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Since i have gave " First Test" 5 stars, I really need 6 for this specific one. It's even much better! The second book within the Protector of the Little series, " Page" addresses Keladry's last three yrs as a page inside knighthood-training school. We meet several new characters: Lalasa, Kel's maid, whom Kel hires in order to be able to protect her from unwell treatment by others; Owen, the young page in whose favorite word is " jolly"; and a new animal friend (in addition to Kel's cranky however loyal horse, Peachblossom, and her helpful flock regarding sparrows), the faithful dog Jump. Kel is constantly on the endure up to bullies and works to conquer her concern of heights. Her mysterious benefactor bestows more items on her. Keladry regarding Mindelan is an admirable and likable heroine, and in this book she shows her courage, resourcefulness and leadership ability. If a person haven't read the two previous Tortallan series, The Song of the Lioness Quatern and The Immortals, avoid delay! These are all well-written, exciting, fun dreams which can be enjoyed by both young readers and grown-ups., Really good series. I have enjoyed the initial and this specific one, Page, second inside the Protector of typically the Small series. I believe there are 4. I actually wish there were a lot more. Ms Pierce is a new good writer. This series might have been written for the young adult viewers, but I will be enjoying these kinds of books, too., I almost wrote "for young adults" in the title for this review, because this is a great series for them, but I additionally think it's a great collection for adults. One regarding the many things that will I love about Pierce's character types is their humanity: these people have flaws, they work hard to overcome difficulties, and they don't always succeed--at first; but they carry out learn, they do continue and they do grow.
In this specific series, Kel, has arrive to the palace to be able to figure out how to become a dark night. Although there has been a single other woman who has prevailed, she still faces many hurdles--often from those people who are coaching her, as well as those training with her. This book covers typically the second and 3 rd years of that preparation, including fights with bandits and with beings from the Immortal Realm who threaten typically the kingdom.
Pierce's writing is excellent: her characters are lively, the plot is fascinating, and the setting will be marvelous! Grab the 1st book and read this. Then grab this a single and read it also!, Second in the Protector of the Small dream series for children revolving around Kel of Mindelan, only the second girl to want to turn out to be a knight of Tortall.

My Take
We get each of the relax of the years Kel spends as a page in this one tale. She matures and contains all the complications which that will entails including coping with falling in love with Neal and some regarding her school friends beginning to see her in a new more romantic vein.
Kel continues to be able to set the moral tone with support from her friends. Well, individuals who haven't graduated into squires and gone off using their training knights.

The Story
Kel certainly meets the series' promise since it starts with Kel rescuing a dog from a single of the kitchen apprentices about to lay into him with a meat cleaver when he abducts a string of sausages. Nor will it appear that will Joren and crew have stopped their harassment regarding the younger ones. Even though Vinson looks too considering Lalasa. Interested enough that will Kel insists her cleaning service figure out how to protect herself. Her study group continues and the younger kinds start to come to Kel for weapons training.

The hazing has moved to Kel and her friends, particularly at the banquets any time the pages are serving. It's enough to cause punishment details and a new compromise. The summer camping out trips cause Kel's taking command throughout a surprise attack--it sure frosts Wyldon that will Kel is really competent! Even though he does takes benefit of Kel's anxiety about heights as he intensifies her coaching. And Kel is constantly on the business lead and win. In spite of typically the nasty tricks, the kidnappings...

The odd bit, Joren starts sucking around Kel... and Kel's mysterious padrino continues to send the most beautiful gifts.

The Characters
Keladry "Kel" regarding Mindelan is our heroine and she has made it through her first year as a probationer in spite of Lord Wyldon' t restrictions. Nealan "Neal" regarding Queenscove was one regarding her first friends at the school. Other friends include Seaver, Cleon regarding Kennan of the poetic tackle, Merric of Hollyrose, Faleron of Kin's Reach, Esmond of Nicoline, Prince Roald, Owen of Jesslaw, Iden of Vikison Lake, and Warric of Mandash.

Souverain Piers and Ilane usually are her parents. Adalia and Oranie are her older sisters. Innes is her second oldest brother and he takes Cleon upon as his squire.

Joren of Stone Mountain will be a fellow student; he or she and his cronies hate Kel, partially because she refuses to accept their specific brand of hazing. The cronies include Vinson regarding Genlith, Zahir ibn Alhaz who looks to be relocating past this childishness, Garvey of Runnerspring, and Quinden.

Salma Aynnar is in charge of typically the pages' wing. Lord Wyldon is the training learn in charge of typically the school and tried really hard last year to be able to prevent Kel from getting admitted like a student. Gower is the servant inside charge of cleaning her rooms and fetching her water; Lalasa is his / her niece and he requests Kel hire her for her personal servant to be able to keep her safe through the other servants and manipulative nobles. Hakuin Seastone and Eda Bell are fight instructors. Now that she's old enough, she's serving in the banquet room--Master Oakbridge is the learn of ceremonies. Sir Myles is their history and law instructor. Lindhall Reed. Numair Salmalí n. Stefan Groomsman is constantly on the manage typically the stables.

Daine has a new cameo appearance. Queen Thayet and King Jonathan offer Kel somewhat of help. Uline of Hannalof is 1 regarding Kel's admirers and Neal's first crush.

The Title
The title will be short and succinct since it covers Kel's years like a Page., I already got the books in book and a copy regarding them all bound inside one hard cover book. Now I have typically the audio tracks book version to be able to go with the selection. I've started doing this specific with all of Tamora Pierce's series that's how good they are., Fantastic tale - I love typically the messages of perseverance inside the face of doubts and obstacles, and rewards for integrity and work (as well as resisting bullies! ) I would wish to have my nine year-old read the collection, as it is at her reading level, yet I do not sense comfortable having her go through about sexual tension and domestic abuse. Those components, it would be a new perfect and inspirational go through (as would the relax of the series). I actually wish that there were a new version of the collection without the more mature elements, as it will be so well written and there are so many great text messages for young girls., Really like this book series this draws you into the exhilaration and you'll never wish to put it down, This was among my preferred books in elementary and junior high school. Kel trains to become a new knight inspite of the prejudices regarding her contemporaries, who declare that girls are not suitable to be warriors. Kel is a great role model for youth: she compares for her those that are picked on by simply bullies, and she really does what's right despite typically the cost her herself. The girl teaches young readers to be able to be proud of who they are.

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