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A very well executed piece of literature and accompanying drawings that bring this period of history to light. Impressive., I think the drawings are good as is the story however there is to my brain difficulty with time sequences and popes Benedict seems to appear as well as others Otherwise interesting, Graphic novels don't often broach as serious a subject as the individual journey in the direction of enlightenment. Nevertheless deTerra and Villafuerte mix their huge talents to produce an engaging experience. Fresh ideas run into created beliefs and the outcome is what you might expect... dents in the machine, and maybe a small change in its trajectory., Very ambitious intellectually, so that as a non-Catholic, it got me a while to warm to the book. Nevertheless ultimately, it's wonderfully brilliant and great illustrations., I actually discoverd Teihard de Chardin as a student at Georgetown 6 decades ago, but had never read a graphic novel on any subject. The writer and the illustrator bring vividly to life what some might consider a rather dissimulé subject. However I found it fascinating, especially within the current context of re-examining Catholic doctrine.

Teihard, a Jesuit priest, was a brilliant scientist and theologian and his sincere attempts to reconcile the two could not meet with Cathedral approval. The author has the participants in the trial expound and assault his philosophy including led evolution and the noosphere of thought encircling the earth. They provide enough happy to allow the reader to understand and follow the proceedings without burying him in abstruse beliefs. The illustrations of the participants facial expressions and appropriate backgrounds, also support and ease understanding.

Created during the Papacy of Benedict, the surprising ending relating to the election of a new Pope could not have been more prophetic or appropriate.

Dino J DeConcini, I enjoyed Mr. deTerra's book. There's remarkable graphic art throughout and a timely subject material that is discerning, cleverly revealing and evidently well researched. Mr. deTerra weaves historical and biographical facts about the life, times and challenging thoughts of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The guide honors the life and open questioning of the man, the priest and the philosopher. It is clear that the author experienced a personal commitment to portray Mr. Chardin with strength of character, humankind and someone who understandably grew disenchanted with the Vatican and its minimal worldly thinking.

I would like to hear a conversation with Pope Francis and deChardin.

Review of E. Nielsen, Superb story with illustrations - powerful and insightful - could not input it down., This guide is an unusual beast. That is a "graphic novel" that presents (a) biographical notes concerning the life of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, (b) some insights into Chardin's theology/philosophy and (c) a drawn-out cry of lament by a person who longs to submit to Vatican III.

The graphic art element is well done. The drawings and presentation is crisp, clear and engaging.

I think the biographical notes are solid. Undoubtedly, I found them accessible and interesting, albeit the author's hero-worship of Chardin is over the top at times. Suffice it to say, that according to this guide, the Catholic Church is mired in medieval superstitions since it did not increase up to Chardin's stage of evolved thought by not making doctrines of the Omega Point and the Noosphere, and if Chardin was hoodwinked by the Piltdown Man, that was not his mistake but is surely an example of how pioneers of the human spirit let their enthusiasms get the better of these, etc.

Well, there is just so much you can do in a comic book.

The last part is actually the worst. Suffice it to say that everyone who disagreed with Chardin is an idiot and wants to bring a return of the Questions. The writer is actually awful in presenting strawmen arguments through your mouth of his Dominican and cardinal puppets, and in presenting his two Jesuit apologists as individual, and lovable, and sensible. Also, apparently, we are just supposed to nod in agreement when one uses "Gilson" as a swear word and boost our fists in rage at the invocation of "neo-Thomist. "


The finish is a open-handed Catholic "wet dream" when Benedict XVI suddenly dies and is replaced by a Latin American Jesuit.... from Mexico, who rehabilitates Hans Kung and telephone calls Vatican III - I actually mean, Ravenna I - obviously to make the philosophical musings of Chardin doctrines of the Catholic Church, thereby making the Church readily available and relevant to the modern brain through vague and vapid invocations of the Cosmos evolving to Christ-consciousness last but not least enfolding the universe in the Omega point... or some other formula that arrived and went and now sounds old-fashioned and obsolete.

Ironically, the book was almost right, except that Benedict did not die and his Latin American Jesuit successor was from Argentina.

I am a Communio-reader, so I have some familiarity with de Lubac, von Balthazar and Toute derniere Theologie. I find books and attitudes like that expressed in this image novel to be paradoxical and ironic. This attitude condemns doctrines, but desires to make its own beliefs doctrines. They want to make the Trust strongly related science without recognizing that science changes and staking doctrines on science means that the facts that were so enchanting yesterday - Race Science, anyone - are traditional in a matter of decades.

But people can dream, I suppose.

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