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Inside OVERLOAD, I was delighted to get that Bob Schieffer does indeed provide an impartial look at the press and news events. It is such a nice change to read something of which is NOT a fidèle slam of one side or maybe the other.

The author draws on his “Long Life in Journalism” in order to give us his undertake what in the world is happening to reports media. Bob gives a summary of the state of American media, and just how it relates to national politics, with special attention in order to the latest presidential selection. A large section will be devoted to polls, in addition to why they have switched out to be therefore wrong in recent years.

The author sees a new major problem with each the quantity and quality of information; we are indeed “overloaded” with details. Many people have trouble figuring out precisely what is true in addition to what is not: “Americans are so overwhelmed by information in the digital era they can process that. ”

One interesting part provides a facts the particular most popular news web sites. Bob calls this particular, “Journalism’s New Digital Wave: A Guide to Electronically Native News Websites. ” For each site, there is a brief background on the organization, which include how it got started, major figures, and the particular political leanings. I found this chapter insightful—I got no idea how these kinds of web sites got started, but Bob knows.

Inside “The Awful State Associated with American Politics, ” the particular author notes that many bright people are repelled by the dirty business of politics: “We have allowed the path in order to public office to come to be this unpleasant and revolting exercise that too many times our best in addition to brightest want no portion of it. ”

Throughout the particular book, Mr. Shieffer points plenty of interesting facts I actually didn’t know. I got no idea, for instance , of which cable news viewers are older: “The median viewer age for Fox will be sixty-six, sixty-three for MSNBC, and sixty-one for CNN. ”

The very last chapter of the book provides the author’s conclusions. Bob notes that he needed to have the viewers make up their very own minds before giving their opinion. A few of his important points:
* Greater reliance on mobile phones makes polling much less reliable;
* Fake news poses an increasing and dangerous threat;
* Declining marketing revenue has put many local newspapers into desperate straits;
* Our electoral system will be broken.

Bob encourages political figures to possess courage and endure up for principle: “... America needs more as compared to political reform is personal courage— candidates and political figures who are not scared to risk losing any office they hold to accomplish the higher good. ” Typically the author also suggests a new revamp of campaign spending, and a bipartisan effort to “end gerrymandering of congressional districts. ”

Typically the author provides an illustration of precisely what is considers stellar journalism. He reprints the particular report by David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post, who “got the uninspiring assignment of investigating Jesse J. Trump’s often reported charitable activities. ” This account relates how Mr. Fahrenthold dug into all the claimed donations, to see if in fact they were genuine.

So all inside all, I found EXCESS as a solid, well-written book, in the spirit of non-partisan journalism. The author will come across as a decent person, without an axe to grind. I enjoyed reading Mr. Schieffer’s viewpoint on the state of journalism today, and the chapters that concentrate on prominent journalists and newspapers.

I thought this one sentence summed up the author’s hope for America: “The best and most effective reform, however, will be in order to convince young people of which holding elective office will be an honorable and required pursuit. ”

Advance Evaluation Copy courtesy of the particular publisher., Brought me up to date on how technology provides changed good news business. A must read for all those that are stymied by what is happening!, Informative and really easy read., I tremendously admire Bob Schieffer in addition to feel that your fourth Property, especially the so-called “mainstream media”, is an important bulwark to the democracy. However, this book was discouraging in a number of respects.

Schieffer is from his best in talking about the role played by the media in “a more orderly time”, before the particular Internet became a main, or for a lot of the exclusive, source of news, supplanting the three major transmitted networks, news magazines, and the scores of local papers. Local newspapers, says Schieffer, for several years were “the most trusted source of news” for Americans and produced Congressmen and local political figures more accountable.

Economics provides destroyed much of print out journalism, especially local papers in every but a small number of cities, and employees cuts have reduced or even in some cases practically eliminated layers of publishers, copy editors, and experts who exerted quality manage and who trained young journalists.

A newspaper or even the Encyclopedia Brittanica had been curation, Schieffer observes, another way of saying a system of professional story choice, a dedication to reliability, and quality control. “Today we have more journalists, more details providers, and method less curation. ”

As an alternative, news has become 24 hour, even for magazines such as The New York Times and Typically the Wall Street Journal. “Get it first and obtain it right” has already been replaced by get it away quick, and promote the particular hell out of that through tweets, podcasts, in addition to constant updates of the particular news pages on the net. At the same time, the news consumer will be subjected to a firehose info, much of that biased or uninformed, in addition to is increasingly bombarded with fake news. The effect will be to subject our citizens to “Overload. ”

Nowadays consumer chooses the details sources that conform in order to his or her biases. The old role of the major networks in addition to major publications as gatekeepers no longer applies. Schieffer doesn’t have a issue using the diversity of reports sources made possible by the particular Internet but he observes that, “We no longer are basing opinions on a single info. One reason Trump was able to connect with his primary supporters was that this individual spoke as so many people write in their particular Internet posts. ” Of which is not a go with.

The author is critical of press coverage of the 2016 presidential selection, in which outrageous claims dominated the headlines day after day, to the particular detriment of the thoughtful analysis of candidate proposals. He or she called this the “Dead Cat Strategy”, which retains that no matter the particular conversation at a meal party is about, if an individual throw a dead kitty on the dinner desk people will begin talking concerning the dead cat.

Seemingly, however, Schiffer wonderful co-author A. Andrew Schwartz, experienced that they needed in order to pad their analysis therefore as to constitute a new book. Thus we have a a list of podcast sources that works several pages. I anticipate that this will be a list without a new long shelf life provided the dynamic quality from the Internet, and it appeared a needless digression.

A 16-page “Afterward” has already been added to the book, which reprints a tale by Washington Post investigative news reporter David Fahrenthold about how Jesse Trump repeatedly and widely declared that he was going to donate millions of bucks to charities and and then never followed through or even, worse yet, used their charitable foundation as the particular foundation buying and getting like a tax deduction this kind of items as his very own portrait to be displayed inside his own properties. This is billed as a great example of good journalism nevertheless it seems tacked about and a digression.

“Overload” is an insightful assessment of good news business from this moment in time, contrasted to the “good old days” in which often a handful of businesses were the predominant companies of most Americans’ news, in addition to so profitable that they could invest huge amounts inside staff resources. We now have a new snapshot of how reports delivery has changed without having an try to define just how it may change additional. This analysis from the present state of play will be likely to prove dying because the delivery of reports continues to evolve regardless of whether we like the pattern or not.

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