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Very disappointed in this book. Surprised by all the positive reviews. First, the " book" is ~65 pages long, with a 60 page reference, register, bibliography section. I read it in about an hour. It is written for parents starting from floor 0 regarding knowledge of ADHD and related issues who want to deal with their child's situation without medicine. Any parent of a child with learning disabilities or any type of special needs (autism, sensory issues, etc. ) who has taken time to educate themselves on their child's needs, been included in therapy, and so forth will find very little new information in this book. Many take aways are well-known to educated parents: 1) reduced / low sugar diet, 2) minimal media / technology, especially violent games (replace with reading), 3) lots of exercise, especially outdoor exercise, 4) music and artwork as beneficial therapies, and 5) classical music (vs. pop music). This is not an all comprehensive list of their recommendations, but hits many of the highlights. The most educational part was the area on the typically approved medicines (which I know nothing about) and the facts / figures around the efficacy of medicine for ADHD and other mental health issues (significantly lower than I realized based on studies utilized). All in all, probably a great read for a parent starting from scratch or potentially being manipulated to go straight to medicine, but for anyone with a base stage of knowledge on the advantages of treatment and good understanding of their child's need probably won't get a lot out of this., There are a lot of books about ADHD and the way to cope with this condition. What makes this one especially helpful is that the ideas for what to do are things that can be accomplished. There are descriptions of situations that help the reader to be sure that he or she is dealing with the same issues that are programmed for in the book. There are discussions of such issues as giving labels, which help the reader to consider the solutions in their context. There are recommendations and web links (on the Kindle version) that allow the reader quickly look at other information sources. Presently there are, of course, interventions that you can carry out. Music is a good example. The music to which teenagers often listen can have a negative influence, I believe. Getting a child involved in enjoying an instrument and rising uplifting music is probably a very good idea. One criticism that We have is that We don't see as balanced a discussion of video clip games. I may be sensitive to this because my daughter works in the video game industry. I assume that there ways in which video video games and computer programs can be helpful for this and other conditions. Inside any event, I would recommend this book. There are ideas here that will help you or your child to live an improved life., Very helpful, Straightforward tips on minimizing the impact of ADHD with out medications and in turn targeting reducing video clip games, enhancing diet, etc. Basic info - practically nothing new and earth shattering but simple to read, well organized, and practical., My 7 year old daughter is on medication but this book has helped me understand how to study her and gave a lot of great alternative recommendations to try--whether on medication or not--this book is a very good read and help for anyone dealing with children with ADHD. Straightforward, Clear/concise instructions/advice--wonderfully written--WE have strugged a lot these past two years with her conduct, mood, routine, discipline--every area and this book has offered some very valuable advice---highly recommend getting this!!, it is a great book with a simple approach. everyone should read it because at some point you might experience add or adhd or someone dear to you might. knowledge is strength and we are very mindful medications are not the answers to problems they face mask it., As grandparents who had been facing a summer and possibly school year with this special grandchild in our home. we wanted to be prepared to be a help not a hindrance. This book with others is a great resource. We are from a category of teachers so we will be sharing this with others! One should always be open to new ideas and we are implementing many of the ideas! Our grandson is not on medication during the summer so this offers us a chance to try new methods and consider future alternatives. Thank you!, I have only just received the book and have not gone through everything. So far it seems to formulate some of the alternatives to drugs pretty well. But I have not finished the book nor have I make an effort to impliment any of the recommendations yet (nor would until the summer when it is less likely to affect grades). We think it is certainly a good resource for anyone who is very much against using drugs to manage this disorder.

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