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In case you are still a beginner in Paleo diet, this book will help you. It offers you a better understanding on what this diet is all about. It provides all the info how to transition in this kind of diet. It also provides Paleo recipes that you can prepare for each and every meal that are good for you and your family. If you want to lose weight and be healthy, try Paleo!, I did not know anything about a Paleolithic diet, so We wanted to start out right at the beginning. This guide gave me all the info required to make an informed start. Plenty of recipes. My only problem with paleo is that it does need a rather large investment in paleo-specific ingredients. I would recommend this book to anyone enthusiastic about paleo., I have problem with weight. We tried several diets, and results were or temporary or there were not at all. I like food, I enjoy eating every type of food. I learned that it is not problem in diets, in me. So I started thinking about everything and noticed that my figure is not designed for this kind of food I was giving to it. Reading a whole lot about paleo diet, this book and others I changed my habits and slowly and gradually I got results, not fully, but I am hoping that in time I will feel a lot better and better. We can recommend this book, it helped me to start out healthy life journey., Such a great guide to Paleo Diet. This books offers the basics of this diet along with a specific meal plan and a list of recipes. It is very easy to understand how it works and why. It is an outstanding begin to one who wants to learn what they may receive into with the Paleo Diet. The recipes are incredibly delightful and am certain you will relish them all. If you also want to cut of some weight and remain healthy as well, then this diet is the best and you should have this book.
Total it is a very useful guide for anyone looking to improve their health through Paleo Diets., This is the most complete guide of paleo diet for newbies. The book contains A new LOT of recipes for each and every meal of the day, making more easy to start out going paleo. With this guide you will always really know what to put on the menu and what may, Not very helpful. Tested recipes are complicated and are filled with things not easily accessible: arrow root flour, tapioca flour, cocao nibs, coconut aminos etc., The book has a really good intro that speaks about Paleo dieting and is actually history. It is hard to create new ideas with the paleo foods that still taste great and this is an easy solution. The particular Paleo diet or recipes helps you to eliminate high processed foods, artificial additives, grains, pasta, deep deep-fried foods, dairy products etc . This book has a lot of delightful recipes in it, can't wait to try them all out!
Paleo has worked for a lot of my friends and We am excited to finally be introduced to it., Fascinating diet. The book is well written and easy to follow. I just didn't want to do it though. It ruled out a lot of types of food that I love. Yet for some who can give up certain foods in search of weight damage, then go right ahead. This is a wonderful diet especially for those which have wheat or gluten sensitivities. The recipes are incredibly good. You may certainly lose weight and feel much, much better if you try this for at least a month and hopefully a lifetime. I enjoy it.

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