium was still slightly better in this aspect than Pandemonium, but maybe which because I listened to Delirium on audiobook while I read Pandemonium and hearing this poetic writing and sometimes complete frustration from Lena aloud increased the overall experience for me. Mark this series down together where the audio books might trump reading them.

My favorite quotes (not listing page numbers or locations, sorry):

"I was not born at the same time, the new Lena.
Step by step--and then, inch by inch.
Crawling, insides curly into dust, mouth filled with the taste of fumes.
Fingernail by fingernail, like a earthworm.
That is how she comes into the world, the new Lena. "
"Love, the deadliest of all deadly things.
Like it kills you.
Both when you have it.
So when you don't.
Alex. "

"Grief is like sinking, like being buried. I will be in normal water the tawny color of kicked-up dirt. Every breath is filled with choking. Presently there is nothing to keep on to, no attributes, no way to claw myself up. There is nothing to do but let go.
Let go. Feel the weight everywhere, feel the squeezing of your lungs, the slow, low pressure. Let yourself go deeper. There is nothing but the taste of metal, and the echoes of old things, and days and nights that seem like darkness. inches

"I read once about a kind of fungi that grows in trees. The fungus begins to encroach on the systems that carry water and nutrients up from the roots to the divisions. It disables them one by one--it crowds them out. Soon, the fungus--and only the fungus--is carrying the water, and the chemicals, and everything otherwise the tree needs to survive. At the same time it is decaying the tree slowly from within, turning it minute by minute to rot.
That is what hatred is. It will feed you and at the same time change you to rot.
It is difficult and deep and angular, a system of blockades. It truly is everything and total.
Hatred is a top tower. Within the Wilds, I start to build, and to climb. inches

Pandemonium gets 4 Celebrities from me. I possess that frustration of "I aren't wait to get my hands on Requiem in order to find out what the crap happens next" thing going on. I must really know what happens next NOW! Have got you read Pandemonium? Exactly what did you think? Tell me!

For more reviews, check out Somewhere Only We all Know - [... ], I’ll admit, as a HUGE fan of Lauren Oliver’s BEFORE I actually FALL, I was a little disappointed when I read her second YA book, DELIRIUM. While I had difficulty getting through the great majority of that book, the final chapter did provide a nice look at what its follow up, FOLLON, would potentially have to offer. Even still, due to the snooze-fest that was Delirium, I started Pandemonium with very, very low expectations – hold on to the particular slightest of hopes it would match the guru that was Before I actually Fall. Suffice to say, the book and their story rose above and beyond my wildest desires. I LOVED every little of Pandemonium. Her second venture into the world of amor delira nervosa once again places Lauren Oliver nearby the top of my set of favorite YA writers.

Plot: 9

One could say that Pandemonium takes off right where Delirium remaining us, Lena is lost and alone in the Wilds. But you move on to chapter two and realize that you have jumped ahead from “then”, the time when Lena in the Wilds, to “now”, events occurring approximately six months time in the future after Lena has spent some time in the Wilds. I fully appreciated these two time frames being told seite an seite to each other, from one chapter to another, because it provided additional figure growth and exposition, and a heightened sense of action, story development and the effect that the story has on you.

In this installment we learn quite a little about the people who stay in the Wilds, how Lena handles the poker site seizures that occurred at the ending of Delirium, as well as what happens to her after. So much happens in this book, that to say more would just spoil there is no benefits in store for you. Just know that by the ending with this book, Lena will be a different character entirely and you will have discovered quite a little about the planet in which she lives.

Characters: 9

While I was actually somewhat bored by all the characters in Delirium, Lena and Alex included, I am unable to say the same about the characters in this book. I now have grown to REALLY LIKE Lena thanks to Pandemonium, and I felt her anguish, confusion and pain every step of the way. I would say that, as far as character development goes, Lena’s is one of the better types of what you should see in fiction. Every event that she is put through alters her in some manner, she makes choices and must live with the effects, and she knows there is no returning to who she was in Delirium.

There are also several of secondary characters introduced in this book and each of these has a story to inform. The exposition of these characters is great, and again the use of the “then” and “now” balances for a lot in how you feel about them. I loved them all, yes, every single one of them. Well, except for one group of individuals that individuals learn about, but the reasons for that is for you to find out yourself.

Setting: 10

Yay! Lena is finally in the Wilds! And what an infinitely more interesting place it is to see than the Valid cities. We learn about the poor dwelling conditions that the Invalids are forced into, migrating from spot to place, just to stay safe and invisible. We are taken on a trip in the Wilds during the winter, where I felt the bitter cold along with Lena. We also come back to the world of the Valids, only this time in NYC. I actually appreciate all the details Lauren provided us about the world in this installment. By simply providing us with more background/world information, she movements the storyline forward quite a bit. Also, this novel is much darker than Delirium in both mood/tone and setting; the setting appropriately plays a big part in this.

Pacing: ten

You will discover something to be said in regards to a book that is, essentially, telling two stories in a single, while at the very same time managing to keep the pacing of the overall history on track. Pandemonium accomplishes telling two stories: A single is about Lena and her very first encounters in the Wilds. Within this story you join her as she adapts to her strange, new world. And the other is all about Lena and the woman encounters as a “new” Lena. In this history she is part of an Invalid mission inside New York City. A single of these stories is told slowly while the other one races through time at breakneck velocity. Some may be jarred by the jumping again and forward between “then” and “now”, but I actually found it rather pleasant. In my opinion, and in contrast to Delirium, there is never a dull moment in Follon.

Style: 9

Really dont need to repeat the things i just said above about pacing. I will only include that along with the two stories being told about “then” and “now”, these personal time periods are weaved together and plotted in such a way that common themes are shared between the two at the same time in the book. This (IMO) makes the transition again and forth between the two time periods more seamless and allows the story to have higher impact on the viewer. I really can’t go on about how exactly ingenious it was for Lauren to share with her tale in such a way. I only took one point off for the occasional use of foul language in this book. Oh my. Lena! Watch your mouth! (Yay! Prudish mommy hits again! )

I was so grateful to Fire and Ice for allowing me to be part of their ARC Tour for Pandemonium. If it were not for their tour I may not have given Pandemonium a try. Exactly what a wonderful adventure I actually would have missed basically had passed this one up! Lauren Oliver, you are most definitely again on my A-list!

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