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I purchased six of these books as Christmas presents for a few of my good beer ingesting friends. What a surprise. I couldn't put it down. The insights Morgan offers on the cultural history of Cincinnati were eye opening. He combines accurate history (one of my gifted friends is a history professor and contains confirmed this) wit, and also the precise product information with an easily legible style. It's much more when compared to a "beer" book. As a prolonged resident of Cincinnati, I will be a little uncomfortable that I didn't know more about this era. Now a do. I heartily recommend this book to anyone thinking about expanding their knowledge about this important period in our history., Not necessarily so much a comprehensive history of individual breweries in Cincinnati as a history of the beer history of Cincinnati and the people and neighborhoods that made Cincinnati a " Beer Town". Very well written and informative. This doesn't hurt that I am a proud Cincinnati oh. native., Much better than I expected, a great history of beer, Cincinnati, and Germany in the 1800's, Perfect condition and it made a great gift! The beneficiary was so excited to receive it, when he works in the beer industry over the Rhine. Through what hes told me personally, he even learned some new facts!, Well modified and it tells an interesting story, but the author's politics bleed through a handful of times too many for my preferences. Not obnoxiously therefore , and I heartily recommend the book, I just choose my history a little more objective., I grew up in Over-the-Rhine in the 1940's and early 50s, so I have many loving memories of the area. Of course, as a child during those years I had no interest in beverage and never gave it a thought. Well, I acquired this Kindle book a couple of weeks ago out of grownup nostalgia for the area and curiosity about the local beers I had enjoyed as a grownup (I'm now 74 years old). Our nostalgia was gratified, and my wish to learn about the hometown brews was amply rewarded, but something about this book made it an absolute treasure. Regarding the first time in my life I figured out that that there is a subterranean world beneath the streets I know so well. It turns out that small local breweries did their work in cellars, brewing there and utilizing a network of water lines and storage tanks to take advantage of the cool underground temperatures. They even tunneled under the streets to expand their storage space, so the network was far wider than the cellars under their buildings. It reminded me that I'd played as a child on the grassy strips dividing Central Parkway a few blocks from your apartment building and was fascinated by the view of the unused passageways and tracks noticeable through ventilation screens there, remnants of Cincinnati's failed effort to build a subway system. I also purchased on the same day the Kindle book Cincinnati's Incomplete Subway: The Complete Historical past.   Cincinnati's Incomplete Subway: The Complete History (OH)   These textbooks were a outstanding find for me. I could not be more pleased., I acquired this book because I believed it would explain to me more about the truly amazing breweries back in the day of Over-the-Rhine (OTR).

This book is mostly about the history of OTR. It talks about the German heritage of the neighborhood.

This book discusses the living conditions of OTR.

Most of the book is about all of the politics and laws back in the day.

If you want to learn about the history of OTR, this is the book for you. If you want to learn about the old breweries, then this is not the book for you., Over-the-Rhine was once the heart of a thriving German-American area in Cincinnati and home to two dozen breweries. It's also a dilapidated district and 19th century architectural time capsule that civic-minded Cincinnatians are attempting to preserve while so that it is into a livable city neighborhood. The rise and fall of OTR is the subject of Eileen Morgan's dynamite short history, "Over-the-Rhine: When Beer Had been King. "

Based mostly on primary sources, Morgan tells the story of how German immigrants settled in this enclave northern of the Miami and Erie Canal (the "Rhine") in the 1840s and 1850s. They brought a present which we treasure still to this day: lager beer. Many machines grew wealthy and built brewhouses that were Romanesque Revival palaces. OTR blossomed with 1000s of beer gardens, saloons, and entertainment venues.

However, there was nativist causes at work to challenge German society as well as its beer-soaked culture. Morgan writes, "Before gay marriage, abortion privileges, civil rights or maybe the Vietnam War, beer became the focal point of a much broader social discussion. " That was temperance, the social reform movement that gave us Prohibition.

Prohibition devastated Cincinnati's abundant brewing tradition. A few of breweries reopened after 1933, but the industry - and OTR - never recovered. The last brewery closed in the 1955s; the local brewers found they couldn't take on the emerging national brands. There are today only two active breweries in OTR: the Schoenling Brewery, where the Boston Beer Company makes Sam Adams, and the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company, which in 2010 took over the former Kauffman Brewery (a building that was, even more recently, the Husman Potato Chip Factory).

When I visited Cincinnati oh. over a book tour in 2009, Mike, his wife Amy, and Steve Hampton of the Over-the-Rhine Brewery District required on a fun tour of Cincinnati's dilapidated breweries. Especially interesting were the tunnels under the streets to go beverage to bottling plants, as the law once required brewers to keep their brewing and bottling plant life separate. They lead the Prohibition Resistance Tour, and Morgan also organizes the annual Bockfest.

Morgan will save the best for last in the final part, "Rot and Redemption, inches about the struggle to preserve the crumbling buildings of the Brewery District. Half of the historic buildings have been lost - and almost all of the rest have been in danger from neglect. "They are the stories of battles over the vision of practical tips for the deteriorating remains of any vanquished culture, " Morgan writes. The only thing missing from the book is a contemporary map of OTR to help explore the neighborhood.

Today OTR feels largely abandoned other than for the homeless. Yet there are glimmers of hope: Main Street and Vine Street have captivated new residents and businesses, and Findlay Market is serving as an point to an area community while attracting 1000s of shoppers. Advocates are pushing for a modern streetcar line that can simply bring people into the neighborhood.

Beer - and people - are slowly returning to Over-the-Rhine. Repurposing old structures for modern needs is possible; just look at Cincinnati's stunning Union Terminal. The question is, will there be enough urban redevelopment in time to save the decaying Over-the-Rhine district, or could it be too little, too overdue?

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